Reward Amendments to CUIP-003 (Mod Program)


We believe in encouraging and supporting community members to continually invest in and participate in the success of the project. Rewarding participation in bug hunts and community moderation enables us to collectively take ownership of what we are building together. This proposal seeks to amend how incentives are disbursed for CUIP-003.


  • We wish to encourage our passionate mod team to continually support other community members, especially as we enter the growth phase.


Mod Reward Program

This program is designed to reward our community moderators with RBW based on their contributions as assessed by the Laguna Games team through its Community Management team. Over the course of the prior program’s implementation, most moderators have fallen under the old tier 2 category, so we’ll only use one classification this time.

Tier Tier 1 Tier 2
Availability: 4+ hours daily active engagement Availability: 6+ hours daily active engagement
Availability: 2 days active engagement Availability: 5 days active engagement
8+ hours/week 30+ hours/week
Discord Support/Language Channel Support Discord Support/Language Channel Support
Criteria Ask-the-devs/Language Channel Coverage Ask-the-devs/Language Channel Coverage
Mod-support/Language Channel Coverage Mod-support/Language Channel Coverage
Message Moderation Message Moderation
Member Moderation Member Moderation
Issue Escalation Issue Escalation
- Additional community-related projects
Reward 100 USD of RBW 500 USD of RBW

Community-related projects include, but are not limited to, translating announcements into other languages, writing guides, providing support on socials outside Discord etc. These can either be initiated by the mods themselves or requested by the Community Management team based on community needs.

  • Who is covered by this program?

    • This program is open to all existing and future Guardians and Keepers* on Discord. However, reward will be allocated based on the highest tier they qualified for. (ie. they cannot qualify for both Tier 1 and Tier 2 rewards within the same reward cycle)

*The Guardian and Keeper system refers to the volunteer moderator system run by the Community Management team on Discord.

  • How will the reward be disbursed?

    • As the reward is denominated in USD, the Laguna Games team shall have the discretion to pay the rewards in either RBW or USDC. This will follow a monthly cadence.


These two programs will be valid for six (6) months, starting from when the current cycle ends. The current cycle must first be concluded using the existing model before this can take effect. Once the validity period ends, the team will re-evaluate the programs and, if appropriate, propose to extend them.


We believe that these programs appropriately align rewards to further strengthen community participation as we gear towards the growth phase. We leave the approval of this proposal to the DAO.


Fully agree. As long as this make sense to our treasury I’m all for it. Funny, I was wondering about this reward system a few days ago when I saw the old proposal and remember rewards were in RBW back then. With the current state of RBW, it would make sense to adjust rewards to USD value for now and in the future switch to whichever properly rewards our team and contributors. Full send this.


Can we get a comparison for “before and after”? I feel like 1k USD for a mod position is a lot. What period are we talking about? Is it per month or 1k for the six months?


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Here’s the link to CUIP-003. CUIP-003 - Ecosystem Grant - Community Engagement & Rewards [Pass]

  • How will the reward be disbursed?
    • As the reward is denominated in USD, the Laguna Games team shall have the discretion to pay the rewards in either RBW or USDC. This will follow a monthly cadence.

This is on a monthly basis like before.

Edit: Added the incorrect link initially, sorry!


This is always great to see. Recognition for the time and effort made should be rewarded, keeping the details transparent as much as possible is greatly appreciated. Thanks for keeping us in the loop and keep up the awesome work bug hunters but most of all you MODs y’all know who you are!! Thank you.


Dear Team,

I’m okay with the bug bounty program.

but the mod program would like to know further about this.

These Descriptions and Tiers: how do we measure one’s work ? how do we ensure the moderators and guardians are doing their jobs? . how does the community know if the treasury is spending proper dollars to the moderators? .

I’m happy to provide 1000 USD to @terrarekt & B and some others that i can really see active. but how are the performance of other moderators and guardians measured?

Respecfully tho do we have stats?
Mod 1 : does x y z tickets today.
Mod 2 : does only a ticket and chats the whole day.

what is our metric in chatting. are we over staff or are we understaff ?
Who are the listed official moderators and guardians who will receive this monthly?

This is very vague. don’t get me wrong i would like moderators and guardians to have incentive. but I feel that we need to provide it on the right people. please provide more information.

All in all to its entirety. can we just separate the Bug bounty and the mod program all together? . it feels something else IMO.



