Delegation Roles Naming Proposal

Totally, like you say Segarion
Missing that fairy, magical, ethereal touch :sparkles:
I was thinking of that Mythology / Medieval - Ancient Greece & Roma-ish theme

Era of the great Olympus, the Pegasus horse, creation of the Unicorn by the goddesses, dragons, ogres. Also valiant knights, jousting, duels, princesses, and treasures !
The Treasure corns events had that mythologic touch that suits well with CU’s universe

Share your fantasy frens :rainbow:


Love you terrarekt :wink:

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Hey everyone! I’ll be closing this thread due to inactivity. I did reach out to James, who is part of the Design Team and is in charge of lore and localization though!

Essentially, we do agree with everyone about distaning ourselves from the common naming convention but also feel that we need to find a term that represents our community better.

A message from James from the Design Team:

My thoughts on naming delegation roles are fairly in-line with the OP in this thread insofar as the need for creating distance from the known scholarship setup. When considering new names though, personally, I love starting from a historical or real world base like the ones suggested - Landlord/Settler, or Rancher/Saddle Tramp - but just as it’s important to distance ourselves from the known scholarship setup due to some negative player experiences, we also want to make sure the new terms we use foster the correct feeling and vibe that fits our IP and community.

So, while the above suggestions are fantastic historical examples, they also carry with them very hierarchical or even exploitative overtones that I don’t think fit the “we’re all in this together/same team” sense of community that the team is shooting for. I think whatever names (or set of name options) we arrive at will likely have a dash of that Farm/Old West flavor to it, but should engender a sense of partnership, fairness, and teamwork. Also, if it gets a laugh or two, that helps. :slight_smile:

To give closure to this thread, as some have suggested, our community team will be sourcing ideas from you guys in the next few days or weeks so please look forward to it! We hope for your contribution when they run it. Your suggestions will be compiled and sent to the design team for consideration! ^^