Crypto Unicorns Name Change

Crypto Unicorns has come a very long way since Launch and Laguna Games is gearing up to launch some awesome game loops and in game features in the near future. Now is the time to present the IP in a way that attracts players beyond the web3 spectrum.

This new naming convention is intended to broaden appeal to a much larger audience beyond just cryptocurrency and NFT enthusiasts. This would help attract players that would otherwise have no interest or be put off by a game that involves blockchain in any way. This would also future-proof branding by creating our own game identity that is different from other stigmatized NFT games. The merchandising potential almost writes itself and would have more broad appeal to those that may not even want to play.

Proposed Changes
Ladies and GentleCorns I would like to propose the IP name change of Crypto Unicorns, to Unicorn Worlds Unlimited (UWU).

This name is in line with Aron’s vision for a generational IP with endless possibilities. This naming convention is also a play on “UwU”, a text-based emoticon that represents a facial expression associated with happiness and affection.

In conclusion, the proposed name change from Crypto Unicorns to Unicorn Worlds Unlimited (UWU) aims to take the game to new heights and appeal to a wider audience. The new name aligns with the vision of creating a generational IP with endless possibilities. By incorporating the playful reference to the “UwU” emoticon, associated with happiness and affection, the game can attract players beyond the web3 spectrum. The intention behind the name change is to break free from the niche perception of being solely a cryptocurrency and NFT game.


Agree with the reasons given for name update, disagree with the suggested new name.
A good gaming name is short, catchy & memorable. There indeed have been popular 3 word game names but they have always been more of a phrase defining the game itself.

The abbreviation suggested is a common use emoji & will hurt chances of SEO as well. UwU has absolutely nothing to do with the game itself & is more of a community thing & should be kept that way.


I have to agree with Deez , I think we should do a rename without a crypto word. No offense , I think crypto word is kind of sensitive words to people who don’t know or hate cryptos. Why reddit use Digital Collectibles rather than NFTs? Because people who are new to web3 are very against about it. Hopefully community would agree with this!


Love the idea & agreeing with OnnGusta UwU :grinning:


I’m in support of removing crypto from the name. This will help with any stigma that comes with the word when attracting new users who are outside of the the crypto sphere. The question of what the new name will become, now that’s the real debate.


agreed! not sure about the proposed name though :smiley:

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“Unicorns & Rainbows” or “Herds” is my suggestion as I agree with the concept of removing our crypto tag.

Unicorns and Rainbows, meaning, ** A wonderful (but often unrealistic) scenario ** is already a trendy and commonly used phrase in the general population.

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I also agree with the reasons given in the proposal for a name change, but don’t love the new name suggested.

“Unicorn Party” has been the only one I have really liked so far.

I believe a proposal such as this should have multiple options with quadratic multiple choice voting. Otherwise we will be stuck going back and forth on a new name. Furthermore I’d like to hear from the team what they envision the game’s rebrand to look and feel like, with an emphasis on first impressions on new users. Have surveys been conducted? All major industries use them to get a feel of their target market’s reception.


This is true. So far, this comment section seem to agree on the name change but not the proposed name. These comments wouldn’t be enough to go with though. We might have to open a temperature check very soon re:

  1. Whether we want to push through with the name change
  2. Whether we agree on the proposed name

But definitely, the team will be writing an impact report for this.


First of all I just wana say: Deez’s proposal is Nutz.
Second of all, mildly agree with name change, but very strongly dislike proposed name as I am very much against the word “uwu” or anything containing “uwu”.
So no from me as proposed.


No particular thoughts on changing the name, since I like crypto unicorns, but if I did, I agree that alriad, Unicorn Party sound like fun. Secondly, Rainbows Unicorns, I think the colors are very bright, and match with RBW coins, it’s really hard to choose

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Few names that come to mind:

• Unicorn World
• Magic Unicorns
• UnicornUtopia
• Unicornia
• Unicorn Valour
• UnicornFable
• Unicorns Playground
• Unicorns&Shadowcorns

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I do agree that applying Crypto in the main name likely does not do the game any favors.

If it’s possible to make CU into the franchise name but only advertise the components (Unicorn Tribes: Farm, Unicorn Tribes: Jousting, Unicorn Team Battles, Unicorn Party, etc.), that could be a compromise.
Otherwise, UW (Unicorn Worlds) could be the less cringey option, and then the team can rebrand themselves to Unicorn Worlds Union and keep the UWU internal.

But on the topic of SEO, any 2 letter acronym with the letter U will mostly bring up Universities. And “CU Game” gave me Colorado University Football schedule as the top hit. “UW Game” gets University of Washington.


Totally agreed with this sentiment. The truth is that, we’ve applied for global trademark on Crypto Unicorns. As you know, the second-party games have their own titles. They will be what we use to onboard potential non-web3 native users into our ecosystem. I agree that it’s a compromise that lets us preserve our existing name and still be able to achieve the goal stated in this proposal.

(Edited as I meant trademark)

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I will offer a rebuttal later today. One thing i would like everyone to take into consideration is the broader audience we would cater to with this naming convention. Pretty sure everyone in disagreement so far is a grown man like myself.

I think from what we can agree on, the name must include the word “Unicorn” and then additive word to further explain what the IP is or incorporates. So far what I’ve seen that sounds good to me


I like Tribes best. Cutting down naming to 2-4 syllable has a more lasting effect and catchiness when said out loud.

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Not sure about changing the name but I saw someone suggesting Unicorn Tales in discord and I liked it.

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I think removing crypto from the brand name is very very essential. This one word kills half the achievements made by project. If we are sure that we only need web3 folks, then it may still be ok. But if we do want web2 folks, then it will be very very difficult to onboard them with this name. Even in web3, people don’t take games with crypto name very seriously.

Hello, everyone!

We appreciate the enthusiasm and intent behind the proposal and the author’s commitment to our collective success. As much as we’re just as intrigued by the potential, we feel that now is not the time to make this change. Given the effort the author has put into writing, we felt the need to answer in kind and clearly discuss the reasons in the impact report.

Please find the said document on Notion!

I agree that having ‘crypto’ in our name is a limitation on growth. Even if people don’t have bad associations with crypto, which many do, it makes the game sound techy and difficult.

So, a vote here for removing ‘crypto’.

Choosing a new name is another story. I recommend a process that involves the community in name nominations and stacked rank voting (everyone chooses their top 3).

That will create a wide range of options and select a name with broad support. Some nominated names will reflect community insights like this proposal does, others will take us in totally different directions - but with guaranteed community support.

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