CUIP-021 - Crypto Unicorns Name Change [Failed]

Crypto Unicorns has come a very long way since Launch and Laguna Games is gearing up to launch some awesome game loops and in game features in the near future. Now is the time to present the IP in a way that attracts players beyond the web3 spectrum.

This new naming convention is intended to broaden appeal to a much larger audience beyond just cryptocurrency and NFT enthusiasts. This would help attract players that would otherwise have no interest or be put off by a game that involves blockchain in any way. This would also future-proof branding by creating our own game identity that is different from other stigmatized NFT games. The merchandising potential almost writes itself and would have more broad appeal to those that may not even want to play.

Proposed Changes
Ladies and GentleCorns I would like to propose the IP name change of Crypto Unicorns, to Unicorn Worlds Unlimited (UWU).

This name is in line with Aron’s vision for a generational IP with endless possibilities. This naming convention is also a play on “UwU”, a text-based emoticon that represents a facial expression associated with happiness and affection.

In conclusion, the proposed name change from Crypto Unicorns to Unicorn Worlds Unlimited (UWU) aims to take the game to new heights and appeal to a wider audience. The new name aligns with the vision of creating a generational IP with endless possibilities. By incorporating the playful reference to the “UwU” emoticon, associated with happiness and affection, the game can attract players beyond the web3 spectrum. The intention behind the name change is to break free from the niche perception of being solely a cryptocurrency and NFT game.

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