CUIP-024 - Renewal for Mod Reward Program [Failed]

As the existing Mod Program is ending, we wish to propose the extension of the existing Mod Reward Program for another 6 months for the following reasons. Rewarding participation in community moderation enables us to collectively take ownership of what we are building together. This proposal seeks to renew for CUIP-003 proposal which will end soon.

We wish to encourage Guardians [Mod Team] to continually support Crypto Unicorns community members.

Mod Reward Program
This program is designed to reward Guardians with RBW based on their contributions as assessed by the Laguna Games team through its Community Management team. Over the course of the prior program’s implementation.

Tier Tier 1 Tier 2
Availability: 4+ hours daily active engagement Availability: 6+ hours daily active engagement
Availability: 2 days active engagement Availability: 5 days active engagement
8+ hours/week 30+ hours/week
Discord Support/Language Channel Support Discord Support/Language Channel Support
Criteria Ask-the-devs/Language Channel Coverage Ask-the-devs/Language Channel Coverage
Mod-support/Language Channel Coverage Mod-support/Language Channel Coverage
Message Moderation Message Moderation
Member Moderation Member Moderation
Issue Escalation Issue Escalation
Newcomers Channel Coverage Additional community-related projects
Support in channels for upcoming releases Newcomers Channel Coverage
Suggestion Channel Support in channels for upcoming releases
Serious Channel Coverage Suggestion Channel
Serious Channel Coverage
Reward 100 USD of RBW 500 USD of RBW

Community-related projects include, but are not limited to, translating announcements into other languages, writing guides, providing support on socials outside Discord etc. These can either be initiated by the mods themselves or requested by the Community Management team based on community needs.

Who is covered by this program?

  • This program is open to all existing and future Guardians and Keepers* on Discord. However, rewards will be allocated based on the highest tier they qualify for. (ie. they cannot qualify for both Tier 1 and Tier 2 rewards within the same reward cycle)
  • The Guardian and Keeper system refers to the volunteer moderator system run by the Community Management team on Discord.

How will the reward be disbursed?

  • As the reward is denominated in USD, the Laguna Games team shall have the discretion to pay the rewards in either RBW or USDC. This will follow a monthly cadence.

These two programs will be valid for six (6) months, starting from when the current cycle ends. The current cycle must first be concluded using the existing model before this can take effect. Once the validity period ends, the team will re-evaluate the programs and, if appropriate, propose to extend them.

These programs appropriately align rewards to further strengthen community participation as we gear towards the growth phase. We leave the approval of this proposal to the DAO.