Crypto Unicorns Marketplace PRD

As we can all collectively agree, we need a custom marketplace that caters to our living NFTs and to our unique needs as, first and foremost, gamers.

A few contributors/developers have come forward with the proposal to build a marketplace for us. Today, we present to you our PRD (Product Requirement Documents) for the custom marketplace so that prospective developers may review it before writing their proposals.


  • To be upfront and transparent with the marketplace needs in Crypto Unicorns
  • To source contributors/developers capable of building the marketplace


Currently, we are using OpenSea as our primary marketplace. Now that the game has launched we are facing issues as OpenSea is not a suitable marketplace for games or gamers.

Crypto Unicorns NFTs have different features tied to the game that make them function different than typical NFTs. Our NFTs…

  • Have regular metadata updates that are important for players when deciding which NFTs they want to buy.
  • Have game data that isn’t represented on the blockchain that is important for players when deciding which NFTs they want to buy.
  • Can become transferable or non-transferable based on their state in the game (unlocked/locked).
  • Have multiple collections with various types of tokens/NFTs.


We want a custom marketplace that is linked to our site. We’re looking for a marketplace that looks and feels like it’s part of the Crypto Unicorns universe and provides a seamless experience for players when they’re buying & selling NFTs. This marketplace should make it easy & clear for both new and current players to find the best NFTs for their games and create a cohesive Crypto Unicorns experience.



  • Players should be able to buy and sell Lands, Unicorns, and any other existing and future Crypto Unicorns NFTs & Tokens.
    • Players should be able to buy and sell with WETH/ETH.
    • Players should be able to see the USD equivalent cost.
  • Present a cohesive experience for our players that keeps them in the Crypto Unicorns brand.
    • Create a fun landing page that encompasses the CU theme and provides users with a satisfying/engaging experience.
    • Landing page should have a carousel of NFTs
  • Players should be able to pay RBW to spotlight their listed NFTs
    • Spotlighting NFTs will appear on the landing page and will appear in the carousel.
      • NFTs will be spotlighted for 12 hours at a time.
        • Once the spotlight period has ended, the NFT will be removed from the carousel.
  • The Carousel should have a finite amount of NFTs at once.
    • Once the Carousel has reached the maximum amount, the player spotlight option will be removed.
  • In addition to the Carousel, the spotlighted items will appear first when searching/sorting for items, and be visibly differentiated from other NFTs.
  • NFTs / Assets belonging to non CU projects should be excluded from the Marketplace.
    • Functionality can be handled by a whitelist of supported collections as in the future, we might want to add collections from other teams building in the CU universe.
  • NFTs of the supported collections that are listed on different available exchanges should be visible/differentiated from NFTs listed on this Market if possible.
    • NFTs listed on different exchanges should display an icon that signals the exchange they are listed on.
      • Clicking on the asset will allow the player to purchase the asset from the exchange.
  • Players should be able to search for NFTs.
  • Player should be able to see a player profile that shows all the Crypto Unicorn tokens/NFTs they own, even if they cannot be listed or are on the blacklist.
    • NFTs that cannot be listed should be visually different.


