Ecosystem Grant - Community Engagement & Rewards


In order to encourage the community to get involved and align the success of the community with the success of its members, we propose the following grant programs.


The Crypto Unicorns community is already full of passionate people working to make this project stronger. We believe this program will reward community members for their efforts to improve the game and support the community.


The Laguna Games team will initially launch the following two programs:

Crypto Unicorns Bug Bounty

We want our players to help improve the quality of the game. This program will reward players for submitting issues to the team with rewards commensurate with the severity of the issue submitted. Bug reports deemed “critical” can earn rewards of 1,000 RBW while reports deemed less critical, but relevant, will earn at least 100 RBW. The program only rewards the original reporter and the Laguna Games team will judge the severity of each issue.

Crypto Unicorns Moderator Reward Program

The Crypto Unicorns Moderator Reward Program is designed to reward our community moderators with RBW based on their contributions. The program has a two-tiered reward structure, with rewards commensurate with the hours spent on moderation activities. Here is how each moderator tier works:

In addition to the tiers, a community moderator who qualifies for either of the tiers may earn an additional 50 RBW monthly for maintaining any moderation-related project. Moderation-related projects include, but are not limited to, translating announcements to other languages, writing guides, providing Telegram support, etc.

This program is open to all existing and future Guardians and Keepers on Discord.

  • The Guardian and Keeper system refers to the volunteer moderator system on Discord.

We believe that this program will appropriately align RBW rewards to the moderator community so they can continue to provide the great community support that helps make the Unicorn Fam so strong.


These two programs will have a budget of 1,000,000 RBW tokens and we project the grant will last for at least 18 months. Once the initial grant runs out, the team will re-evaluate the programs and, if appropriate, propose an additional grant.


We believe both of these programs are vital especially given the impending launch of our MvP. Please vote in support of this proposal so that we can activate it ASAP!


Love this proposal. So many Guardians and Keepers work so hard making CU a safe and happy place. So lovely to see them get a reward for their hard work. Thank you Mods for your hard work. You have taught me so much. UwU and Love to you all. :heart: :+1:


Incentives for moderators are a Big Yes.

Bug Bounty = Yes too.

Overall looks like money well spent.


This is a must-have. Glad to see CryptoUnicorns are moving into a good direction of rewarding the volunteer team as well. The whole Keepers and Guardians team deserve it <3
About the bug bounty: what if I already know something, where should I report? @darthschmitty13 :slight_smile:
Assuming the highest cap for 1k RBW for a major bug is small.


Good to hear this from team.


Totally agree with this, specially to those who stays all night helping other members. They deserve it. :heart:


Agree about this proposal. Money well spent :blush:


love it! ill be on the lookout for sure!


The detailed policy, scope, and rewards depending on the severity (low, medium, high, and critical) for the bug bounty program is lacking.

Also, if my understanding is right, the maximum reward for a bug is 1k RBW…isn’t that too low? It could disincentivize someone from reporting critical bugs, especially the ones that could cause significant economic damage (unli mint, reentrancy, etc.).


Great proposal indeed , way to go Unicorn Fam:+1:


Yes to both. :+1:
What would be the recruitment process for the mods ? :thinking:
Would the community have a say in the choice of mods ? :innocent:


Great proposals! Like the way you guys think :slight_smile:


amazing initiative incentivizing community members on their contribution to the ecosystem will keep them motivated to help and contribute more!


For the Bug bounty I think it would need to be higher for critical bugs.
For the moderation I support the proposal and the info of being transparent about it.


Hi there, thanks for the question. Our goal with this bug bounty program is to encourage people to report usability issues with the game. We are spinning up other programs to cover the full spectrum of potential bugs on the platform. In order to make this easy for the CU community, we’ve purposefully simplified the classification program. We understand that reward levels incentivize participation so we will keep an eye on it.


We are targetting usability bugs for this program. We will spin up other reward programs to cover other aspects of the platform. Thanks.


Understandable. Thank you for the response~ :slight_smile:


Yes, this is definitely an interesting offer.
How will messages be sent?
Maybe it’s possible to do this in the form of a REPORT button in the game itself?


Once the program is approved, we will release more info on the Discord channels. That is where you will find details on how to submit.


100% behind this proposal. One big way how CU has built a strong community is because of the amazing moderators in Discord. Love this proposal and the ability to report gaming issues.

@Chris_Bourdon_LG Will community report issues via ZenDesk?

Do we have any limits on how many mods and any best way to cover all time zones and events like game launch? Can we have incentives added which will ensure we take care of our mods?

@Chris_Bourdon_LG thank you for the clarity on the difference b/w security bugs and this.