CUIP-026 - Ban Policy Implementation [Pass]


We are committed in building a sustainable ecosystem that provides a fair and enjoyable experience for all participants. To preserve the integrity of our ecosystem, we believe that the DAO should implement a ban policy that addresses activities that violate the Terms of Service as well as other malicious activities that are detrimental to the Crypto Unicorns DAO, economy, community, game, and all associated products.


  • To preserve the integrity of our ecosystem
  • To safeguard the economy from malicious actors without affecting players’ regular gameplay experience


I. Investigation

The Crypto Unicorns team will rely on an array of tools to investigate suspicious accounts. Accounts tagged as suspicious, will then be subject to a manual review. This may involve monitoring wallet transactions, analyzing game logs, and examining any other pertinent data to determine whether or not an offense has indeed occurred.

II. User Reports

Investigations will be conducted by the Crypto Unicorns team. Player reports are not necessary in the implementation of this policy.

This proposal presents two types of sanction systems

  • Ban with warning
  • Ban without warning

A. Bans with Warning

As the effects of these types of offenses show over a period of time, warnings will be issued for those who are suspected of the following:

  • Cheating and Bots: This refers to the creation and use of any form of third-party software or application within the game. All forms of automations are covered.

B. Warnings

Players caught using any form of automation will receive a warning. The warning will be issued on Discord through the CM team by publishing a list of the wallet addresses at a weekly cadence. Owners of the addresses that have been added to the warning list shall have seven (7) days to cease the behavior. In the future, we plan to add a mailbox feature in-game. Once this is launched, the warnings will be delivered in-game.

In cases where a player who has received a warning has decided to transfer their assets to another wallet address, both the source wallet and the new wallet will be investigated.

C. Suspensions

Players who fail to cease the associated behavior upon receiving a warning will have their wallets temporarily suspended immediately. Suspended wallets are denied access to all Crypto Unicorns DAO products, which includes the main game, its second party games, and/or any other products that will be released after this policy goes into effect.

Once a temporary suspension has been served, a player may either:

  • Request a reinvestigation in case the suspension was done in error
  • Appeal the wallet suspension to restore access using the same wallet
  1. Requesting a reinvestigationIf a participant believes that their wallet was suspended in error, they may request a reinvestigation via the ZenDesk team using the “Reinvestigation Form”. If the claims are correct, the account restriction will immediately be lifted and access will be restored without the need to write a DAO proposal.
  2. Appeal the wallet suspensionIf a participant’s suspension is found to be valid upon reinvestigation, they can appeal the decision through the Crypto Unicorns DAO. The appeal process involves the following steps:
  3. The player must submit a Draft Proposal on the forum using the “Wallet Suspension Appeal” format. This formal appeal must include the specific reasons why the suspension should be reconsidered, as well as any evidence in support.
  4. As the Wallet Suspension Appeal is a Draft Proposal, it’ll follow the governance process where it is reviewed by the governance council prior to being voted on by the DAO. In contrast to other proposals, Wallet Suspension Appeals will be aggregated and reviewed only during the sessions held on the 15th of each month.
  5. After the governance council review, the DAO will then make a decision on whether to uphold or overturn the suspension. The result is based on a majority vote and is considered valid if quorum is reached.

If the suspension is lifted, the player’s wallet access will be restored. If the suspension is upheld, the player’s access to the game will remain restricted.

A temporary suspension becomes a permanent suspension when:

  1. A player decides to no longer appeal the suspension.
  2. A player’s request to repeal the wallet suspension has been rejected by the Crypto Unicorns DAO.

D. Bans Without Warning

There are certain offenses that require that we as a DAO act quickly due to their drastic effect on the DAO and its ecosystem. For this reason, a warning will not be issued and a the ban will be applied immediately. The immediate ban option is reserved for the most dire of offenses that require immediate action for the Crypto Unicorns team, and directly relate to exploiting Crypto Unicorns smart contracts and servers. Examples of what would constitute an immediate ban include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Client spoofing and abusing the game’s resources, such as computational power or storage, to launch distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, or engage in other malicious activities.
  • Exploiting smart contracts to “print” currency that was not legitimately earned in-game.
  • Exploiting smart contracts to illegitimately create NFTs without actually paying the associated cost.
  • Exploiting smart contracts to gain access or tamper with another players’ assets.
  • Performing malicious attacks against a smart contract or game server that results in a downtime / maintenance period.
  • Exploiting smart contracts or game server to obtain an unfair advantage (guarantee an outcome that requires RNG, etc).

G. Legal

In addition to the suspension, the Crypto Unicorns DAO also reserves the right to cooperate with law enforcement and other relevant authorities in the investigation of any suspected violations of this policy or any other illegal activity.

Snapshot: Snapshot

Note: For clarity’s sake the words suspension and ban are used interchangeably in this document and mean the same thing.