Customised/Branded unicorns and lands

Proposal Introduction
Welcome to the governance opportunity for Cryptounicorns users and rbw/srbw holders! Here you can vote on whether Laguna Games/Crypto Unicorns Team should build more opportunities for other projects in Polygon to be part of the game infrastructure and experience more mechanics with us. We propose to intensify activities with other Polygon projects, thus making Crypto Unicorns users and its nft holders have more experience with them.

Proposal Request
To encourage more projects to discover Crypto Unicorns, we offer to launch an in-game campaign. Making simple and transparent marketing event for CU users and NFT holders with partners/contributors/advertisers.

Proposal Details
Offer a possibility for Polygon projects to customise them and brand unicorns/lands with their logos.

Proposal Motivation
There are many great projects that want to grow their user base. It can be incredibly easy to encourage new projects to have a little awareness branding campaign in the game, wide app distribution and social media network power.

The essential goal of crypto is to eliminate intermediaries and middlemen and allow principal players to connect and interact with each other directly. Cryptounicorns will be one of the top cryptogame. We demand/ask/request/beg Crypto Unicorns Team to allow Polygon projects to make their own unicorns/land by burning 2 other unicorns/lands of the same quality. Cryptounicrons will become a marketing platform that will work for benefiting its users and its native nft holders on a direct basis.

Selection of projects that can do so should be strong and scrupulous, and have mandatory points, including (but not limited to):
— audits passed on X different reputable bases
— a community with more than X k users
— MAU with more than X k

Benefit for Cryptounicorns nft holders: for producing a customised nft, any Polygon project should buy 2 identical nfts on the market. So the amount of native nfts will decrease, and it will make the other nfts more valuable.

Benefit for Crypto Unicorns Users: the branded nfts that will be produced may be listed on OpenSea with the floor price of the same type of nfts. And anyone can purchase them and achieve new crypto experience in this mechanic.

Benefit for Cryptounicorns: by minting and listing their own branded nft, the partner project will increase the amount of users that will be encouraged to join the game, because they will tell about it on their social medias.

Whitelisting for existing Polygon projects
Can be implemented in different ways:

  1. All Polygon projects holding on the contract address >=100/1000/100000 RBW 14-day average get a chance to mint their nft by burning 2 others.
  2. All Polygon projects who had 10 k/100 k/ 1 mln transactions on Quickswap.
  3. All Polygon projects with CEX listings.
    1+2+3, and other filters

To prevent fraud we limit the number of minting from one contract address — three maximum. Only 10/15/20% of existing nfts could be burnt in this event.

Possible procedure

  1. Announcing a campaign (let’s say: Brand cryptounicorn/cryptoland with your logo).
  2. Snapshot condition: To have a chance to participate, Cryptonicorn Team scans all the projects on the Polygon ecosystem to conform to our requests.
  3. Applicable project enters the Opensea and buys 2 nfts of the same type (let’s say two rare lands).
  4. Then they go to the Cryptounicorns app and connect the address. If they’re eligible (see p. 2), they can tap on the button “Creat my own unicorn/land” and get access to a simple editor program.
  5. They create their own customised branded land within one signature — by burning 2 native rare lands and minting 1 new branded rare land.
  6. New nft passes moderation on explicit and other restrictions.
  7. They can keep this land to themselves. But if they’d like to sell it, it would be possible only for floor price. The user who buys it from them may use it in the game or list it for any price.

As Cryptounicorns community members, we — the proposers, being active — believe in cooperation, have a vision to bring mass adoption of our game. Of course, Laguna Games may just take this idea and launch the campaign on its own, and with any changes that they find fair and logic.

Proposed by
Serob Khachatryan Serob#5565
Dima DimaSed#6650


I think at first this idea will only complicate the game, especially for new players.


it depends how we’ll explain it. Of course, any new features requires explanations. And this easy move is very simple to be understood.


Good proposal write up. Onboarding other projects in some form of collaboration is a great way to spread the word. Minor concern is the requirement to burn lands. I suggest burning lands to be removed as there is only finite amount of lands, however, unicorns are unlimited and this proposal can add as a deflationary faucet for unicorns. The required amount of unicorns to burn can be bumped up to match the value of lands that would have been burned. All value can be calculated later to determine the amount for the burn.

As for land, the project will have to see it upon themselves to purchase these lands from secondary market. Or sacrifice i.e. 10 unicorns on the website where a project-customizable land is minted for the project.

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I’m a big believer in asset composability which is enabled by Web3.

That said, I think we are too early to consider a proposal of this magnitude.


does it mean that you didn’t find this proposal useless?
I mean you believe we can make it once gotten big?

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In the near future, you can ask around the game designers to understand how realistic your idea is in implementation…