Discord username parade

Uni fam, let’s support our loved project on the eve of the launch and tell the whole Discord about it.

Each of us participates in many projects and is a member of many Discord servers. On each of these servers, we can talk about Crypto Unicorns without doing anything. Simply change your username and add a suffix to it. For example, it might look like this: Vitaly :unicorn: Uni Fam. Also in the description of your profile, we can leave a link to the Crypto Unicorns website or discord. Users on third-party servers may be interested in our names and look at our profiles, in which they will find a link to Unicorns.

I think this could have a positive impact on increasing the size of our family ahead of the launch.

Changing the Discord username will in no way affect your participation in the Loyalty/Rewards program, confirmed by the administrators.

If you decide to change your Discord username, then for active Twitter events, you will have to reply to your tweet and provide your new Discord username.

Come on, Uni fam!

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Great idea my friend, I’m all for it! Only today in the new event in honor of the launch of the game in 10 days, many on Twitter have already written their name on the discord. So I don’t know if I can change name now.


I forgot to write… I found out about this from the admins, they said that you can just tweet in response to your tweet, specify your new discord username. And you still have time to change it and tweet again )


These themes have a common purpose! Let everyone know about us!