Loyal CU Ledger Users Falling through the cracks


I have been there from the start with CU and been very involved up to the point of getting a founders badge. Listened to all the AMA’s, up to the point that this was almost a part-time job. Now that CU is launching it has come as a complete surprise for me that our Ledger with MM is not supported, and if I have problems using it we won’t get support either. I see lots of people in the same boat so obviously you did not communicate this clearly enough. We locked up RBW for 12 months on our ledger and so on.

  • not good enough communication
  • MM and ledger HAS been used for everything - Dark Forest, Staking, Claiming Rewards, etc.
  • What it means for leaderboard. now need to take small portion over (as opposed to get as-when needed)
  • future rewards for ppl who have been there from the beginning who had to now switch from hardware wallet - they are falling through the cracks at launch with this issue. Needs to be a way for their new wallet to be linked to their hardwallet that has been USED FOR EVERYTHING so far.

We’re happy to move farming activities, corns and land to a hot wallet (that is honestly not ideal for security reasons) but you need to provide a way for loyal players to link more than one wallet to their activities so for future loyalty rewards snapshots take this into account. Is there a way this could be done and verified?


If you performed all the previous actions on a cold wallet, and now it is not available for the game, this is a serious omission.
Hope it gets fixed soon.

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Plus one on this. These assets are quite valuable and we expect them to get more valuable over time. Expecting everyone to run on a hot wallet isn’t ideal. I hope this gets resolved soon and there’s a way to move from hot back to cold without missing a beat. Thanks

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The inability to use a hardware wallet to protect assets will make many people who want to join reconsider.

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I can confirm Ledger Nano S and MM is working to play the game, but again not supported/recommended. The difficulties with Hardware wallets is there’s so many of them with many different software versions

I think not having any hardware wallet support sets back security several years in “crypto-land”. People will be building up 10’s of thousands of $'s of assets so there should be at least one hardware wallet supported for players who wants extra security. Ledger seems the most obvious choice since it seems to already work anyway from anecdotal evidence. Also it is the most widely used and supported, but if another is supported, I for one would buy another one to secure our assets in a heartbeat. The burden on QA would just be to test on just one hardware wallet with the latest software. Never having any hardware wallet support seems like just dodging the issue and a bit of a cop-out since there’s so much else to worry about atm. :wink:

It will anyway be needed to just be seen as a project that takes security seriously in the future. I understand its mad now with launching the game but this can’t be ignored forever. So I suggest that the team work towards supporting at least just one hardware wallet in conjunction with Metamask in the future.

I want to see hardware wallet support also. Whatever hardware wallet gets supported, I’ll hop on that train.

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Hello @Melowilo! We’ll be closing this topic due to inactivity. Please feel free to start a topic about the same idea at a later time or when the community becomes ready to once more discuss this idea.