From this statement alone, you’re contradicting your idea of

as you don’t know the things that one needed to do to even qualify from the MRP.

Anyways, to answer your questions majority of the keepers and guardians opt out even from the very first mod reward program due to the intensive amount of time you need to dedicate just to qualify.

@StealthyUnicorn is the one who’s gate keeping and tracking the activity of the mods. And again you’re right, it’s not just about being active on chat as it only cover 1 aspect of the things mods need to do.

**Not sure if I can share the whole thing but we have things to follow

We may chat all day everyday but that doesn’t mean you will be guaranteed a reward because personally I even opt out from the very first month of the MRP when 450 RBW is even worth 1250 USD

That’s why I told the CMs to include the specifics on how one can qualify as by looking at the proposal alone, it may look easy but if you’re a keeper or guardian, we know for ourselves that this is not an easy job as the time needed to qualify is same as having a real job.


Sir, the whole point is about the eligibility.

What are the reason why a such and such gets such and such ? . why did we all ended up with 1000 USDT ? probing questions to understand the requirement about.

sadly yes we councils don’t know what is happening with mods and guardians, pretty sure the public also dont, I understand it needs appreciation so i think people should also know… and it should be indicated to the proposal.

If you kindly ask the general public what does the moderators / guardians do? . They will also give you a general answer. proposals are meant to provide you a complete information of what is and what’s not. where do we draw the line and where should we.

Which still resides the same question.
Who are the people who will receive this,
What are the current metrics and what are we going to do to ensure it’s.

As a “general public” it sounds to me that LG giving out 1000 USD to everyone in mods and guardians. again it’s coming from the treasury so I’m trying to understand if everyone who will receive is eligible. nothing personal. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d be happy for someone to explain it. for instance as a guardian:
What have you been doing so far?
What contributions behind the curtains, have you contributed that made a difference?
What metrics Guardians and Moderators should follow that public should know?
What are the Scopes and Limitations of a Moderator and Guardian?

I think it needs to have an insight or a reference to the public place on this proposal

Thanks for your take. sorry I don’t know what that image is suppose to represent on the proposal but it seems its like you guys have some guidelines for it. I think people needs to see the metric, why 1000 usd, who will usually get this.

And again just to be clear. it is alright to give an amount to moderators and guardians. its just that we need to know if the person is deserving to get it or not.


As I didn’t get response on this → it is 1k per per 6 months according to a mod. Is that correct? Please verify.

I’d like to see a before and after comparison still.

Last thought: It heavily depends on where the mod is located. Someone in the philippines has a great income with 1k per 6 months, for someone in Europe/Germany <200 USD per month is a joke for the amount of work, that would be cheap labour and not even allowed here by law. Not sure if we could consider that?

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Before we were getting 450RBW, which at peak (which didn’t last a month :smile: ) would cost around USD1250 but have been getting USD50-25$ for a few months time. Yet we have been contributing to the project since then.

Plus we might look like we aren’t really just doing things much on the front-end, there’s also things on the back end where we regularly discuss and work things out with the CM Team for the community. Also Guardians comes from different region that handles international groups.

Being active in General just to show we are active when the community is quiet isn’t really helpful too as it can be seen as being a try-hard to fish for engagement.

Its is USD1,000 per month. Plus to be fair, we have been contributing our time and effort even when rewards came down to as low as USD25 and it has been months that we are being rewarded with this amount.

No to worry we are not slaves hence the new proposal, but still we have been here since day 1 of being a Guardian for the community even with the low rewards we’ve been getting so far. :smile:

Still I would not go as far as to be selective on what region our Guardian comes from as we are operating on a web3 space and shouldn’t be seen as having borders that gives us a distinction of whether one should be rewarded base on region. Web3 is not suppose to be that way. I do agree that we should not have too low for rewards as it would definitely demotivate the contributors within the web3 space as we keep on building.


There is a KPI report for us Mods, its just being handled on the back-end between the mods and the CM team. As the CM Team needs to report our activities since the first proposal for MRP began for the team to sign off on the rewards for mods.

Everyone that’s being onboarded as Mods have to achieve a set criteria that’s regularly being polish base on the community activities and future developments. So there’s no one set of formula as to how we do things but we do have a guidelines set in stone. See it as our 10 commandmends. :smile:

Not all mods get rewarded if they are not available for that period of time or did not met the criteria being set in order for a mod to recieve reward. A member can check this on CU Discord at Governance News for the monthly emission of rewards and payment to mods and partners via Ecosystem Fund Treasury.

