XIA Grant opportunities

Dear Crypto Unicorns Community,

We are thrilled to announce that Crypto Unicorns has been awarded a significant grant in XAI tokens. This grant presents a unique opportunity for our community to enhance the ecosystem, increase liquidity, and provide exciting incentives for our users.


  1. RBW/CU Token Acquisition (70%):
  • I propose using 70% of the granted XAI tokens to purchase RBW/CU tokens daily. This strategy will bolster the liquidity pool of RBW/CU tokens, making trading more efficient and promoting stability within the market. Increased liquidity benefits all participants by reducing slippage and improving overall trading experience.
  1. Liquidity Provision (20%):
  • 20% of the residual XAI tokens will be allocated for providing liquidity. By injecting liquidity into various pools, we ensure that traders have ample opportunities to engage in transactions without significant price fluctuations. This action will attract more users to our platform and foster a vibrant trading environment.
  1. In-Game Back Rewards (10%):
  • The remaining 10% of the XAI tokens will be allocated for in-game back rewards. These rewards serve as incentives for our users to actively participate in the Crypto Unicorns ecosystem. By offering tangible benefits, such as in-game assets or exclusive features, we aim to cultivate loyalty and engagement among our community members.


We urge the Crypto Unicorns DAO to consider and vote on the following options:

  1. Approval of Proposal:
  • Vote “Yes” to approve the proposed allocation of the XAI grant as outlined above.
  1. Rejection of Proposal:
  • Vote “No” if you believe the proposed allocation does not align with the interests of the Crypto Unicorns community.

Cost and Timelines: The implementation of this proposal will commence immediately upon approval by the DAO. We anticipate a seamless execution process, with the allocation of XAI tokens for RBW/CU token purchases, liquidity provision, and in-game back rewards proceeding according to the proposed distribution.

Thank you for your attention to this crucial matter. Together, let us seize this opportunity to further strengthen the Crypto Unicorns ecosystem and propel our community towards greater success.



Hello, 404!
Thank you for writing this idea. Happy to see that what you have is pretty much what also is going to be happening moving forward minus the RBW/CU purchase.

The XAI grant from the XAI team are allocated to rewards for the Liquidity Bootstrapping event and its respective leaderboard. We can expect this to be launched once the token migration has begun. Apart from this, XAI will also be allocation to leaderboard events moving forward. To maintain a good relationship with the XAI team, close coordination on how XAI is distributed is also expected moving forward.

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