Crypto Unicorn Community Platform

Crypto Unicorn Community Platform


Turbyne will build community platform for crypto unicorns that consists of displaying information about assets, a community wiki, and snapshot integration. This platform will aim to be the site that every CU player uses regularly.


Currently, CU is missing its native asset pages. A lot of games have this. That is, a page showcasing asset details like stats for unicorns or buildings for land. Hawku shows this, but with its departure, we would need another marketplace to showcase this information. In an ideal scenario, CU has its own marketplace-agnostic asset pages.

CU also needs a shared wiki to take advantage of community contributors. Right now, alpha is shared in discord and quickly lost. The game is also constantly changing so the notion documents by the team go out of date very quickly.


Turbyne was started about a year ago as a web3 forum platform. Using it just requires a web3 sign-in and you are good to go. Later we made it an extensible platform by adding different components to it. We can configure the use of these components. You can also expect regular feature updates throughout the contract term.

Note that some of these screenshots show some information incorrectly and are subject to changes. Our designer doesn’t play CU, so they didn’t get the details right but during implementation, it will be correctly displayed. This is primarily to showcase what the UI would look like, subject to additional improvements depending on feedback.

Asset Pages

You can view asset pages (unicorns and land) that link directly to marketplaces. This aims to be the source of truth and is updated live. We will include rich details about the assets, some of which are not found anywhere else.

For example, with unicorns, we will show everything hawku shows but also include current listing prices on opensea, booster information, and OS sales information. If CU chooses another marketplace, we will aim to show that marketplace’s information as well.

We can use the Opensea API to directly buy and list from the platform. There is no new smart contract development here since we will be directly using the OS API. It will simplify the UX.


We have a community editable wiki that can also be token-gated. But more importantly, create/edit rights can be set to a role. This way contributors can modify details as the game gets updated without having to rely on the team. This means guides can be written and maintained by the community in the interest of onboarding new players.

This can also be the place where past AMAs and treasury reports are posted. They can be neatly organized so that you don’t have to go through discord to find something specific, and information will be much more easily accessible for new players.

To seed the wiki with information, and to ensure that it stays up to date, there will be a separate fund that will be used to pay editors who contribute. This fund will be used throughout the service term. We expect to use about 40% in the first 2 months, and the rest over the following 10 months. We will manage the payments, hiring and quality control.

All the editors will be hired from the community and 5 ETH is allocated to be paid out to them.

Snapshot Integration

With this, you can vote on snapshot without actually having to go to snapshot. We have reskinned the snapshot UI and used their API to make a nicer interface to view and vote on proposals.

Rich Profile page

Wallet profile pages tie all of this together. You can see a given user’s assets, their posts, and their voting history.

Fully Mobile Friendly

All the pages designed will be mobile compatible so you can browse/buy on your phone.

Community API

To display the asset information we will have to build out custom parsers that capture information in real time. Since we are already going to be doing the work, we can open up this API to the community without any sort of API key restriction. This would mean you can do a GET request on something like /unicorn/2343 and get all the information that’s displayed in our UI.

We can also include the marketplace data, like recent listings and sales in the API as well. We believe this will empower power users to create their dashboards or tools much more easily.

Cost and Milestones

To minimize risk to the community, and because we are confident in being able to deliver a good product we have structured this in a proof-of-work format with zero initial payment. The project is divided into milestones. After we finish each milestone, there will be a thread in discord collecting feedback. Once we reach a stage where the majority of the community and LG are satisfied, we will consider the milestone complete and the payment will be released.

After the successful completion of the final milestone, the monthly subscription will commence. This will be for a period of one year, paid monthly.


  1. Wiki and Snapshot integration (1 month): 2 ETH
  2. Asset pages, Community API, and rich profiles (2 months): 8 ETH

Monthly cost

2 ETH/month

Editors budget

5 ETH (fully paid out to the community)

Total cost: 39 ETH


We believe Turbyne can be the missing component of CU. It helps with user onboarding, and player engagement as well because all the components are included in one area. Announcements and updates will be much more accessible and asset data much more readily available. The whole site is also mobile-compatible. We have telegram integration for better notifications, and you can use your native mobile browser using our mobile handoff (one-time login link).

This will also make CU less reliant on a specific marketplace. If a new one pops up that offers an airdrop, and they have an open API (like blur for example), we can create an additional proposal to include that to the asset pages. This way people can farm additional rewards without a lot of change to the buy/sell experience.

