CUIP-046 - Wallet Suspension Appeal: Blazz [Pass]


This proposal seeks to appeal the suspension of my wallet address, stemming from the unintended consequence of a bug in Rainbow Rumble that resulted in the duplication of $RBW deposits into Unicorn Party. Unaware of this bug, I unintentionally engaged in what appeared to be opportunistic behavior, leading to the suspension. The proposal provides a comprehensive account of events, accompanied by evidence refuting the stated reason for the suspension.


I am writing this appeal in response to the suspension of my account. I firmly believe this suspension was unjust, and I am eager to present my case for your reconsideration.

User Identifier:

  • Discord username: bullishblazz
  • Forum username: Blazz
  • Wallet address: 0x11bA7f51F72Bcf578EbE8eaf6f4Bdf75a8f5d9e6
  • Date of Suspension: February 5, 2024

Reason For Suspension:

The reason provided for my suspension is: “You have been banned without warning due to the act of stashing-out from Unicorn Party when no stash-ins were made.”

Summary of Appeal:

I am appealing the suspension on the grounds of wrongful accusations. I am confident that the evidence and account of events presented in this proposal will shed light on the misunderstanding, and I request the DAO’s careful consideration to reinstate my account.


Account of Events:

I have been banned without warning due to the act of stashing-out from Unicorn Party when no stash-ins were made. This action was a result of a bug in the game Rainbow Rumble, where deposits of $RBW into Rainbow Rumble were duplicated into Unicorn Party without my knowledge.

I made several deposits into Rainbow Rumble totaling 810 $RBW over about a month period from December 7, 2023, to January 10, 2024.

On January 18, 2024, I explored Unicorn Party for the first time in an attempt to play Mob Run and Bumbercorns. I noticed that I had a balance of Party Stamps that could be exchanged for $RBW.

After several failed attempts to join a game of Mob Run or Bumbercorns, due to being unable to find an opponent to complete matchmaking, I decided to exchange the Party Stamps for $RBW to use in Land Gameplay. While this behavior was seen as either malicious or opportunistic, I insist that it was entirely innocent. For these actions to be considered malicious or opportunistic, I would have had to be aware of the bug/exploit.

While I knew that I hadn’t made any stash-ins to Unicorn Party myself, I never suspected that the Party Stamps were there in error. Being relatively new to the Crypto Unicorns ecosystem, this was my first time exploring the Unicorn Party games. I remember wondering how long the Party Stamps had been there and where they may have come from. I never connected that the total balance of Party Stamps in my account was the same as the total of my Rainbow Rumble stash-ins made during the past month or so.

Instead, I assumed that the Party Stamps were possibly some sort of promotion or bonus given to players to encourage participation, especially since an announcement had just been made in Discord earlier that day about new rooms for Mob Run and Bumpercorns.

Another possibility I considered as an explanation for the Party Stamps was that they were somehow tied to my Unicorn Trivia balance, as I had been playing it a lot and earned a similar amount of $RBW from playing. Although these assumptions might seem odd, I was unaware of the bug/exploit and never once suspected that the Party Stamps were not supposed to be there.

I believe if the amount of Party Stamps had been much larger, I would have been skeptical about them being there. However, since the amount was relatively immaterial (810 $RBW worth), it seemed realistic that the Party Stamps were somehow earned or awarded to me. Not once did I suspect that the Party Stamps were there in error, or that stashing them out to $RBW was unethical. Nor did I ever correlate the amount of Party Stamps in my account with the total of my Rainbow Rumble Stash-Ins.

When looking at the data regarding the dates and amounts of $RBW stashed-in to Rainbow Rumble, as well as when I stashed-out Party Stamps for Unicorn Party, it is obvious that I was unaware of the bug/exploit, and my stash-ins were legitimate deposits used to fairly play Rainbow Rumble to compete for the leaderboard.

If I had poor intentions and was exhibiting malicious or opportunistic behavior, it would make sense that my deposits would have been much larger amounts, and you would see several withdrawals made to take advantage of the exploit. Instead, only one withdrawal was made (810 $RBW), and this was six weeks after the bug/exploit first occurred, with no additional stash-ins made since then.


The frustrating part about appealing my suspension is that intentions are difficult to prove. However, I believe the transaction records used by the team to justify my ban, can actually be used as evidence to help defend my innocence. As you can see from the attached screenshot, my wallet address was 1 of the 5 accounts that were banned without warning due to “extracting” RBW. Notice that the amount “extracted” by my address (810 RBW) was significantly lower than any of the other banned wallets.

Next, you can see the dates and amounts of my Rainbow Rumble Stash-Ins. Spanning a little over a month period, (from 12/7/23 to 1/10/24) I made 8 Stash-Ins for Rainbow Rumble totaling 810 RBW. Every Stash-In was a multiple of 30 (the amount needed to play a match of Rainbow Rumble). Also, the majority of these Stash-Ins were very small (just enough to play a couple times) with my largest Stash-In being 330 RBW.

The transaction hash provided by the team shows when I Stashed-Out 810 RBW from Unicorn Party on 1/18/24. Notice that this was about 6 weeks after my first Rainbow Rumble Stash-In, when the bug/exploit first occurred. Also, notice that no additional Stash-Ins were made to Rainbow Rumble after my discovery of the Party Stamps balance.

The timeline of these events demonstrates that I was never aware of the bug/exploit that was causing Party Stamps to appear in Unicorn Party after Stash-Ins from Rainbow Rumble were made. Had I been aware of the bug/exploit and was guilty of abusing it to “print” or “extract” currency from the game, it would make sense to see Rainbow Rumble Stash-Ins of much larger amounts as well as multiple attempts to Stash-Out those large amounts of Party Stamps.

Rectification Efforts:

I am committed to rectifying any unintentional consequences of my actions. If there are specific actions I can take, such as returning the mistakenly acquired $RBW, I am more than willing to cooperate and rectify the situation to the best of my ability.

Future Efforts:

To ensure compliance with the DAO’s rules in the future, I will be more skeptical/cautious about in-game balances, promptly report any discrepancies noticed, and take proactive measures to prevent similar issues from arising.

Personal Statement:

While I do understand the need to have protocols like this in place to quickly stop the abuse of malicious players, I find it frustrating and extremely concerning to find myself in this situation. In my opinion, after the initial ban, the team should have easily been able to look at my record of transactions and determine that I was never aware of the bug, and that an innocent mistake had been made. We could have come up with a solution to rectify the situation and been back to normal. Instead, this has not only taken up much of my time, but also prevented me from claiming my earned leaderboard rewards for both Rainbow Rumble and Collections. Not to mention, the possible loss of my Crypto Unicorn assets if this ban decision is not reversed. I worry about the security of other user’s assets and the possibility of incorrect bans being made in the future under this policy.


In conclusion, I urge the DAO to reconsider my suspension in light of the evidence presented. I was unaware of the bug that led to the duplication of deposits, and my actions were innocent and driven by a genuine misunderstanding. I have taken steps to rectify the situation and am committed to ensuring that such incidents do not occur in the future. I kindly request the DAO’s understanding and ask for the reinstatement of my wallet address. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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