A better marketplace for Crypto Unicorns

Are we still pushing this?

Based on the community response, we (Moonstream) decided to just build the marketplace first before bringing a discussion in front of the community about integrating that marketplace into the CU app (https://app.cryptounicorns.fun).

I updated our plan at the end of the original post.


Can’t wait to have a preview ! And thanks for doing this so you will be able to show everyone what you can provide!


Yes, please. and maybe as soon as possible. Too many bugs ,errors and delays on opensea. Hoping that the marketplace will come sooner than we think.

I think this is a great move and I’m looking forward to the new site.

We still need Opensea for everyone to see what’s going on. Pricing won’t be too much of an issue as it will open the door for arbritage opportunity.

that’s awesome we need it!

well done can’t wait to use it

I don’t know about Moonstream Dao but i’ve discovered a platform for building our own marketplace called Reservoir0x using their API.

They’ve got a few live marketplace collaborating with trendy NFT
( bayc.reservoir.market

Might be worth to get more informations about it, here is their twitter https://twitter.com/reservoir0x

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Just build the marketplace already.

I know it’s sad that Laguna games didn’t create their own marketplace thinking that opensea would be a great alternative.

Turned out it’s not, and we’re all feeling the downside of using os.

I know it’s hard to swallow that a part of all transactions will go to a third party, but bad actors taking advantage of OS are affecting all our assets, and the longer we banter about the percentage that moonstream would be getting, the bigger the effect is on our economy.

Let’s just all agree on the 1% already.

Seems to be that laguna have already decided on the get go that it’s okay to use opensea and let them get 2.5% of all transactions, and we were all okay with that, with us investing and buying cu assets from the start.

Now, we will be having a better alternative that will prevent those bad actors and manipulators from affecting our economy with a lower percentage and a better service than OS, but we’re all bantering and being negative about it.

Can we just get a vote out already?

I’m all in with the 1%.

I thought the marketplace would be done by end of june, but with all the negativity and the outburst about the moonstream commission it’s pushed to september - and I really am outraged by that push.

I’m so not happy with the issue with opensea.

And I’m so not happy that the cu marketplace will be pushed to september.

What will happen to all of our assets by then?

It’s just 1% guys.


I deleted my post because I trust Aron and I realised in hindsight my post wasn’t displaying that. I don’t like the system personally. I would prefer LG build their own marketplace into the game and use the potential 100 million dollars per year from charging 4% fees to fund marketing and other player activities.

Moonstreams now going it alone, which is a better outcome for us to eventually get our own marketplace and keep the revenue 100% going towards things that benefit the entire community.


Yes we definitely need a CU marketplace removing CU from all the other opensource platforms, but we need it yesterday, not in september!
If you need time to develop and audit the MP we need solutions for the actual price manipulations:

  • Harsh banning waves for bad actors (nfts + wallets)
  • A new system to bring offchain locked assets
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Very excited for this work and I think it’s much needed. Moonstream should be compensated fairly for their work and it will help all of us in the project


Really looking forward the new marketplace for CU!

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Can we make the ETA here somewhere between June and July? I think this will solve a lot of issues and FUD

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I think this is a good idea!

I am for it. Would prefer to see LG make the marketplace down the line so we can create yet another sink for RBW that will feed back into the community in the future, but we need a new marketplace for NFTs ASAP rocky

Hi! Thank you for giving your feedback on this post. Can you tell us more about why you think this post is a good idea? :smiley:

Yeah forsure, here’s my rationale: The OS marketplace is deterring new users from joining because of its added complexity with people manipulating floor prices so we need our own marketplace pronto!! A 1% fee is also way better than OS’s 2.5% fee so well worth the cost!


Hello @zomglings!
We’ve written our Marketplace PRD here. We’ll be happy to hear what you think. Thank you.