Hawku Marketplace for Crypto Unicorns


Hawku is the leading marketplace for games and utility NFTs on the Polygon Network and serves as the preferred marketplace for games like ZED.run, The Red Village and Frontyard Baseball.

Hawku proposes to add a marketplace for Crypto Unicorns that can help address the specific needs of Crypto Unicorn games. The marketplace will allow people to search, filter, buy, bid and sell based on the unique real-time data of the various types of CU tokens like unicorns, land, etc… Hawku’s platform also will auto-cancel listings when people try to list locked NFTs (and will add more protections in the near future). Hawku can get this up and running within 7-14 days of acceptance.


The CU community deserves a marketplace that is focused on gaming/utility NFTs and a marketplace platform that is constantly updating and improving.

We believe current marketplaces cater primarily to the Avatar/Art/PFP NFTs whose value are driven by rarity and floor prices and not Gaming/Utility NFTs whose value are driven by data and performance metrics. This frustrated us immensely with ZED.run and we launched Hawku to change that for good.

Hawku is dedicated to becoming the leading marketplace for utility/gaming NFTs and serving games and their unique marketplace needs.

Why shouldn’t CU build a custom peer-to-peer marketplace? Building a custom marketplace is time consuming, hard work and expensive. While it is not super hard to build a prototype or very basic marketplace, it will become very expensive/time-intensive to build in all the functionality that will be soon requested by the community (many features of which are not in the current RFP but will become important once a marketplace is launched). It will also require not just dedicated technical talent but dedicated product management and long term customer support. Building a custom marketplace also comes with its own security risks as new software can come with new exploits.


Hawku is the leading marketplace for games and utility NFTs on the Polygon Network. Since its launch in the end of February, 2022, Hawku has facilitated over 38,000 sales of gaming NFTs totaling over 4,400ETH and growing daily.

Hawku has focused its marketplace on gaming and utility NFTs where the value of the NFT is based on real-time performance data and not just rarity and aesthetics.

Hawku started as an analytics tool for ZED.run and since its marketplace launch now accounts for over 90% of the ETH transactions in ZED.

The Hawku Marketplace is built on top of the 0x protocol, a battle-tested smart contract protocol that is also used by Uniswap, Opensea (which uses it for its Polygon Network) and Polygon.technology’s site. This is a joint custody contract as the token is still owned by the player even after listing it.

Hawku is backed by Lightspeed Venture Partners, Multicoin Capital, Dragonfly Capital, Animoca Brands, Alameda Research and more.

What Hawku Provides

  • A Marketplace Optimized for Real-Time Game Data. Hawku is targeted to tokens with data (and value) updating in real-time. Hawku’s items are all displayed using summaries of real time data and Hawku lets players filter, analyze, summarize, buy and sell based on updating game-specific data. Each section is completely customized to the game’s unique data and Hawku’s system automatically updates the data upon events or actions.
  • On-chain and Off-Chain Data Support. Hawku can support both on-chain blockchain data and off-chain data via APIs. (We already do this with both ZED and The Red Village)
  • Quick Deployment. Hawku can support mint data very quickly and can get private APIs running in a few days.
  • Locked Token Handling. Hawku automatically cancels listings of locked tokens the moment someone tries to buy it (and notifies both the bidder and seller an error has occurred.) This is important if a lister lists a token and then subsequently locks it. In the next few weeks - and with API or ABI support - Hawku will provide the opportunity to prevent listings from being created if a token is locked. (Other games on our marketplace have requested this as well).
  • Ability to Grow the Audience. Hawku already has an audience of thousands of avid web3 game players. By being on the Hawku marketplace, that community can be introduced to Crypto Unicorns.
  • API for Third Party Tools. Hawku can provide both CU and qualified third-party tools a realtime API to measure and compile stats on listings and sales.

Extra Features Hawku Provides That Are Not In The RFP And Should Be!

