CUIP-004 - DAO Operations - Governance Council Installation [Pass]


As we work to progressively decentralize authority within the Crypto Unicorns DAO it is important that we take the next step outlined in the Governance - Phase 1 post to elect a community led governance council. This council will take over from the Laguna Games team and be initially responsible for determining which Draft Proposals make it to an official Snapshot vote.


The Crypto Unicorns DAO is an experiment in progress decentralization. We are just a few months into a multi-year process of distributing ownership to active participants. The creation of the governance council will remove Laguna Games as the gatekeeper to proposals being sent to Snapshot for an official DAO vote. Leveraging a council of active community members will ensure that the community has a voice today while preparing for a future when the community takes over the majority of voting power.


Election and Nomination

The Governance Council will initially consist of 11 members. They will serve for a term of 6 months and are elected via the following process.

  • 1. Nomination Period

    • During the nomination period any sRBW holder can come forward with a nomination. Nominations consist of a DiscordID plus a message to the community around why the nominee should be elected.
    • The only requirement for a Nominee is that they be an official member of the CU discord.
  • 2. Council Election

The top 20 candidates based on the number of nominations will be added to Snapshot for an official vote. Each wallet address will vote using a weighted voting strategy.

Each Council Term will last 6 months with new members being elected in the final month of the previous Council’s term. It’s important to note that a council member can not be elected more than 2 terms in a row!

Council Members have the following expectations:

  • You will attend a twice monthly review of draft proposals.
  • You will publish your position and recommendations on draft proposal which will get compiled into a report for the community.

All Council Members will receive a non-transferrable NFT Badge as well as access to a private discord channel.

Motion of No Confidence

In the event that a council member becomes inactive or begins to act against the best wishes of the CU DAO, a Motion of No Confidence may be called. If a Motion of No Confidence is passed, an emergency election will be held to elect a new council member. A Motion of No Confidence proceeds as outlined below.

  1. Any sRBW holder can file a Motion of No Confidence by submitting a draft proposal in the following form:
    Title: Motion to Review a Council Member’s Performance
    Name of the Council Member for review:
    Rationale for the motion:
    Detailed description of the incidents leading to the motion (including dates and evidence if necessary):
  1. A Motion of No Confidence may be filed only once for each council member during the same term.

  2. When the draft proposal for the motion is approved, a link to the poll will be added where users may show their support for the motion.

  3. If the number of sRBW votes on the poll reaches 10% of the total sRBW, the motion will be put on Snapshot.

  4. If the motion is passed, the council member will be relieved from the position and an emergency election will be initiated. The emergency election will follow the procedure described above. If the motion fails, the council member will continue serving in the position.

The term of office of a Council Member elected during an emergency election will end along with the other Council Members’ despite starting at a later time. This Council Member’s term will not be counted as a full term.

Proposal Cost

This proposal will have no cost to the CU DAO and will be administered by our Governance Facilitator.


It’s our strong belief that progressive decentralization is a foundational tenant of the Web3 space and one we are proud to push forward. If approved, we’ll immediately begin the nomination process for our first council election!

Link to Snapshot: Snapshot
Link to Discussion: DAO Operations - Governance Council Installation