Recycle unicorns/egg/land

I have been in this project since the beginning and I did not sell anything, I only bought because I believe in the project and it hurts me to see the token and the rating and the number of players go down

the fact is that the number of unicorns has increased many times and this directly affected the price of UNIM and RBW + the harvesting mechanic - also makes you think about the efficiency and desire to complete simple quests or daily collections of days

I suggest you think about a recycling mechanism like in The Beacon game.

start processing for rewards - MAGIC speed has started to increase and it is very good

this is a rough suggestion and I suggest the community come together to discuss this topic

it’s a pity that the project devalued so much, but I hope that 2023 - P2E will be in trend

please pay attention to the topic, maybe there is a point in its consideration

Can you elaborate on what The Beacon game has done with said recycling mechanism?

I wouldn’t worry too much about asset prices being down during the bear. UNIM supply is tightly controlled, the point for NFT asset values was always drive the floor lower to reduce barrier to entry with double+ mythic corns, mythic land, and SC being the high value NFTs, and about 30-40k RBW is being sunk each day through RMP fee, breeding, and evo vs. the 116k of daily RBW inflation through staking rewards.

To the last point, 10% treasury rake on all jousting entries will help, but I agree that we need to increase RBW sink. Some back of napkin math shows to make up the deficit we need 800k RBW of entries every day to send 80k rbw to treasury each day which seems highly unrealistic.

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