  • Ability to Bid, Counter and Reject bids. In addition to listing tokens (for 1, 3, 7, 30 or 90 days), Hawku provides the ability for buyers to bid on tokens and for sellers to counter and reject bids. We have found this to be a critical part of the marketplace and was by far the most requested/missed feature when we launched. Any marketplace that CU chooses should have this functionality.
  • Customized Notifications Both On Site and Via Email. Players have the ability to receive notifications of sales and bids via email or website and can customize the threshold for receiving notifications (based on minimum bid, sale or minimum percentage of listing). Again, this should be required for any marketplace or else sellers will never know when their tokens have sold.
  • Third Party Tool Affiliate Program. Hawku includes an affiliate program for qualified tools/influencers to make up to 1% of the total sale of NFTs for listings/sales that they facilitate on the marketplace. Twitch streams, analytics sites that promote CU can now have a new way of monetizing. We have found that the web3 games that thrive the most have a vibrant 3rd party tool ecosystem and we want to do our part to help those tools find some monetization channels.
  • Real Time Analytics, Graphs and Charts. With Hawku, players can configure and analyze tokens using real time filtered analytics and charts. For example, when CryptoUnicorns launches Racing and Jousting, Hawku will let players search and filter based on win rate and then drill down by win-rate (or show-rate) by category or class.
  • Player Created Saved Lists Of Tokens. In Hawku, players can tag and save individual NFTs onto both private and public custom-named saved NFT lists. Players currently use these saved lists to keep track of NFTs they want to buy, breed or race with as well as lists of fun NFTs they want to share.
  • Shareable Searches. Also, Hawku searches are all shareable via URL which can allow influencers to share recommended listing or sale searches. This is useful when community members want to share what searches they are using or information about recent sales on the platform.
  • Sale Snapshots. When filtering based on sold token data, Hawku searches based on a snapshot of the data at the time of sale… (So if a unicorn was sold before it was raced and subsequently raced, we would show the sale was at 0 races with 0 win rate.). This is very important in terms of figuring out current market prices especially if tokens change based on actions made by the players.
  • Mobile Support. Hawku is functional on desktops, tablets and mobile devices.
  • Support for Metamask, Wallet Connect and Torus. You can log in with MetaMask, Wallet Connect as well as Torus for social logins.
  • Detailed Race or Joust pages. Hawku supports a Race or Joust detail page allowing players to drill down further on individual events.
  • Breeding and Family Support. Hawku supports a family tab showing parents and children with key attributes and prices if they are listed.
  • Stolen Item Marking. Hawku can mark items that were reported stolen and also (shortly) block them at the moment of listing.
  • Wallet page. ability to see all the tokens in your wallet and filter those tokens down.
  • Dark Mode. Hawku supports Dark mode.
  • Search by Token Name. Players will want to search for tokens by their name.
  • Continual improvements. As a marketplace with full-time staff fully dedicated to development of a utility/gaming NFT, Hawku is continually making updates and improvements to the platform on a weekly basis. (Most recently we added the ability to add saved lists and lists of recent events).
  • Customer Support. Hawku provides customer support via online chat, email and Twitter and we often have a community manager hanging out in the game discords to answer any questions or issues.


Hawku charges a 2% marketplace per purchase fee and has no upfront costs (although maybe now seeing the other proposals we should!). The marketplace fee helps support the continuous support and development of the marketplace and a portion of that marketplace fee is used to help support the third-party affiliate program.

Time to develop:

We should be able to get CU up and running in a matter of days (let’s say a week for mint data and 2 weeks including API data just to be conservative).

What we need:

We will need community input on things like which 3 metrics to display on the listings page for each of the tokens as well as if there are any graphs, etc… If an API is available, we would need access and basic documentation on the API to be able to integrate it. Most importantly, We need community support such that the community wants this marketplace (mostly in terms of making reasonable listings).

To see Hawku Live

We encourage anyone who is interested more about Hawku to see our website at www.hawku.com or talk to the ZED.run, The Red Village, or Frontyard Baseball discord communities.