Here’s what we are using as our current metric (Our 10 Commandmends :rofl: ). Overtime metric might change as our community evolve with the project. Plus Guardians contribution comes in many different ways outside of the Metrics shown below. We do go above and beyond for the community. :love_you_gesture:




Sorry to say this but then it is even more important to make it regional. As I only know the average salary in the PH, I always use the country: 1k per month is insane there, even for a full time job. In GER it is below minimum wage, therefore illegal (unless you contract the person in another country). That just doesn’t make sense. Every company pays their employees based on cost of living and position/skills.

If you want a mod position to be a full time job (by the looks of it thats what you are aiming for), make it a full time job. If you want to design it as a second job, pay it like one - based on the country of living.

Look, at a point we will hopefully have so many people on discord that we actually need 10 full time employees besides the admins to handle all the issues. But right now, probably 2 would be enough to handle all the traffic in discord. I just don’t see the relevance to have it right now. Monthly 10k USD or more is enough to hire two senior programmers. I feel like that is more necessary right now than an army of full time mods.

p.s.: That is not that I want to say that anything you or other mods did is not valued. You guys (especially you) are doing a great job. But I feel like thats an overkill in the current situation.

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Sorry I’m quite taken aback by your view of still comparing different regions for different rewards. I do not agree with that at all. Plus we are spread across the world, it is concerning that you’re viewing this from a web2 perspective that we are suppose to be tied to a certain region of minimum wage and that is very unfair.

Plus we are operating somewhat full time on remote with a set of guidelines.

Also we do have to consider that mods do not only cater to English content but other non-english communities as well. It may not seem much on the front end but they each have their own circle of communities to handle. Including the English communities.

For this specifically I need to correct you on this, MOD do not have the same treasury as TEAM, we are operating entirely base on the ECOSYSTEM FUND which is being used for MODS REWARD.

Plus we are an army of contributors that comes with different back ground and skillsets. With a set criteria that we need to achieve in order to get the rewards for our contribution. Not every mod will be getting it if they do not meet the criteria set by the CM Team.


This was answered here:

Also, mods are not employed. This is a reward program for the volunteer mods. There is no reason it should be compared with salaries. They are only being rewarded for the volunteer efforts they are already doing.


To give clarity on more details, the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Moderator Rewards Program will be adjusted and more strictly defined.

It’s important to emphasize in the current iteration of CUIP-03, the value-adding projects only added a 50RBW bonus on top of the reward program, however in this proposed amendment, it is a requirement to qualify. Value-adding projects are dependent on the CM team’s need.

To be quite frank, there are little moderation tasks that CM can hand over to the moderators due the fact that most of our tasks involve sensitive information that cannot be disclosed to non-employees. To make up for this, we have some suggestions for value-adding tasks such as:

  • Regular translations and transcriptions for podcasts/townhalls
  • Regular player sentiment reports for Discord/Twitter
  • Post mortem reports on features
  • Translations for podcasts/Townhalls
  • Infographics for new events/features

among other projects. Moderators may suggest their own projects, but it should ultimately be up to CM to decide if these projects can qualify as the proposal indicates that it should fit in accordance to our needs. Either way, this proposal will yield a stable amount per month, so there’s got to be a regularity in the output as well.


@KeizerMc I was one of the early member in the community, that being said i’m not trying to say that just cause i’m early, I am right in what I will be saying. But that I’ve seen the community grow and develop along the way so I can walk you through to give you a better understanding on mod’s role.

As @Illest mentioned, I too was one of the mod who opted out from the current MRP as it is really tough to qualify, and one of us manage to put in all the time but due to last minute emergency fell short and was disqualified for a particular month reward…and for that amount it is really not worth it. Nevertheless I still insisted on volunteering, because since day 1 I did not volunteer for the money.

As mentioned by @terrarekt there are many task that mods contributed but did not get put out or announce, mods like @RIKA_TGG @Emrald06 (and the rest handling their respective community) spend lesser time on general but they do a lot for their sub community, so it is very unfair for them to not receive the credit they deserve.

