Wallet Suspension Appeal: RiseB

Hi Gibby

The deposits and payouts weren’t big at the beginning and got bigger in Rainbow Rumble because there was also a bug in the game of deposit and payout sizes. I tested where the supposed limit was and whether you get the payout from the claimable NFT a day later or directly via a tx on metamask. Since I didn’t understand that, I wrote directly to support and asked for clarification. After checking the account, they then gave me the message that everything was fine with the payments, which was still somehow not true because the limit also went higher. Strangely enough, how it was possible with the 2nd account. In order to be sure that there might be an exploit here, I wanted to test it with newer addresses and yes, it looks like I’m going crazy here. But my intention was to test it out, explain it and report it or something was already being worked on in the background without my knowledge. So I thought ok, they’ve fixed it somehow and don’t need any further notification. Only with RR was I still unclear about how payouts would take place, whether NFT, directly or a day later. This was unclear to me. And I had also talked to other players about it except Phil…I was just angry because he kept winning and I was angry about all the nerf decisions over weeks and months because you can’t plan anything in the long term. That had nothing to do with the problem/exploit. I dont know i can insert pics here to show you all that i was in support to clarify the stash out system.

What I would like to point out again is that zendesc deleted this conversation, which it never did otherwise, which I find very strange.
The 10k rbw nft was a claim stamp nft from bumpercorns at the same time and that wasvery weird to me.
Oh, and whenever I did a stash out at Rainbow Rumble, I also got the same amount displayed at Bumpercorns and I wondered why I had to stash out every time and thought that it might have something to do with RR Stashout, which I didn’t know at first Reported because I thought it was a display bug

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Bummed about the whole situation, but the evidence of the moment leaves little for interpretation, so the ban was the appropriate measure.

The web3 asset freeze route is a touchy subject that can be interpreted as anti decentralisation, but as far as I am aware the rules were voted via a decentralised process. Therefore, ban looks to be legit.

There is no isolated mistake here, we have clear evidence of repeated infraction expanded to many wallets.

The ban is 100% legit

Attempts to divert/soften the gravity of the situation using “web3 assets ownership” thesis has no place in case of bad actors


@Rise are you willing to hop on a Twitter space and answer the questions the community has live?

To clarify, I’m talking about a one on one chat, covering any and all of the community questions, and not something where everyone is on stage berating you.

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I don’t quite agree with his demands. In our CN region, due to the incompetence of the project team, we have been unable to properly handle the loss of our tribal and collection points. As a rule abiding community, we have lost our interests, and he has gained benefits through bugs. It is unreasonable for you to lift his ban. The project does not guarantee the interests of players who abide by the game rules, but rather serves as a protective umbrella for players who turn the tables.

Sharing the LG team’s response from confirming how many of the accounts in question belonged to Rise:

“Hello, I asked internally and was told that they had 4 wallets banned (1 main, 3 connected) and they had 29 other wallets connected to them that were given a warning (were not able to extract but made an attempt).”

Your emails never mentioned you suspected a bug / possible exploit. The support email, however, made it clear that “There is a cap of 10,000 Unicorn Metals when stashing out in 24 hours”.

Based on confirmation from the team, not only did the banned wallets link to you re: the exploit of 64k RBW, but 29 more addresses were linked to you as well. Those 29 addresses attempted to extract 280,000 additional RBW. And the majority of accounts did so by attempting to withdraw the max 24 hour 10k limit. To the teams credit, you were caught quickly before you could extract more.

@rise, I’m not buying that the exploit wasn’t intentional. Maybe if it had only been 1 or 2 wallets, but even then it would be questionable. You voted for the Ban proposal. You were aware of the consequences.


I fully support the permanent ban.

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Can you explain the reason for making 29 or more wallets to play Rainbow Rumble. And the reason they were all depositing and attempting to withdrawal deposits at the same time. Without a good explanation for this. I am really at loss to understand what you were thinking. I have known you for a few years now. And have nothing in the remote to say negative about you. I enjoyed your friendship in our community. If you have more to add here please do respond. While I have my own opinions on the locking of assets. I have to put those aside as the DAO voted this proposal. I do believe team did what they were supposed to do and protected the project and community here. I appreciate you taking the time to write this proposal and take time to explain things. Wish things were different here and different choices could of been made. But please if there is anything else to add. Now is really the time.


yes, the other addresses are mine too… as I said, I wanted to see if an exploit was possible here without being noticed… but that wasn’t the case… I know that was stupid of me, but I was more than willing to admit it and show remorse I can’t do what I did with this. therefore I am aware of the consequences and punishment. That’s why it was right for me to ban the addresses before. I didn’t expect anything else. Thanks for listening and for your time.

What I don’t understand is why someone is in favor of a permanent ban, I admitted from the beginning in Zendesc support that these are my addresses and I think a punishment is right and good as a sign to the outside world for others, but why such high values forever? It would be nice if everyone could examine themselves and perhaps put themselves in my situation and perhaps consider not taking everything away from you because it simply cost a lot of money and could give me a second chance, be it after 6 months or one fair punishment.

The one you did was technically stealing from the game. Don’t make it look like that you did something minor. In fact, you’ve done the worst thing you could do in any project, to steal money from them.

There are consequences on every things we do may it be in web 2 or web 3.
You know for a fact that your assets are (were) worth even the money you’re trying to steal from the game (let’s stop with the excuses, no one would even think this is not intentional with all the above questions from the community and your contradicting statements)

I refrain myself for commenting because of how clear what happened but you from all the people should’ve known better.