Requirement Checklist

Requirement Hawku Support Notes
Listings in WETH/ETH Yes
USD Equivalent Shown Yes
Locked NFTs listed for sale get delisted if someone tries to buy them Yes
Player cannot list a locked NFT Yes (Expected August 2022)
Support for multiple collections on the game’s site pages (Unicorns, Land, Shadowcorns, items, etc) Yes. Hawku supports multiple tokens within a game, each with their own Metadata and filtering configurations.
Dedicated mini-site to Crypto Unicorns Yes
Last activity metric Yes
Updating Metadata Yes (Hawku can update Metadata and recompute real-time data summaries based on both Blockchain events and API results).
Blacklisting Items to make sure they cannot be listed. Yes. Hawku has the ability to mark items as unlistable (it is currently done via support).
Blockchain and in-game data for Unicorns Name, Class,Genes/Parts,Stats,Lifecycle,Breeding Points,Origin,Mythic Stats (Single Mythic, Double Mythic, Triple Mythic, etc.), Total Energy Points when possible, Parents Yes. Hawku can get data from both the Blockchain and APIs and can also automatically run summarization and filtering operations on the data (to say sum stats for a total points). Calculations can be run at mint or after events (like races/jousts) to compute win-rates. Players can also filter and drill down based on these stats.
Land Attributes: Class, Level, Land XP when possible, Buildings (w/Level & Farm Bonuses when possible) Yes. (see above.).
Advanced filters & sorting - Filters:Unicorns: Class, Parts, # of Mythic Stats, Land: Class, Class Group Yes. Hawku can even do more - allowing sorting by Land XP, Total energy points, and in-game metrics like win-rate.
Breeding support and Family tables Already supported for ZED. Support for other games expected by end of August 2022.
Sorting Yes. Hawku supports highest/lowest price, recent sale, recently added, and can support anything you can filter. With our API, tools or CU can also compute lowest and highest sale in the last 24 hours.
Display Transaction history for NFTs Yes. Transaction history is provided both by Wallet address
Stats/Analytics support so we can review and evaluate how players are interacting with, buying, selling, and listing our NFTs. list price,sell price,price history,protocol daily fees, displayed floor prices for each asset type,#owners,NFT counts (by type),#lists, #buys,volume Yes. These can all be computed using the Hawku API. Also all sale and owner data is available via the blockchain and therefore sites like Dune :).
Support for 2.5% CU Royalty Yes.

Also comes with Hawku

Requirement Hawku Support Notes
Real-time updated attributes attached to all tokens Yes.
Bidding - Ability for players to bid on tokens and for sellers to counter, accept or reject bids Yes.
Customizable notifications both on site and via email for sales and bids Yes
Customizable and filterable Real Time Analytics, graphs and charts Yes
Snapshot data of sale at time of sale. Yes
Existing community of thousands of avid gamers Yes
Battle-tested Marketplace that already has supported almost 40,000 transactions Yes
Detailed Race or Joust pages for analysis drilldowns Yes
Full Mobile Support Yes
Affiliate program to support third-party tools and influencers Yes
Support for Wallet Connect, Metamask and Torus Yes
Dark Mode Yes
Search By Token Name Yes

Requirements not currently supported

Requirement Hawku Support Notes
Auction support No We have found this is not used frequently on Polygon marketplaces and has not been a big request from any of our players.
Paid Placement Carousel No This gets pretty tricky as the next request will be to promote “seller’s notes” which requires a large amount of moderation to avoid scams/spam/misleading content. Just as important, filling the top of all search results with paid sponsored ads (to pay for the advertising) and may not even be relevant to the search we believe would make a very cluttered and poor user experience - especially on Mobile
1155 Support Not included at this time but we plan to support it in the future.
Completely private custom site Hawku will provide a private branded section dedicated to all Crypto Unicorn NFTs where players can tab between the different NFTs easily. Members of CU can go to this section directly. The overall marketplace platform is shared among avid gamers. If CU is one of the best web3 games, we believe this is a huge net positive for Crypto Unicorns as it will introduce other avid players to CU


Hawku will create a customized game section for Crypto Unicorn NFTs on its marketplace platform. We believe we can have this available in 7-14 days from agreement.