There are many times whenever the community has bad sentiment, us mods are the one on the frontline trying to calm the situation down without the community knowing we are actively communicating the issue with CM team. In fact the other day when you posted the poll on shadowcorn (which i’m thankful of), the mods have already been giving community sentiment feedback to the team (we are holders too). When there are technical issues arises in discord we are there to calm the situation down while the team fixes the problems. There were times we had to combat bots intrusion, the list goes on.

As someone who joined early and helped the community grow, sometime I provided advice to CM members or newer mods when they needed one. I do not want the community to think that we are working for the team, but instead volunteering our effort for the community. This symbiotic relationship with CM team works both ways, you can see it as us supervising one another.

So yes I understand the need to be transparent but certain measure will always be arbitrary, and we are discussing with the team to ensure things are being iron out in the fairest way for everyone to see. @Illest was very early in recognising how this proposal was put out will cause misunderstanding in how the community perceive mod’s effort. & like you I wasn’t aware of this proposal until it was published here.

I’m very thankful that the team push this proposal out, and If you / @blackfield / the community think this is too much of an expenses, I hope to be able to convince you to see this as a fix/compensation for the current MRP system that we had been dealing with for the last many months. If you spread this amount out it is not a lot tbh, and then the community can decide 6 months later if MRP is still fair or improvements can be made.

I understand and I’m thankful that you guys bring this concern up, and I’m looking forward to coop with CM team to make things as transparent and fair as possible for everyone.


Hi @mahathir,

I don’t see things “as a too much of an expense”. I see things as if quality of work is provided. again I personally do not have a problem even if we spend 2k or 2m on a certain action. as long as we see the value and what it will benefit the long term is worth it.

Since the first mod program came in, I am already in support of that program as it will help the mods/guardians. but you have to understand as a council its my duty ask these questions for the public. so that we can understand where things are coming from and for public to see the reason why such is such.

I also spoke to @terrarekt about this before and I gave my opinion. My personal take is that I am happy to provide that reward program to those who really deserve it. and I am sure that this is also the community sentiment. [ I have also spoke to some groups, and the councils about better understanding on this] taking to an account that we just don’t want the funds to be given to someone that is not performing.

Now to take that point in, you guys provided that there is a QA check for these metrics provided. while yes it would be great if this is public. my take is that as long as this is controlled by someone then it should be alright. if there is a QA measure there is a way for us to check with the QA if its enough. @FluffyUnicorn already shared the information needed. I believe that the whole purpose of this discussion is to just ensure that its in the correct manner.

:white_check_mark: There is Guidelines/Metrics
:white_check_mark: There is Someone checking if a Mod/Guardian is following the guideline
:white_check_mark: We don’t just blindly give it to anyone.

I am fully aware that there are a lot of things happening in the back end rather than what we just see in discord.

I’ll be happy to send this for voting as it gives a more fair Reward Program for moderators compared from the last Mod Program.


I was thinking actually more of 1000 USD for a Tier 2 and a 200-500 USD for a T1 Reward program before. where T1 is a half shift mods and guardians of the T2. this way Mods who are really working in to support discord would have some extra as they are still putting time in to support CU.

How this 200-500 works is that mods should receive this for being a moderator and can be removed on the role if he becomes inactive. but i think this is more of a “day job” web2 perspective.

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Fully understand your concern and some of those criteria are in place with current MRP (recorded & logged with discord bots), hence we are trying to work things out with the team at the moment.

I do not want sentiment on this proposal to turn negatively when it is still in progress hence I need to highlight certain points out before everyone jump to the conclusion too fast & sentence this proposal to death.

Tier rewards can be discuss depending on the requirements to be set out, but preferably for now, I would request it to be maintained at 1k usd according to this proposal for 6 months. Reason behind as I mentioned in my reply above is that, if this amount is to be seen as compensating previous months of effort (from current rekt MRP program) and coming 6 months (if passed), it is 500usd/month top?

Along the way the community can then decide to improve future MRP & Bug Bounty programs. But before everyone shouting it’s too much, I would asked for your patience as we are working on this.


I have made edits to the proposal for the sole purpose of clarity. I added this:
“However, reward will be allocated only if the conditions for the Tier 1 reward indicated above are met.”

For now, the community’s contentions seem to be on these two things:

  1. The reward cost
  2. Monitoring and accountability

If anybody has any proposed revisions on how we approach these two things, please feel free to post them so we can continue the discussion.