Update Game-Screen with News flash and most important links

Hey everyone :slight_smile:

First idea “News flash”:
So I have been proposing this idea to the devs already. While they liked the idea, the feedback was that it was not as urgent as other stuff and will come at some point in the future. Hence this proposal idea, because I think it is worth spending some time right now:

Add an announcement frame on top of the game window. It could look like this:

What could it be here for? I will categorize by importance:

+++Information that game is in maintenance
+++Information about blockchain issues, asking people not to breed/hatch etc.
++Information about finished maintenance, asking to clear cache etc.
+Link to change log of updates
+Link to updates for the community, for example a new game trailer, Shadowcorn staking
+Countdown for next release

There could be dozens more, but the very import ones are on top. It is a super easy implementation, doesn’t take much time and helps so many people that not constantly in discord. Even me, being there almost 10 hours a day, miss blockchain issues sometimes and therefore getting stuck.

Second idea “most important links”:
Add the app and a marketplace on top of the game screen, next to the selection of the size of the game screen. These two are the most regular things you need to get to while playing the game. Easy to implement, offering so much more comfort.

Let’s go and let me know what you think! This will become a draft proposal within a week once I have more feedback from you, making this idea better and better.


Hello, blackfield. This is something that I will believe is already in pipeline. It will be done after all the current Shadowcorn-related web prep are completed! But maybe you can use this opportunity to see what kind of websites we all want to see in that section! ^^


Would be amazing to have this. Thank you for bringing this up Blackfield. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for keep bringing these thoughts up. I fully agree with them. I think they are very important. Very glad to hear they are already being planned. I agree the sooner the better. :heart:

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thanks for the feedback @lgNanessa :slight_smile:

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