Upon completion of development and before going live, Hawku will invite members of the community (chosen by the community) as well as LG to test the custom Crypto Unicorns section of Hawku on a staging server to make sure it meets the appropriate quality levels needed for becoming the preferred marketplace for CU.

Assuming the members and game creators approve of the site, Hawku asks the community to commit to a trial of making the Hawku Marketplace the primary CU marketplace for at least a 30 day period - including altering links on its site, and promotion of it in its communities, and encouraging members to shift/list on the Hawku site. After the 30 day period, the community can decide whether or not to continue.

For fees, Hawku is asking for no upfront fees and has a 2% marketplace fee.

We believe pretty strongly the CU community will like the marketplace we produce and we encourage the community to talk with members of other games that use the Hawku Marketplace to better understand the value we bring to their games.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

And finally some mockups! (The numbers are currently win rate, total stat points and Mythical number but this is totally customizable).


Hi, your proposal seems very fair and good, i have some questions:

  1. Do you consider lowering % fee depending on Volume traded, let’s say 2% fee if daily volume ~ 50k$, 1.5% fee ~ 150k$, 1% fee ~ 250k$?
  2. Is it gonna be possible to “Feature” Nfts owned by user?
  3. Is marketplace gonna be fully or joint custodial?
  4. How transactions will work? Are we going to send transactions into blockchain or gasless like Opensea

I love the proposal. And also that it’s ready for the future jousting and racing game loops, and other metrics as well that will surely help with future sales filtering.

And I really love the 7-14 days lead time.

The 2% fees is okay, considering we’re using that clunky opensea with its 2.5% fees. And since this has no upfront fees, this is a win-win for us in the CU community as well.

I hope this gets to snapshot ASAP.


As one of the active users in the marketplace, these are what I am looking for.:

Stats based

  • Show quick stats of the recently listed / lowest price NFTs instead of price only (maybe show the stats when hovered)
  • As much as possible, make the stats or other important details of an NFT compressed in the screen so the viewer will not use scroll (or less) – I really hate scrolling as it takes time and other snipers might bought it first :face_with_spiral_eyes:
  • Add Power, Endurance, Speed, Intelligence, and Total Stats (or other stats that might be useful on future game loops)
  • Use same arrangements of stats based in game: Atk, Acc, Def, Vit, MS, AtkS, Mag, Res
  • Show the ID number easily
  • Show the family tree
  • Add a baby stats tab (not a priority, though, just curious on what is the % change of my unicorn when evolved :sweat_smile: )

Activity based

  • Input a filtering in the real time activity (unless it will slow down the page, please prioritize the speed)
  • Input in one page the real time activities for land, unicorns, and items (separate groupings) – or one site but different tabs?
  • Add a bidding/auction similar with Ronin marketplace for those who need to sell asap – I think whales and snipers will really love this feature
  • Bulk selling
  • Add a lifecycle for each activity on the unicorn (indicate if it was bought as an egg, baby, or adult)

But if you’re looking for top 3 metrics only – I like what is shown there if I am not mistaken: percentage win and total stats? I don’t like the mythic as you already see it in the unicorn. I prefer correct breeding points. If only you can also add the ID number so we can know if it’s an origin or not.

Also, please collaborate with my friend, Takoyaki#3849. He has a very good sample layout and can help you creating a better looking marketplace :blush:


My post was tagged by Akismet and got deleted along with my account :c :c I will try again

  • Hello. Please share more detailed information how this will be executed. Because based on this information, the locked listing isn’t getting resolved immediately. It will only disappear from the listing when someone attempts to make a purchase but it’ll appear in the list anyway. We’re also getting a promise that the listing of locked assets will be resolved soon but not exactly “how”.

1155 Support Not included at this time but we plan to support it in the future.

  • I understand 1155 are the lootboxes and the shadowcorn eggs. Can we know when support be released considering that the community team is teasing about the lootboxes?

For fees, Hawku is asking for no upfront fees and has a 2% marketplace fee.