If we keep it as simple as freezing assets in a short period of time then we’re just showing how easy it is to get away from trying to steal from LG. Also, the ban proposal even if LG has the power to just make a rule without consulting the DAO still make it as a proposal and fortunately enough, community voted for it, even yourself.

Hope this serves as a lesson for those getting blinded with short term earnings through exploits.

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Hello, everyone!
Thank you very much for participating in the discussion.
The review for the proposal has ended with the following results:

Yes: 3
No: 7
No Vote: 1

Because of this, this proposal will not move to Snapshot for the sRBW holders’ consideration.

@Rise As per the newly-approved DAO guiding principle, you may opt for a second and final review after making revisions. You may base the revisions based on the council’s and the community’s recommendations. Please respond here if you intend to continue the discussion to keep the thread open. Thank you!

I hereby submit a vote of no confidence against the 7 people who voted against the appeal. I think that the council belongs to a clan that voted partisanly. Those elected did not take into account the proportionality of their decision and did not decide neutrally. and thus made himself liable to prosecution. The accused stated openly and did not have the opportunity to report his crime. $15000 versus maybe $1000 is opposite here. Therefore, this discussion will continue and it must be discussed whose clans the councils belong to and who made sure to elect them, as there could be mistrust here and the DAO legislation may have to be changed. Because it is unacceptable that a member who has been there since the beginning is not given a second chance to improve and is trying to set an example here. It can also happen to anyone who voted for a nine that their assets, which are not their assets, are actually gone in an instant.

  • 6 month ban instead of full ban
  • Repay + fine

This is what i am fighting for.

I completly took the measure of my vote as you completly took the measure of your acts.
You are comparing your 15000$ assets vs 1000$ stolen cause you were stopped before, what number would it have been else ? Tell me please.

My vote was completly neutral as I do not even know you and has nothing to do with clan/war/flame/relationship or anything.

I would really appreciate you stop playing the victim in this case, it’s making it worse.
Because it is unacceptable that a member who has been there since the beginning rob the game.

I understand that you/we are trying to find alternative solutions to avoid freezing assets for ever but do not go too far with your words and team kindness, never forget you did very wrong and not the opposite. You agreed to ToS before playing and they are completly in their right to do anything they judge correct to make.

I already stated that perma freeze of assets could be different.
I suggested a freeze of 6-12 months or assets could be flaged as banned clearly showing in metadata/image that they not usable in anything but that would just open the door of scamming people to try to get ride of them so quit pointless.

Solution 1 is the way I suppose + obviously repaying with interests.

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I question the decision of those who play judges here and voted no because I should at least have a chance to vote on whether it is ok that assets that have nothing to do with the terms or the core game are frozen here. As I said, I showed remorse, but regardless of whether I was telling the truth or lying, it wouldn’t have mattered because I had the feeling that no one would believe me. How does the council know whether I would have reported it if the exploit had happened, which was actually prevented. I also question the whole thing here as to whether the vote on this term is legally compliant and whether a wrong decision was made here because we are moving in gray areas here. I fight for my values ​​and punishment is ok but not complete expropriation or a chance for a second chance and reparation

You didn’t really show remorse to be honest, you tried to fool people and days after when people realized your acts were different of what you wrote you played the “that was stupid of me, sorry”.

I first voted neutral on the proposal to go to snapshot, as for me, it’s not us that should decide this kind of ban stuff. I got told that I can’t so I rejected it.

They ask us to vote on this, we did, you can’t try to put this into some clan war that have ZERO relation to the whole situation. We aren’t 14 yo kids.

I support the re-evaluation of the punishement for a temporary assets freeze but very long time as I said but I am not sure how this should be voted/thought of as it’s not in the original process.

Hello, RiseB. There is a proper process for submitting a vote of no confidence. Please review the recently-approved charter and submit as needed.

As for this proposal, kindly let me know if this is for revote or not. If this is not for revote, this thread will be closed on February 23nd as per usual procedure for failed proposals. Thank you!

Dear DAO,

I would like to politely ask you once again to think about my case and perhaps reconsider your previous decision.
I had the opportunity to think about everything again and came to the conclusion that I should have acted sooner, recognized the exploit and reported it.
However, I don’t think a permanent ban is justified and would like to offer you alternative punishments.

Option 1: If you think a permanent ban is the right way to punish me, leave it at a ban.
Option 2: I would suggest a ban of 6 months, paying back the acquired RBW plus a penalty of 100% equal to the acquired RBW.
Option 3: Basically like option 2, except lock it for 12 months instead of 6 months.

I have believed in Crypto Unicorns from the beginning and would find it a great shame if I could no longer take part in this project. Yes, I made mistakes and I should have reacted better, but a permanent ban would actually be harsh for me. Not because of the money, but because of the game. I am not a vicious criminal looking to exploit the game, as some would like to portray me to be. I’m a guy who enjoyed a game, found a bug that I didn’t immediately understand and should have reported.

@Rise you didn’t just bend some rules. You straight up STOLE things from the game/community/DAO.

We DO NOT trust you anymore. We will NEVER trust you again in our community.

You were an OG and you did this, and you claim you need a second chance? No. You knew the rules. In fact, you voted a firm yes, in regards to the ban proposal.

Now that you’ve broken the rules and are facing consequences, you want us to change rules for you?

You should have thought about the consequences of your actions, before you decided to make dozens of wallets, all in attempts to STEAL more and more RBW.

I just can’t fathom how you have this mindset @Rise that you just have to say sorry and then everything will be ok. Is that how you operate as an adult in life? If you steal something from the store, you can just say sorry and go home?

No. Actions have consequences, and just because this is the digital world, doesn’t absolve you from adult consequences.

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