Renaming/Disassociation From the Term Scholar

As you all know, CU will have a delegation and renting system. Some guilds have even stocked up on CU assets to prepare for “scholars” and “scholarships”. SO this will be taking off as soon as these features are offered

I would like to come up with our own community terms for these delegation contracts. and also propose the renaming of the scholarly unicorn role to something different.

The primary reason I would like the community to adopt new terms is to separate ourselves from the axie crowd in terms of “scholarship” comparison. Potential newcomers may be put off from joining because they may assume the payment system will be the same. Some axie scholars have been completely burned and never received a payment because they just have to trust the manager will pay them. The delegation system will be completely different and not rely on the manager to manually claim funds and send them to the scholar. I also think scholar is a very odd term and doesn’t fit the relationship. 9/10 managers are not teaching their scholars anything and I think it just came about as a feel good term, because people that are not familiar with crypto automatically make ignorant claims calling it a ponzi. I think that when the mass adoption and FOMO hits, it will cause a lot of confusion and a lot of people not familiar with the community will think that the scholarly unicorn role will have something to do with scholarships. The gen chat will be flooded with questions as to how someone got a scholarship and why didn’t they, or they may think they are now eligible for a scholarship because they have that role. It will be extra confusing for our community members who’s first language is not english. I would also like to propose a change to that role name.

I would like to propose the following terms and possibly make a follow on post for a vote. I don’t know what the delegation and renting UI would look like but it would be really cool if the team considered using these terms if it caught on. These are just quick name ideas and I would like to hear what everyone else’s ideas are. The proposed terms are as follows;

Manager/scholar/ possible changes.

Farmer/Ranch Hand

The proposed name changes for the scholarly unicorn role I have are;

intellectual unicorn
cultured unicorn

These may not sound too serious but I want it to sound less culty as well. If this idea is just dumb please let me know and publicly shame me. Also I have nothing against Axie as I am a member of that community, I just think it’s a good idea to distance ourselves from them in this situation. Thanks to Timetraveler for some of these name suggestions. I think this is worth considering because every crypto youtuber that makes videos starting on launch about CU will say something like “And they have a community scholarship program in place, but not like axie…” so it will come up.



I think this will set the brand even more. I think it’s a great idea!


Thanks! I think that if the Team decides to use it in the delegation menu it would be cemented.


I really love what you have written up here. Thanks for looking ahead. I like the names you have proposed for the lending system. Maybe others can add their suggestions here in the forum as well. Like WittyUnicorn said above too. This gives CU a great chance to make this system fun and their own system. Like you said we have 2 weeks before youtubers start calling the program whatever they see first. :heart: :+1: :slight_smile:


Thank you! Yeah I want to have our own thing instead of what the crypto community decides.


Agree to this. because it builts culture. not just based from some other projects. it makes us more unique.

here are also some of my name ideas too .

Investor / Delegates
Head Unicorn / Sub Unicorn [Subordinate]

Words for “Manager”
Senior Unicorn
Veteran Unicorn
Chief Unicorn
Prime Unicorn
Alpha Unicorn

Other words Words for “Scholar”
Junior Unicorns
Deputy Unicorns
Blooming Unicorns
Green Unicorns
Youthful Unicorns

You can pick and discuss too.


Yes big emphasis on uniqueness, I life chief unicorn. I originally wanted to go with terms like herd, but that sounds weirder than scholar.


As the community grows, would it be better to tier the Scholar roles out? Maybe into 3 tiers, or would that bring to much confusion to the team and the community? Example going off KeizerMc’s post…



I don’t think a formal tier system would be necessary as guilds will have their own way of managing things. But I do see how that could work. The main thing I am trying to establish is our own naming convention for the delegation and renting mechanics. Scholar is going to stick from the axie community and I would like us all to formally agree on something before launch.


you can actually have your own tiers for your selves too but its a good idea for bigger guilds.

is say they a moderator or an admin of a big guild can be called as such.

but again what we are talking about here is a term that we will use instead of a “scholar” we use a different term. to add more of a unique culture for Crypto Unuicorns.

i dont think this is like a system implementation in the game itseft at this time .

correct me if im wrong :sweat_smile:


No but if it catches on I would like to see it in the delegation contract or menu. For example;
Ranch Hand-40%
Not sure what the UI menu is going to look like but just an idea


No, your right. I agree. I was thinking along the lines of how rewards are distributed.
But I support the name change.


great idea. besides building brand recognition, it also builds unicorn culture.


I love Chief Unicorn. I also love the idea of changing names, I see the different ways things could get confusing so definitely something that could be considered. Crypto Unicorns already ahead in the game, coming up with own names would be magical.


I think this is a great idea. We can keep spit balling titles but the Scholarship thing always rubbed me the wrong way.

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Lord of the Lands/Slave of the Lords
Slave Master/Slaves
Farm Boss/Farm Slaves

On a serious note. This is a good idea. The project should choose the right word with the right definition to categorize between NFT owners and the delegates.


I’m new to crypto community and CU is my first game. The term “scholar” is indeed confusing. Thanks for the writeup and great suggestions.

The thread has already brought up many benefits of having unique names like “xx unicorn”. I will mention some pros of more general names. This is of course to inspire more discussion.

  • Axie’s “scholar” isn’t great. Why not set the new standard with an accurate, generalizable term?
  • “scholar” confuses beginners or non-English speakers. A term that means the same thing in and out of context can best onboard newbies or survive translations.

Thanks for all you feedback and suggestions guys. please recommend your own terms or pick the ones you like in the thread.

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Part of me wonders if the term scholar was used as some sort of a legal loophole to avoid sounding like a business contract and more as a educational position. Anyone know if this was part of the reason for the name scholar.

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That’s what I was thinking, but I also wasn’t trying to put axie down. I just don’t think it’s a system or term that CU should entertain. Nobody is educating anyone outside of normal conversations. Like hey don’t share your keys, and hey DYOR, or hey you need to load this chain to your metamask.