Would you be open to negotiating the fees? Moonstream asked for 1.5% and then the community negotiated to 1%. 2% seems excessive.

Great news.
Everything looks great at first glance!

Thank you for the proposal! I love the speed at which this can be implemented.

A few questions come to mind right now:

Will we be able to set a custom URL for the marketplace?

Is the % negotiable? We are not strapped for liquidity and would probably be happy to pay a larger up front sum to negotiate a lower % fee as that is one of the main pain points we have with OpenSea at this moment in time. (for reference: just the % fee of OS since dropping our NFTs over there would have been enough revenue to fund merkleroots entire proposal, and that’s before we’ve done any marketing or released any of the other game loops)

Meta data can shift suddenly. For example breeding points for unicorns. Do you have a way to make sure you get what you pay for as a buyer?

Land, items and unicorns all have very different characteristics. Will you be able to provide custom way to display their unique stats? My personal hope I have is to be able to see what buildings of what levels are ion a piece of land before I buy it for example, while a unicorn would be more interesting to see its jousting performance, breeding points or mythic parts.

Finally, seeing how we are one of your customers and not the only dedicated one, how are feature requests approached? What can we expect that process to look like and what are the requirements for getting new features in?

Thank you for your time!

Oh, and adding on to this.

Doing a fixed sum to some extent would be nice so that we could for example set up milestones in the development of features that unlock the next chunk of cash. That way you’d be incentivized to live up to promised future deliverables as well.

For example, X amount at MVP release, Y amount when locked assets are not listable etc. Ofc on top of a reduced royalty %

Can you give details on how to address lock listings of NFTs? Locked listings not blocked early will cause issues on the NFT economy.
Is there a summary of items and volumes sold daily?
Overall, 2% marketplace fee with no upfront costs is a win-win for both parties.

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As I support the entirety of the proposal.
These are just a few of the “specifics” you missed out when showing the traits of CU assets.


  • Can the hawku marketplace update the metadata almost as fast as changes were made in the said unicorns specially on the breeding points?
  • What will happen to the LISTED unicorns once the owner decided to lock it in game (Listing comes first before locking) will it be automatically remove from the listing?
  • Will there be any updates in the future to not allow any LOCKED assets be listed inside the hawku’s marketplace


  • can hawku shows not just the traits but also the buildings built inside the lands and its current level?
    Edited: This was answered in your proposal (thanks @KeizerMc for pointing out)

But more importantly, will the bid offers will be remove once the bidder’s wallet lose its capability to bought the asset (hence creating a fake basis on the NFT where he or she bid)

Lastly, enlighten me on what will happen if one NFT that is both listed in OS and hawku got bought in OS?



Hi Hawku,

We appreciate your proposal. this is a strong proposal so far and looking forward to see this happen.

But for now I have a question.

Why can’t we support the 1155 at this time? if it will be included into the marketplace in the future, will you consider that as a Phase 2 ? 1155 is an important factor in CU and it needs to be included.

if it is an Phase 2 what are your expected remuneration for this? what are your expected timelines

looking forward to your response.

Thank you!

Hello, for full transparency, this is MerkleRoot (the other marketplace proposal). So, while it is not my intention, please consider my post and questions as biased.

Thanks for putting this proposal together. Regardless of the above we are CU players and would like the best possible outcome for the community and game.

I have a few questions:

  1. Are you relying on the community maintained version of 0x or do you have your own implementation? (I ask b/c the community version has 1155 support). If you have your own are you merging community security updates?
  2. If its the later how are you addressing the 0x04 venerability. I know that the core team has addressed this but the “revert with error” solution could theoretically cause a meta revert if it happens during a meta update from the LG server. How would you solve this? (polygon does not guarantee block order)
  3. Will you be pulling listings down as soon as they are locked into the game to prevent floor price manipulation?
  4. Would you be open to an upfront payment then a sub 1% fee? We believe that over the long run this would take much less of the value away from the community.
  5. Will the site have any advertisements or links to other community’s collections that would take a user away from the CU marketplace?
  6. Will you be open to doing any fully custom work for CU market like displaying the full decoding of the major, minor, and recessive genes or displaying a family tree for a Unicorn? (for a fee)
  7. How are you addressing the honeypot risk on the escrow contract? Is there any fraud detection system in place? Are you running a pausable contract?
  8. For upgradable contracts: can you provide a list of all persons and systems that have access to the private key(s) and how they are secured during deployment and otherwise?
  9. Will Hawku be taking on any liability for lost assets (from a hack or otherwise)?
  10. How do you secure our personal data? Do you sell it to anyone? Your privacy policy indicates that personal data can be sold for advertising purposes. If it is, can you tell us who it is sold to (or provided to for advertising)?

