Wallet Suspension Appeal: RiseB

This appeal against the suspension of my account is submitted in hopes of overturning the suspension of my in-game account. I deeply regret the actions that led to my suspension and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or disruption caused.

In the following case, an exploit was uncovered and exploited through playing Rainbow Rumble and Bumbercorns. The exploit spanned over 2 days, with discrepancies arising on the 1st day regarding the withdrawal limit of Rainbow Rumble, where the exploit was not yet detected. It was only recognized when attempting to claim stamps from Season 1 on the same day rewards were distributed for Season 2.

User Identifier:
Discord username: riseb
Forum username: Rise
Wallet address: 0x2493C86584C8e4249FF0ed8c794a7277B7E6a641
Date of Suspension: 05.02.2024

Reason for Suspension:
Exploiting smart contracts to “print” currency that was not legitimately earned in-game.

Summary of Appeal:
I appeal for the reversal of my suspension as I regret the actions that led to it and am committed to correcting any wrongdoing. I understand the seriousness of the situation now and am fully committed to complying with the rules and regulations set by the DAO.

The suspended address were intended for playing Rainbow Rumble to ascend the leaderboard rankings. Initially, I deposited 900 RBW into my main wallet and later withdrew 750. On the same day, there were clan rewards. I realized that there were still unclaimed stamps from Season 1, the amount of which I was no longer aware of due to the passage of several weeks. I found the stamp amount suspicious. Subsequently, I continued playing Rainbow Rumble and considered creating a second account to fill the lobby faster for gameplay. At that time, I was unaware of the stamps on Bumbercorns. Later, I checked if anyone was playing Bumbercorns because I saw someone playing on Discord and noticed stamps, which I reclaimed, thinking that my previous claim did not work or was a bug. It is important to note that one must always wait 24 hours before stamps are generated as NFTs, so it took a day before I even realized what had happened here. On that day, I couldn’t really differentiate between rewards and claimed stamps, so I decided to play with it on a second to fill faster the lobby. What confused me was the fact that sometimes RBW was paid out directly at Rainbow Rumble and sometimes only an information message came that I had to wait a day until the payout. I then attempted to explain the error on the now suspended accounts and had to wait 24 hours due to the RBW NFTs. I should have reported this here because I knowingly claimed NFTs on the addresses but I was unsure what was going on here. I only realized now that I had crossed a line, and well, the consequence is that my main wallet worth over $10k is suspended.

Account of Events:
Prior to my suspension, I engaged in activities that unknowingly violated the terms of use and code of conduct of the game. I did not recognize the potential consequences of my actions and sincerely regret the impact they had on the community and the integrity of the game. I did not receive any warnings or notifications about my behavior before the suspension, prompting me to thoroughly reflect on my actions and the importance of adhering to DAO rules.

My main wallet: 0x2493C86584C8e4249FF0ed8c794a7277B7E6a641
Transfer to the 2nd account: 11 days 16 hrs ago (Jan-25-2024 08:21:18 PM +UTC)
From here, I then sent RBW to all other accounts to actually play Rainbow Rumble and claimed the stamps shown in Bumbercorns.
I hereby take full responsibility for my actions and commit to resolving the situation as best as possible. I would like to point out again that the exploit was noticed before it could be explained and I wanted to report it.

Rectification Efforts:
Since my suspension, I have taken proactive measures to correct the behavior that led to my suspension. I have familiarized myself with the rules and regulations of the DAO and consciously strived to align my actions with these guidelines. Additionally, I have reached out to mods and Zendesk for advice and support in correcting my behavior. I am committed to continuous improvement and will continue to educate myself on proper conduct in the game. I am also willing to pay the exploited RBW and a fine + a ban with timeframe.

Option 1: If you think a permanent ban is the right way to punish me, leave it at a ban.
Option 2: I would suggest a ban of 6 months, paying back the acquired RBW plus a penalty of 100% equal to the acquired RBW.
Option 3: Basically like option 2, except lock it for 12 months instead of 6 months.

Future Efforts:
In the future, I promise to maintain the highest standards of integrity and respect within the gaming community. I will remain vigilant in adhering to the rules and regulations set by the DAO and actively work towards fostering a positive and inclusive gaming environment for all players.

