Native marketplace for Crypto Unicorns

A 0% fee marketplace for crypto unicorns

A native marketplace for CU will greatly enhance the user experience of owning NFTs and interacting with our ecosystem and greatly reduce costs.

Details: already has a marketplace on Ethereum testnet. Its simple to extend this marketplace to all eth like chains. We would like to offer this platform at 0% for the first year to Crypto Unicorn project and 1% afterwards. Our platform will be highly performant and eliminate issues such as buying unicorns with fewer breeding points due to stale metadata and listing locked assets. We have a high speed API that eliminates the need to read everything from chain.

This will cost the CU community nothing. The platform already exists and would eliminate development of a new platform.

Help be the platform of choice for Crypto Unicorns


Having a MVP is the real advantage over Moonstream’s DAO proposal. What are your optimistic and realistic terms for creating fully functional platform?

Having zero fees for the first year is great too! Is making some % fee for Laguna Games (as creator of NFTs) still an option?

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Yes, we can certainly enable Laguna Games to collect a fee on top.

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Hello bharathrao. Thank you for sharing your idea. It appears like you’re new to our forum so let me guide you to a different idea post that went live a few weeks ago.

The community needs a rather very specific solution at this point. There is also an ongoing situation that we wish to address. With that in mind,

  1. How do you think your proposed marketplace will fare in addressing the current and future needs of the community?
  2. In the motivation section, you mentioned “greatly enhance user experience”, what does this entail exactly?
  3. Since there is no cost to the proposal and there is really nothing stopping any marketplace from listing the project, what significance does being an official marketplace hold for you?

Thank you.

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  1. The current needs of the community may be simplistically framed as cost and tech issues, but we believe that ultimately the needs are going to be discovered as the project grows and matures. If for example, you wish to have a feature where a game object is transferred between two players in-game for a seamless experience rather than go to opensea, we are more adept to adding such a feature because we view current NFT marketplaces as a poor substitute for what metaverses really need: an engine that creates seamless worlds. Future editions of games can be built with our co-operation, adding the required APIs to provide an experience that cannot be matched by simply depending on NFT marketplace listings.

  2. As for better user experience, we can have a separate special section of Metaversis for CU with project-specific parameters. This may include different layouts for different assets, emphasizing their main attributes; bundles; more convenient auctions and filters. We think that the market place is essentially an extension of the metaverse and not an adjunct.
    Eventually, many marketplace transactions may appear to occur in the game itself.

  3. We believe metaverse and NFT projects are in their infancy and will be a huge part of the gaming/art economy in the next 10 yrs. In 1980s no one could imagine the video gaming industry would be bigger than the movie industry. Given this vision, we think that the obvious way to build the best product is to adopt high quality projects and onboard the most dynamic communities. Products like opensea are generic and already too large to evolve fast. True innovation for a metaverse marketplace comes from being embedded in the right culture, and not simply the best tech or fastest blockchain.



To be honest, it’s a weak offer so far…
I clicked the link - looked it up, and what is it…?
Just a parody of other marketplaces, that’s all…
We are interested in detailed information, what product you want to offer, how it will look like (renderings)
Also, interested in information about you, who are you? What experience do you have?
Your portfolio
A short summary of why we should choose you.


Thank you for the response. I’ve paraphrased my questions. Would it be possible to get concrete information on the following questions?

  1. Based on your study of our community needs, what kind of problems have you identified so far? How will you seek to address these identified needs one by one?
  2. Can you please elaborate exactly how the user experience will be improved? This might be tied to #1 so it’s okay if you address them together.
  3. As nobody can stop anybody from listing a project, why is it necessary for you to request to be acknowledged as the “official” marketplace?
  1. and 2. At present, the problem is stale metadata on opensea, causing buying wrong NFTs, high costs. As I’ve replied before, these are minor tech and cost issues. Solving just these is a band aid. Your future problems will be seamless integration of transfers in the game, control of revenue generation on transfers, intuitive organization of NFTs instead of wading thru opensea and many more that we cant predict. Only a platform that sees itself as a metaverse engine rather than an ebay for NFTs can solve your future problems.
  2. Official platform essentially means that we get a heads up as you develop new features, so that we can build custom features that provides a seamless experience. For example, an in-game transfer cannot really occur on two marketplaces simultaneously.
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Hello again! Thank you for your responses.

Moonstream, the other DAO that’s offering to build a marketplace for Crypto Unicorns, has decided to build the marketplace before requesting to be acknowledged as the official marketplace. This is because the Crypto Unicorns community was unwilling to provide their support without first seeing a product. If at all possible, I’d like to encourage you to do the same to help garner support from the community.

Thank you once again for this proposal and for answering my questions. ^^


Hello @bharathrao!
We’ve written our Marketplace PRD here. We’ll be happy to hear what you think. Thank you.

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