Read more about the 0x protocol.
And on github → GitHub - 0xProject/protocol

Again, this is a biased post. While I believe the above questions are relevant to the community please take into mind that we have a competing proposal.


Hello, everyone! @cryptog and I had a discussion, we agreed that there are no governance voting options in the current iteration of the proposal because:

  • There will be no movement on the treasury
  • They’re not requesting integration on our app.cryptounicorns.fun

For now, they’re interested in knowing if there’s community interest and if the community is willing to commit to using their marketplace 100% during the testing period. As they’re interested in getting the community’s buy-in for now, we’ve agreed to move this to the Ideas section. Please feel free to let them know how you feel about what they’re proposing! They will instead reopen the draft proposal discussion if and when we’re ready to discuss website integration.

In addition, this will be forwarded to our CMO for a potential partnership discussion for the testing period.

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For Locked Listings, the way I see it - There are two distinct situations with Locked Listings.

  1. Already locked - someone tries to list a token that is already locked. This ideally should be checked and prohibited at time of listing. We plan to
  2. Subsequently Locked - Someone lists an unlocked token and then subsequently locks it. There are two ways to handle this. a) Check when a sale is about to happen, notify parties that the token could not be sold and remove the listing if it is locked. b) periodically check the open listings for tokens that are locked (either by polling or by ABI event) and automatically unlock them.

Our platform right now supports 2.A. which probably handles 70-90% - especially for sub-floor listings. We plan on adding in 1 later this month. 2B is a bit trickier and we do not have a date but we also think it may be fully mitigated by 2A. And if there is a nefarious party doing this, we have other mechanisms that can handle that.

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  1. Fees → will answer in a subsequent post.
  2. Paid sponsored Featured NFTs is not currently on our roadmap.
  3. Joint custodial. Players give the open-sourced 0x contract access to transfer their NFTs and ETH but the players keep custody.
  4. Transactions are both on the blockchain and gasless. As a player you sign an order that Hawku submits to the blockchain. The transaction is handled on the blockchain but is gasless since Hawku submits the transaction and pays the gas fee. Note: You do need a tiny bit of MATIC to give approval to the 0x contract the very first time you buy and very first time you sell each type of NFT. So the very first time you need MATIC (about 0.02 MATIC normally) but none after that.

Thanks for submitting this so quick. I at the very least just care about the locked listsings and false floor manipulations, which it looks like you guys have handled. Everything else you guys have to offer is a bonus. I hope you guys see enough positive sentiment to move forward with this ASAP.


Thanks Charlie.

I’m very excited about what Hawku has to offer, and how quickly we could see CU collections start to appear on a new NFT market.

The fact that http://www.hawku.com/ has been operating since Feb 2022 with reportable volume of sales is certainly reassuring in a number of ways.

I see a big advantage in sharing space on hawku’s home page with other web3 gaming sites in these early stages of new user growth.

The fact you guys have experience with the racing aspects is huge to me. While not needed right now it seems your experience in the space will make it easy to support this feature set very quickly once launched.

On the fee, 1% affiliate is mentioned. Will it be ok for all the links from the CU ecosystem to have an affiliate ID so sales from those sources get the 1% revenue sent to the community treasury? Or some such arrangement. If so that gives CU generated traffic to the site an as good or better fee split than what has been discussed else ware (1% Hawku, 1% CU Treasury). From that perspective Hawku is basically earning a higher cut for crossover traffic and marketing efforts outside of CU. I’m also rather excited about content creators being able to earn a bit by promoting the growth of the community.