  • Listing players will be able to choose if they want to do a Buy Now, Auction, or Both when selling.
    • Players will be able to choose a set price when creating a Buy Now Transaction
    • Players will not be able to choose a set price on Auction based, but will begin a .001 ETH.
      • Player should be able to set a reserve price if desired.
    • Players will be able to do both a Buy Now and Auction if desired.
      • In each option, the sell time will be 7 days and cancellable at anytime as long as a bid has not been received.
  • Restrict selling NFT based on certain metadata information, specifically the transferability of the NFT.
    • NFTs shouldn’t appear for sale if they are or become non-transferable.
      • Functionality should first check for the “transferability” of an Asset.
        • If the asset is designed to be non-transferable, the asset should not be listable under any circumstances.
        • If the asset is designed to be transferable, the market should look at the game-lock status of the NFT prior to deciding if the asset is listable.
          • Functionality should respect the “game-lock” status of the NFTs.
            • If the NFT is listed as “locked”, the user should not be able to list the NFT.
            • If the NFT is listed as “unlocked”, the user should be able to list the NFT.
  • Metadata should update regularly so players also have the latest information about the NFTs they’re looking to buy and trust that it’s up to date.
    • Show players when metadata was last updated
    • Allow players to immediately update metadata on request
  • Allow for custom combinations of our smart contract collections to make finding the various types of assets easily. We currently have 4 collections and will be adding more, one of which is 1155 tokens that are mix of items (lootboxes, shadowcorn eggs, badges, etc).
    • Players should be able to navigate to Unicorns, Land, Shadowcorns, Lootboxes, Items and other future NFT collection releases.
  • Developers should be able to prevent certain items from being listed to ensure outdated/expired tokens to do not appear.
    • Functionality can be handled by a running token blacklist that will include token IDs we would like to not be shown.
  • Developers should have access to a whitelist where they can import the supported collections/pool ids to ensure that they have complete control over all NFTs and tokens listed and can easily add more in the future.


  • Display blockchain and in game data for NFTs.
    • Unicorns:
      • Name
      • Class
      • Genes/Parts
      • Stats
      • Lifecycle
      • Breeding Points
      • Origin
      • Mythic Stats (Single Mythic, Double Mythic, Triple Mythic, etc.)
      • Total Energy Points when possible
      • Parents
    • Lands:
      • Class
      • Level
        • Land XP when possible
      • Buildings (w/Level & Farm Bonuses when possible)
  • Advanced filters & sorting
    • Filters:
      • Unicorns: Class, Parts, # of Mythic Stats
      • Land: Class, Class Group
      • Lootboxes: Type, rarity
    • Sorting
      • Highest/lowest price
      • Most recent sell
        • Lowest sell in the past 24 hours.
        • Highest sell in the past 24 hours.
      • Most recently added
      • Ending soonest
      • Unicorns: Stats (each type), Breed Points,
      • Lands: Land Level, #of buildings
  • Display Transaction history for NFTs
    • Historical Transfers
      • Include link to polyscan hash
    • Historical Sales
      • Include link to polyscan hash
  • Stats/Analytics support so we can review and evaluate how players are interacting with, buying, selling, and listing our NFTs.
    • list price
    • sell price
    • price history
    • protocol daily fees
    • displayed floor prices for each asset type
    • #owners
    • NFT counts (by type)
    • #lists, #buys
    • volume


Proposals should include proposed fees for development partner and a 2.5% fee to Crypto Unicorns DAO treasury.

The original PRD document may be found by following this link: Crypto Unicorns Marketplace PRD

August 08, 2022 - Indicated the need to support all current and future Crypto Unicorns NFTs and Tokens and the possibility of whitelisting other collections.


Definitely a very good move for the future of Crypto Unicorns. We are (more or less) disconnected from the big Opensea market, but having our own market makes economic sense.

I like and support this idea!

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Glad to hear it. Please also feel free to share the PRD with developers who might be willing to build this for us.

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Demand looks so good, so desperate to get it


Strongly support. Especially the 2.5% fee that will accrue to the treasury. I would like to select a builder ASAP so development can begin. This will create another sink for RBW and vastly enhance the gaming experience.


This is a good start that addresses all immediate needs.

The requirements look solid. The carousel feature is interesting. 2.5% to treasury is value accretive. LFG.

just to clarify. 2.5% + the developer partner fees right ?

Just hoping it does not go anywhere higher than 4% for the whole total .

Good requirements, looks solid

Well it’s up to the marketplace devs’ what fee they would like to take, but as this is being covered by/with CU DAO, hopefully this can be discussed :slight_smile:
Great req’s so far.

The spotlight carousel is a nice to have. It feels like it should be optional or moved to post launch enhancement. Keep this as simple as possible at first and build more over time.

Can’t wait to have a marketplace to list my NFTs inside stuck account due to 2nd trx Evo/Breed/Hatch. I’m hoping with this marketplace I can list my locked asset inside a locked account.

This will solve a lot of issues. Can’t wait!