Community tools for Crypto Unicorns

UPD: gamelabs is here to stay!

Hey Unifam, it’s been several months since we joined this fantastic community. Our team was happy to explore your needs and wishes and to turn them into reality by building several community tools already available at unilabs (, but there is still a lot to do! We want to assure you that we will not let you down during these hard times and will continue delivering value to the community no matter what! Can’t stop, won’t stop!

We want to transform this thread into a pool of ideas for the community tools that could enrich the ecosystem of CU and enhance the user experience. And we invite everybody to express their ideas on what tools should be developed now or in future as the game evolves. This topic might be of great help for all the community devs who are willing to test their ideas and of course for players who will express their needs&problems and most probably find a solution to these ones - that’s how actually made for the community, by the community principle works!

Go ahead UniFam, share your thoughts and let’s discuss them!


Could you add information on your portfolio…
I haven’t played Axie, so your name doesn’t say anything to me


I’m in favor of waiting for the release of the game at least. It is possible that all the information that you offer and will be needed, but not soon. In the meantime, there is a feeling that money can be thrown away(


Hey there! Sure - our current tools for Axie are presented via :slight_smile:


Have you worked with other games besides axie?


Hi ser! We interviewed many experienced axie breeders (who are also involved in Crypto Unicorns) and became pretty sure that the issues raised in the Intro section (3 basic questions) are quite important for the players since the Day 1 of the game.

And btw these are actually the reasons why we started making tools - we bred lots of axies, ran 200+ sized scholarships and felt too much of uncertainty and inconvenience while doing that…

Thus, everything that our team does and proposes is deeply based on the existing gaming experience of professional breeders, guilds and players :slight_smile:


Hello. Thanks for the detailed answer. My opinion hasn’t changed. At this stage, it is certain that each of the players wants to explore the possibilities of the game for themselves. First of all, it’s gambling. Secondly, the developers themselves have repeatedly mentioned that they want the early community to immerse themselves in the mechanics of the game and find the best strategy for themselves. A bugbounty program is also planned. Therefore, at this stage, I am sure that your services will not yet be in demand. But later, when the stage of delegation and attraction of players starts, then you may come in handy.


You had me at Uni Tinder.


Until April we have been focused on making tools for Axie Infinity and now we are in progress of partnering with 3 more games :slight_smile:


Thank you so much ser! :sunglasses:


Did you play axies or else?


How did you compute the cost of each development?


Good day, upon reading the proposal, laguna games will shell out lots of RBW and we don’t want that to happen unless the thing that is being proposed in really cannot be found in the community made one.

First is.
Unipedia - Unipedia is literally the whitepaper v1/v2 but in a more easy access.
Unitinder - we already have community made breeding calculator that is already circulating in the discord community minus the design which don’t have any bearing at all if what you want in the end is the data/information
Unimarket - players can just head straight to RBW marketplace, it’s the same thing.

Plus, it kinda kills the fun in exploring the game as the game launches. We want everything to develop in an organic way rather than throwing everything in day 1.

We’re getting pretty much everything in your proposal for free from the community/website without paying a single RBW.

I do like the effort as an investors but right now, we want laguna games to invest on something that is not yet out in the system that will truly benefits the gamers/investors.

Thank you.


Hello, guys
I think unitinder is good tool but I think this is not necessary for Laguna Games’s rbw payment. I think the suitable option is subscribe model for individual case like as axielabs that you already built.

Thank you


I think these are useful tools for the game


ok, I believe this is a really good proposal and tool + the cost is really reasonable but I believe it is too early for this, and it is the first time I’ve seen a community tool ask for a grant, normally the builder community just creates a tool for free of use and the team recognizes how good it is and helpful it has been. So, why not build it first instead w/o asking for an initial grant and let the community decide later on if we really want this?

I know breeding strategies and etc are important but tools like this could spoil the experience and surprises, I believe we have to let the players explore initially and experience the pain (problem) before actually proposing the solution.


I have read the information looks very exciting I want the game to open soon The information is very easy to read and understand.


This looks great, how soon would the features be available?


I think it’s too early for this kind of tool.
I believe this should be done organically. It would be more beneficial for the whole community.


Like the overall idea but wonder can the team/CU give some color on the amount of rbw (cost) for this proposal. Ie why the payment cost make sense