Delegation Roles Naming Proposal

Crypto Unicorns will have a delegation and renting system for lands and unicorns . Some guilds have even stocked up on CU assets to prepare for “scholars” and “scholarships”, as is the naming convention for other crypto gaming projects. Having our own role names in the delegation system will be essential to separate us from other projects and help build our brand in the long run as a play and earn game.


The primary reason I would like the community to adopt new terms is to separate ourselves from the axie crowd in terms of “scholarship” comparison. Potential newcomers may be put off from joining because they may assume the payment system will be the same as axie. Some axie scholars have been completely burned and never received a payment because they just have to trust the manager will pay them. The delegation system will be completely different and not rely on the manager to manually claim funds and send them to the scholar. Scholar is a very odd term and doesn’t fit the relationship and takes away from the gaming aspect.

Potential newcomers, both delegates and delagatees need to know that this is a real delegation system that uses smart contracts.


I would like to come up with our own community terms for these delegation roles that can be apart of the UI/delegation menu.

I would like to propose the following terms and possibly have a temp check poll for a vote. The proposed terms are as follows;

Manager/scholar/ possible name changes:

  • Landlord/Settler
  • Landlord/pioneer
  • Pioneer/Settler
  • Farmer/Ranch Hand
  • Alpha/Junior
  • Chief/Deputy

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These of course are always subject to having “corn” or “unicorn” at the end. Pairs were chosen based on the votes from the polls done in the Idea post Renaming/Disassociation From the Term Scholar

Proposal Cost

There is no cost for this proposal.


These may not sound too serious but this is a game first and foremost. I have nothing against Axie as I am a member of that community, I just think it’s a good idea to distance ourselves from them in this situation.


I think this is a neat idea!


Ron Burgundy:
I wanna say something. I’m gonna put it out there; if you like it, you can take it, if you don’t, send it right back. I want to be on you…

I mean… How about:


…ok I’m done…
I love scotch. Scotchy scotch scotch. Here it goes down, down into my belly.

OR even best

Rancher / Saddle Tramp (old saying for cowboy who’d ride in to help on the ranch for a season)

I can 100% say Farmer/ Ranch Hand makes no sense… I’m from the south and grew up on a ranch… my grandparents had a farm… 2 different things… that one bothers me… one doesn’t go with the other usually… lol… change to either…

Rancher/ranch hand
Farmer/Farm hand


Not sure how the final vote will work but I’m sure we can revise that. Editing the poll will zero it out.

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I understand the sentimental meaning behind it but we have to find something that can be use and understand throughout the world. Plus since we already have the Pioneer ROLE in Discord for Land Owners so it sound the best ones for it.

Would love to also have the team share on what they have cook up for names. :smiley:


Love the idea and the name suggestions,
Got also a bit creative on this one, here are some name suggestions :open_hands:

Delegates / Delegatees :

  • Olympus / Disciple
  • Uniknight / Unisquire
  • Metacorn / Metafoal
  • Metaherd / Uniherd
  • Knight / Equerry

Let’s get craycray !


Yes! But I’m missing the option of “none of the above, leave the naming to the game devs”.

I feel like the sentiment is good but I don’t feel that the naming convention ties into the lore at all.

EDIT: I mean that we should leave the actual naming to a copywriter who writes the other stuff for CU.

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Aaahhh good point. But I did ask Aron in an AMA and he gave the thumbs up.

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Nice idea. Can’t wait to be one of the settlers or delegates of the game. Since i do not afford to buy any assets. More power CU! :heart::metal:t3:


To choose “none of the above, leave the naming to the game devs”, just completely ignore this topic :sweat_smile: If it doesn’t pass the temperature check and get enough attention, it will not go live.

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I think the idea is very good, this is worth discussing, it will promote the development of the project, praise!

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Great idea, I like this kind of engagement.

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I agree… that’s my main concern with these names is they are not fluid or they don’t go well with the over CU theme… If we are changing the name to differentiate ourselves, it should also speak to who we are or the game dynamic.


Yes, but I 100% agree it should not be “scholar” or a name that hints at some benevolent master and subject dynamic. SO the topic in itself has relevance for sure!

NOTHING TO DO WITH SENTIMENT… It’s not about sentimental meaning… it’s about correct terminology… I only wrote that stuff about my family ranch and my grandparents farm to show I have creditability on the source. It bothers me… Putting Farmer / Ranch Hand together is ignorance … not saying that in a mean way, just that maybe people don’t know… use of the terms together and in many circles HERE… it would almost be insulting to a ranch hand to SEE THAT… or work for a farmer… it’s a totally different line of work. … Have I beaten this poor uni to death yet… That’s my more than 2 cents on this Farmer / Ranch Hand ridiculousness. DON"T vote for that one anyone PLEASE…


Its at 12% I’m sure you won’t have to worry about that one making it to a final vote. And I’m sure a correction can be made after a temp check

I stand corrected. :smiley:

I’m sure the community will choose a proper terminology for this proposal.

Thanks for sharing that info with the community. :slight_smile:


I agree. Can we do better than these terms? Can we think outside the box of just land ownership? I had thought maybe western theme would do it but I don’t know if it’s within the CU universe.

The delegation system will allow for renting out of lands, unicorns, and who knows what else. It could be terms that can encompass everything.

Themed words associated to the magical, whimsical, fairy, ethereal, etc types of words is what we could look at.

I would really like the teams input and thoughts so far. I was thinking more horse type terms so i didn’t think too fsr outside the box. If there’s some sort of unicorn folklore i am missing out on, i think it would be cool to use any term that fits. I also want the term to be pretty straightforward for me comers. So if we did voted on Momos corrected terms of rancher/ranchand, it is easily identifiable who is the delegate and delagatee

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I don’t like any of them.
Only Nowan has more or less something, but still not that. Coverage on the forum is still small.
I would be the administration would have implemented it in the form of an event in Discord, while reserving the right not to choose any of the proposed options.
Make voting a community, but, the last word to the administration, as in the voting 99% of cheating go vote.