Personal Statement:
I deeply regret the actions that led to my suspension and the negative impact they had on the community. I sincerely apologize for any damages or disruptions caused and am determined to make amends and restore trust within the community. I hope that my appeal will be met with compassion and understanding, and that I will be given the opportunity to demonstrate my commitment to positive change. When making the DAO’s decision, I would like to point out that I should look at the circumstances again because I have been there since the beginning and have put a lot of money and time into the game and building the community. The value of my assets includes round about 800 Unicorns of all classes with many triple mythics and 16land lvl 10. Plus a stake volume of 820k rbw. So a permanent ban would be quite a loss for me and a big kick. This contrasts with an amount of 64k RBW that were extracted. I would also like to point out that I am banned from the current leaderboards, where a total of around $2000 is raised. I therefore ask you to consider the proportionality before making a judgment.

In conclusion, I respectfully request the DAO to consider lifting my suspension based on my sincere regret, efforts at restitution, and commitment to future compliance with game rules and regulations. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to appeal my suspension and humbly request your consideration in this matter. Thank you for your time and attention to this appeal.

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I guess that matter requires a punishment, because some RBW were taken from treasury illegal.
But I don’t think we should freeze that high amount of assets. I am confused that LG is able to lock ownership of payed NFTs.
And we have to think about the proportionality- lock assets worth that much for exploiting some few 100$ worth.

My suggestion:
Let’s talk about a more fair punishment then locking complete account. In the past we worked with warnings. Rise did nothing bad in the past and played a long way with CU.
Life isn’t black or white. He made a mistake and apologized - give him a fair punishment.

Warning and RBW punishment.


Thank you for taking the time to explain your actions so thoroughly. It helped me understand where you’re coming from.

I think the suspension on your account should be fixed by returning what has been lost.

That’s a lot of words to confuse the DAO to earn sympathy towards the intentional actions taken with malice to directly & without remorse (until a ban occurred) exploit & steal from the game economy, directly costing each & every legit player of the game, the game developer & all stake holders.

Bans are not meant to be proportional, or it would leave open the possibility for bad actors to be calculating the risk to ‘profit’ ratio of exploits. They are meant to be final, incases such as exactly this.

The particular chain of events leaves no doubt of any possible claim of intended/unintended game feature. This is, a clear case of:

  • Exploiting smart contracts to “print” currency that was not legitimately earned in-game.

As explained under section D of the the ‘Ban Policy Implementation’ which was voted on, overwhelming, by the DAO & passed. There is simply no room for leniency for those that intentionally, exploit the economy & only show ‘remorse’ when caught.

Finally, I leave the DAO with the words of the proposal author, a strong proponent of Bans himself, that too for a game design that was clarified to be allowed at the time it was occurring & only disallowed later. It is, therefore, hypocritical for the author to advocate: rules for thee (even though rules didn’t even play apply in that case), but not for me.


Expected response from the clan leader of the author. A clan that holds the nefarious record of exploiters being caught & banned on the regular.

Account Ban number what is this one from rko ? 5-10? I am loosing track

Basically what you propose from now on is:

Thieves, if we catch you , you have to return what you stole, no harm done.
Thieves, if we don’t catch you, you can keep what’s stolen and continue doing it.

Very encouraging, but NO, thank you!

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You have been throwing shades at me for a long time nothing much expected from Forsaken

Better than the racist slurs you throw around. When was your discord ban lifted for racism btw ??

I’m against permanent asset blocking in the web3 sphere, but I’m just as against encouraging minimal risk for exploits. Apologize, say you won’t do that, and just rob more carefully next time.
I suggest not to make a permanent ban, but to make an asset freeze, for example for 3 months, and x2 refunds.


Banning asset in web3 is very sensitive topic, your suggestion seems fair and I agree with it aswell

The fact that you created 29 more accounts and attempted to steal approx. 300k more RBW after discovering the exploit proves your greed and malice. Your actions are unforgiveable and do not warrant any sympathy in my eyes. Your punishment is totally justified and it will set an example for other cheaters in future to not try to attempt such thing again in future.

It looks like the last attempt to punish the UP exploiter was not convincing enough for cheaters but this will set things straight.

Just for your info. I don’t think your staked rbw will be affected by this and you will be able to access them. You’re only losing your locked assets here.


I don’t like asset banning but very severe punishment seems warranted here. Screenshots were leaked in discord showing Riseb premeditated this with a group. He called it “community cheating” and mentioned targeting LG specifically. I think an alternative option of a $10k donation to the treasury would be reasonable.

I’d also like to ask LG to consider looking into the IP addresses of the other addresses used and see if they match up with any active CU players we already have. Given his messages, it seems very possible he didn’t do this on his own.


