Tools ideas for Crypto Unicorns

Hello there guys! As the game is about to launch very soon and following our latest tool proposal drawing attention of many forum members we believe its really necessary to have this thread.

We invite everybody to share their opinions on what tools they might probably want to be developed in future as the game launches and develops. This topic might be of great help for all the community devs who are willing to test their ideas and of course for players who will express their needs and most probably find a solution to these ones :smiley:


Imo the most important thing to track is volume for each type of unicorns, amount of sales, prices and so on


Thank you. I love this. Will try to think of some. :heart:


Very good, I am doing some data and data sorting, I am looking forward to further cooperation and do something meaningful for CU.


I think the best tool that can be ever provided - Adjacency Bonus Optimizer.
You input the amount of lands and types of the lands, amount of unicorns and class of unicorns, and the tool optimizes it’s performance.
Because it takes a lot of time to find the best adjacency compatibility if you have a lot of different lands and unicorns.
Also would be great if you could input, for example, big amount of lands and unicorns and tool could optimize the best setup.
For example:
I have 20 lands (different rarities)
and 6 unicorns (different classes as well)
Tools matches the classes with the rarities and make 2 wallets with 9 lands and one with 2 lands. Unicorns placement must be separated to 1 or 2 accounts (depends on your mechanism)