I can hardly believe basically last week the option was spend over $500k USD and a several month long timeline to being added to an existing market if the community can agree (as much as possible) to list there for a minimum of 30 days. Think about that! Look at the opportunity we have by waiting ~2 weeks and agreeing to try something better than OS that actually exists for 30 days and if we don’t like it we can still go back to some kind of paid proposal.


Thank you for the detailed feedback!

Let me see how many of these I can get to :).

By default our platform supports sorting by recently listed and price and you can sub-filter based on that ( to see recently listed or sold adults vs babies or mythic 2’s etc).

We believe we found a really good blend of combining relevant data in a compressed way. You can see it on the marketplace with other games at www.hawku.com… Keep in mind that you can also toggle between grid and list mode if you prefer a different layout.

We did not show the mockup but each NFT will have a detail page that lists all the stats for that Unicorn or token. You will also be able to filter by each individual stat (I.e. Intelligence > 120). We will do our best to keep it in the order of the game!

Each Token’s detail page URL contains their ID number :).

Family tree is getting added this month. You can see an example of it by going to www.hawku.com/zed, clicking on a Stallion or Mare and then clicking the Family tab.

We are looking into Baby stats but it is tricky (especially if it is a summary of the baby’s real-time stats). ZED has this demand too so we are well aware of it.

Our system will allow filtering by real-time activity out of the box :). That’s our specialty! You can see it on both the ZED and TRV games where a bunch of the stats (like win rates, battle rates, avg damage etc) are updated in realtime based on in-game activity.

Hawku already supports bidding, rejection of bids, counter bidding and accepting bids out of the box. Also you can customize the threshold by which you get notified of a bid.

For origin - probably easiest to add a “origin” tag/label to the unicorn. We do this with ZED for Breed 2.0 horses.

Hopefully that answered your questions!

1155 - So the contract we use (0x) does support this but our application infrastructure needs some changes as it currently assumes one owner per token id and 1155’s can support many owners per token id. (i.e. one can have 500 instances of the same 1155 each with different owners and prices given it is semi-fungible).

In short, it is doable and something we know we will need to do as games (even beyond CU) want it but not a trivial one week change. I believe it would not require any changes to smart-contracts - just to our application code.

Fees - I will address in a separate comment as everyone is asking :).

Custom URL - we already have per-game URLs so can provide a custom URL that will go directly to the marketplace page. Don’t know if that is what you meant?

Fees - will address in a separate note as it is basically in every comment :).

Metadata - Our system is made to work with dynamically changing realtime data. We can handle it either by blockchain events or an API that we can check at intervals. We already do this with ZED and The Red Village - both of which have data that is constantly changing. As an example, in both ZED and The Red Village, unused tokens have a huge premium as there is a bit of a unwrapping a new deck of trading cards feeling. So we do our best to make sure that a token shows exactly how many races it has as close to realtime as possible. (This is also true with breeding metrics on ZED).

In short, assuming we have access to when the data changes, our system will make sure breeding amounts are accurate.

Our system will put Land, Items and Unicorns as "“Collections” inside the CU game marketplace. They each will have their own configurations and look completely different. You will only see listings for one collection at a time but can click between those sections while staying on the CU game site (each collection will have its own button).

We build this system to allow a TON of per-game flexibility. In terms of feature requests, we try to reach out to the community discords to find out what key things should be added. A lot of times it is easy to add.

In terms of specific feature requests, we have a community manager (and myself too currently) active in each of our game’s discords so if people have suggestions they just tag us. People can also tweet us at @hawku_com or click the chat button on support and we are generally very responsive (US -based timezones. We are less likely to answer at 3AM PST but will get back in the morning :)). Keep in mind that sometimes it is not easy for our platform to support a feature and in that case we’ll let you know and try to find another way to solve the problem.

Honestly our goal is to continue building a product that makes people jump up and down (in joy and not frustration :)).

Hope this helps!