The CU economy is deep and is getting more and more complex. It’s vital to have the education and tools around it to create a cohesive experience. We strongly feel Turbyne can deliver that and there is something for every type of player.

Additional Development Ideas

If there is interest, we can include additional components to be developed. In the final proposal, we will remove this section and include any of these components (and their associated costs) above if the community wants it.

Note that these features are not part of the proposal. They are just ideas. If you think we should include them, please reply or comment.


We can create different types of leaderboards. These won’t have prizes but are more for the competitive aspect. These leaderboards would be updated in realtime unlike the existing leaderboards. Some examples include:

  • Highest
  • Highest adult total stat*
  • Most UNIM spent on breeding*

*refreshed weekly and counts only from that week’s data


We can also include and open up the cu data LG provides. Right now it only exists as a db which is easy to access for power users, but some might prefer a simple API with which they can easily build tools on top of.

Buy Request

As it stands there is no way to request to buy an unlisted asset. You can create a bid, but the chance of the bid being seen amid all the spam bids is pretty low. We could potentially create a “nudge” system that alerts a user in their notifications about a specific bid. A wallet will have a specific number of nudges they can use per week to reduce spam.

Another more fun way to do this could be to send “0.XX” RBW to the user wallet, and paste the TX details in the nudge modal. Once verified, it would send a notification. This would prevent spam, and also be a fun way to earn dust RBW without smart contract risk.

Featured Assets & Text Snippets

This is straight from the Marketplace PRD; We could create a “Featured” page that lists unicorns and land. Users can pay RBW (LG/community would own 100% of it) to get items listed here with space to include a short customizable text snippet. Will be useful to explain why certain unicorns are valuable. This could potentially extended to every asset page where asset owners can include custom descriptions on any asset page if they pay RBW.

Custom Notifier

We could expose a special API to LG so that they can send out custom notifications for in-game events. To take advantage of this, LG would have to make space on the roadmap. You could recieve external notifications when crafting is complete, or quests are done for example. This heavily depends on what LG has planned for their own notification system. Ours would allow them to be recieved via telegram, discord or web.


Sorry If I seem to be rude. What here are the original ideas or improvements of the current instrument we have besides design improvement? And why will this cost us 39 eth ? Wtf?
We have all the instruments that you propose to recreate in the new design and do you think we need to pay for that 2 eth /months more? Tell me why we need this? How its affect the community or the game ?

I think this has some good ideas in it but is premature. LG already said they have a plan for Hawku’s replacement. This seems like a jump into the gap attempt based on news. We need to let the company implement their plan coming in a few months and then go from there. Otherwise, we are double spending money on a solution that may already be in the works. IMO this needs to be put on hold as a thought until we get past the December releases and then we can revisit this discussion if it is needed.

Sorry If I seem to be rude. What here are the original ideas or improvements of the current instrument we have besides design improvement? And why will this cost us 39 eth ? Wtf?

This will provide a way to buy/sell unicorns. It will be a hawku replacement. It also provides a community written and managed wiki. This doesn’t even exist now. I’m confused by what you mean by “instrument” here?

Something other builders can get also access to is the full unicorn APIs to build their own tools or run their own analysis.

Tell me why we need this? How its affect the community or the game ?

This provides a way to onboard new players and teach them about the game. It also allows players to buy unicorns using the latest updated information (like hawku). The open API also, I am certain, will allow other builders to create tools because now they dont have to parse the blockchain, or pay for archive access to get asset data.

I agree with this. If LG is planning on building their own marketplace in the short term, then this is sort of dead in the water.

Hopefully team can fill us in with the options they said they are juggling in regards to new marketplace and the timelines with each option. I think when they do it will be easier to evaluate the usefulness of the product you are proposing. Thanks for your proposal


Hello, @everyone!
The review for this proposal shall be on the 30th session.

As for the discussion of this proposal, kindly discuss the proposal within the context of the proposal itself.

  • Are the features being offered useful to the community?
  • Is the DAO okay with the grant size being requested?

For clarity’s sake, grant proposals are allotted to developers who intend to start a project to build on top of what the LG team is building. Please do not let anything we have planned internally to get in the way of reviewing this proposal. This proposal will need to be reviewed independently solely for the merit it provides based on the community’s perspective.

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Hello, @everyone!
Please be informed that this proposal has been moved to the council review phase.
Thank you!

Edit: The council review for this proposal has ended with the following result:

Yes to moving to Snapshot: 8
Missed the review: 3

For this reason, this proposal will not move to Snapshot for the time being.