While many people express negative and cautious opinions about banning NFT assets in Web3, this is something we will have to live with in the near future due to the new rules that have been accepted by DAO.
As for the specific case, why didn’t you report it when you found out something is going wrong? It doesn’t seem you wanted to stop according to the amount of accounts have been done.
Doesn’t really matter how much you invested.
Sounds to me like you did it all maliciously and fully realized the malpractice of the action.
In my opinion, this kind of action is different from so-called “land cycling” (subjective), because in the second case it is not a bug of the game/contract, but a sneaky loophole, while what you did, as I understand it, can be called minting tokens from nothing (copying) which is a definitely an exploit for me. Should better inform Zendesk first to make sure if it’s legit or not before doing it. Just like people did while asking about “land cycling”.

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This is exactly the reason that I voted against the Bug Bounty program. We have created a system that perpetuates people attempting to exploit the game rather than announce it.

Staying on topic for this specific case though, I think my smol brain is missing something. Before I can make any true determination on this, I think there’s some information missing from this appeal.

@Rise - can you please answer the following?

  1. There were 9 accounts that extracted 64k RBW and 29 accounts that attempted to extract 280k RBW. How many of these accounts belonged to you?
  2. I can understand the desire to have a 2nd account to fill the bracket, but if more than 2 accounts on that list belong to you, can you explain what was your purpose with that?
  3. There was information shared in #serious that seems to indicate that others were involved in this. Assuming there were others, can you share about how you found out about this, who you told, and who else was involved?

I will save the rest of my thoughts on this until we have more information.

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Here is my full sentiment, a lot of points to take into consideration and also to not mix up :

  • Number of assets owned shouldn’t weight in the balance at all, the rules are the same for everyone and holding tons of game assets do not give people a bypass or a favored treatment.

  • RiseB is a member since the start, he was well aware of the rules and the consequences. The wall of text saying that he now is well aware and have taken measures to correct his behavior is not working on me.

  • What he did was prepared and the “surprise card” do not work here, there is incriminent screenshots about it, the intention of exploiting was crystal clear and the sound of it was like a revenge against LG.

  • This is a clear case of exploiting and the card of “it was only 64k RBW” cannot be played as he was stopped by LG, else he would have keep going that way and even further. The number of alts can attest it, was already in progress of 300k.

  • It’s just too easy to exploit, saying sorry and just returning what was stolen, it doesn’t work like this. You played with fire, you got burnt, there is no turning back. You knew how high was the risks but you decided to go for it.

  • Warning are only for low/medium severity infractions, LG clearly stated that high violations would instantly lead to a perma ban. So wondering why no warning was given is just trying to trick people, again, he was well aware of the rules and the situation he was putting himself in.

You should have think before making all of this that your account was a lot of invest and that the risk was too high, you still decided to try your luck and got caught, no apologizes will make it up.
If someone with 50 assets would have done the same, there wouldn’t be any discussion but just because someone is loaded we have to reconsider ? Make it even worse than a day 1 member did this.
Same rules for everyone, you were the master of your own faith.

Once a cheater, always a cheater.

If a lot of people are in favor of reconsidering the ban, here is what I would do :

  • 6 months ban
  • Returning the stolen fund +50%
  • For ever banned from events/leaderboards

I would be sympathetic if the issue was not repeated on multiple accounts and evidence was clearly presented in Discord to the fact that the intent was to, as was said,

"idk the bug and i am not interested in cheating … what I want is you going to bed and we can grind some points

This is cheating
community chatting

fack lg in the a$$ :smile:"

As was clearly indicated in the response to another member this was an intentional malicious act knowing that something was fundamentally wrong with the game. As this is not a “one off” but a repeated act over multiple accounts I think the response by LG was warranted.

Sometimes our words tell the truths we don’t want to say…

I think the time ban plus the funds and a financial penalty approach could work. Either way, a ban is warranted even for a time block.

This said, other projects would not f around with “let’s be nice to this person”. I have seen perma-ban on many other projects and no take backs.

I believe LG took the correct course of action with the information they had implementing the ban policy included in TOS and the accused player is as well taking the correct course of action here in the forums following the ban. Will have more to say on subject once I have digested all this.

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It really sucks to get your assets ban, but you did vote on the ban proposal and you were around when all this was discussed. Why would you risk all your assets and 2 years of gameplay for a bug that could have been reported and could have gotten you a reward?
Not sure what to think at this point or how to vote on your proposal after seeing screenshots with your comments in #serious (could these been taken out of context?) Could you clarify on this? Will have to discuss with the other council members before I come up with a decision. Sorry you made this happen to you.

Give us the details on how you went from numbers like 900 and 750 being deposited and withdrawn, to 25k+.

Nothing about numbers that high are an accident or mistake.

If you wont be truthful with us now that your caught, and you wernt truthful before, how would we ever be able to trust your telling the truth again?