CUIP-042 - IP Transfer and a Separate CU DAO UNA [Pass]


The CU DAO is poised to make a big leap towards decentralization by establishing an independent entity endowed with inherent rights and governed by its own bylaws.


We have an unwavering belief in the vast potential of the web3 space and it continues to inspire us to cultivate a community-owned IP.


As detailed in our recent blog post, we propose this pivotal transition:

  • Creation of an Unincorporated Nonprofit Association (UNA): The Crypto Unicorns DAO will formalize as an independent entity in the form of an UNA.
  • IP and Treasury Transfer: We’re moving the general IP and treasury from Laguna Games to this new entity.

The Crypto Unicorns DAO’s IP portfolio post-transfer will include general game-related IP. This includes the game’s font, logo, and the scope for new elements and characters. The ownership of which currently resides within Laguna Games. The proposed transfer is expected to enable the community to influence the overall aesthetic and progression of the game, leading to a more community-driven game development. Figure 1 shows the relationship between the CU DAO and the sRBW holders.

Figure 1: CU DAO and sRBW holders

A draft of the charter/governing guiding principles for the Crypto Unicorns DAO is available here for review: Crypto Unicorns DAO Guiding Principles .


This proposal represents a pivotal step in our journey towards true decentralization. Conferring the DAO with inherent rights is the next logical step. A ‘yes’ vote signifies our collective commitment to transfer the general IP and treasury assets to an independent Crypto Unicorns DAO, with its newly defined charter.

Snapshot: Snapshot
Discussion: IP Transfer and a Separate CU DAO Entity