Shadowcorn Mini Game - Improvement ideas

I thought of a way to gather all ideas to improve the “staking” event. Maybe the forum is best and this might also bring it to more life :slight_smile:

An idea I came up with, combining it with @BroccDaRock 's idea: (I hope thats ok :smiley: )

In the AMA a “forgiveness” was mentioned, meaning you could choose a wrong door and could try again once. As this is technically implemented already, why not make use of it:

-Entry costs
50 RBW → 0 Forgiveness … token
100 RBW → 1 Forgiveness tokens
250 RBW → 2 forgiveness tokens

-SC rarity (finally a use case! Brocc’s part of the idea)
Common → 1 Forgiveness token
Rare → 2 Forgiveness tokens
Mythic → 3 forgiveness tokens

→ In total, you could get 5 tokens (for the very few mythic holders). It is not entirely and only for whales, as with only 200 RBW you can upgrade your common corn to a mythic with a total of 3 tokens.

Other ideas:
-Different reward distribution: Keep RBW distributed at 90%. But the Final stage gives 50%, the one before 20%, the two before 10% each.

Keep the creative juices flowing! Looking forward to your ideas :slight_smile:


I’ve been thinking and I think I have a good way forward that’s more like an actual game and less horrible casino design.

Branching paths are fun, lore is fun if you like lore but it shouldn’t be mandatory, rewards are nice but what’s painful is getting something that’s not equal to what you put in. With this in mind, here’s my proposal.

“You guide your shadowcorns through the winding paths of the darkest depths the shadowcorns inhabit. Along the way you stumble upon rewards. But you also find mysterious boxes locked away with secrets only the correct class of shadowcorn would understand how to unlock. Ultimately, the more aligned that you are with your shadowcorn, the more unique your rewards will be.”

My point here is that if you choose the right door for your shadowcorn, you are rewarded with a SC lootbox of that class. If you choose the wrong path you get a “normal” lootbox like the ones we’ve already seen. You should never feel shafted by the value of what you receive, just excited if you managed to snag a SC box.

There are two way to do this design wise:

Like a horoscope to find your alignment at the end of the path. You get two choices each step and in the end are rewarded based on if your decisions made would have been the same as that specific SC class. You get SC lootboxes based on alignment thresholds met, otherwise you get normal boxes.


You get a pick of 5 doors at each step, rewards behind each door and if you have a majority % with your class you get a nice LB at the end, if you have a perfect score you get the nicest one. Otherwise just normal LBs.

Both options will be a fair amount of work I bet, specially the 2nd one. But this to me feels so much more like an actual game, an the difference will be in whether you get SC lootboxes or not. I personally like the 2nd options better as it much better mitigates the issue with guaranteed wins that favors anyone that holds a large amount of SCs.

In the end you can just click through it and not read the fluff text, but if you do read it you should get a hint as to what door each class would pick, as well as a deeper understanding of your SC class.

I really think the concept of branching paths is really cool, but you using it as a lazy coinflip tool is horrible design. Branching paths is all about telling stories, and each time it’s been implemented by LG in the past it’s been pretty lazy, not really branching at all. If we’re going with branching paths for anything in the future, I sorely hope that it also actually branches, so that if your choice is A you are presented with a whole different direction and story to someone who would have chosen option B. I think that’s essential when it comes to making a game with this mechanic. We can’t all just end up in the same “room” on the other side no matter the choice you make. Then there’s no point to the choices made from a narrative perspective.

As a 3rd option, which I honestly think is much more doable and efficient use of the teams time instead of re-iterating on a mini game for a gated piece of the community, I’d like to present this too:

Scrap it all. Just kill this darling and distribute the rewards based on SCs held and rarity. Post any fluff story you have in the SC channel and move on. It might sound harsh or sarcastic even, but I truly believe this is the best option if we’re not ready to put in some serious work to make this mini-game hold water.

sidenote: I think the RBW admittance fee is silly seeing we already spent 10k UNIM to evolve them. But sure, add it if you want. Though any kind of jackpots design sucks balls as it’s fun for the 1% that wins, and sucks for the remaining 99%. I mean, no one here really goes out to play bingo on weekends, do we? Just put it in the treasure and forget about stupid jackpots that just edges on peoples gambling addictions.

Thank you for reading!


I like this player’s suggestions.
You can tell right away that the man was thoughtful in his approach to the process.
He considers different options, rather than focusing on one thing at a time.


The way it’s set up could be fun as a game loop for those degans who love to gamble. Heck, I might even enjoy doing it sometimes if wanted to gamble. But that’s for a fee-based game loop. That’s not staking for rewards. It’s not what we have been told and what we expected. That feels like the disconnect.

Re: what they have built out. It’s a cool idea! Kuddos to the team for all they have done. Maybe they could take the current build (idea) and even make it into weekly challenges. They could even have different themes. Have it run for a week at a time.

BUT… for our current ‘Throwing Shade Event’ we didn’t expect a fee-based gambling game. At the very least, add in a ghostcorn default so if (more like, when) we choose the wrong door, we could still play daily, maybe with less rewards, and have fun with our SC fam. Wasn’t this supposed to be fun? Otherwise, if we choose the wrong door on day 1, no more playing. And, staking (gameplay) has become purely a gamble, not fun, with very few rewards.

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Per the Medium article:

"Phase 2 — Shadowcorn Staking Event

After Shadowcorns are hatched, they will be able to enter the Dark Forest and collect valuable resources for themselves. Players will stake them to the Dark Forest to earn resources that will help in Act III. It will function similarly to the Dark Forest staking event we’ve already run."


Phase 1: “First, the Shadowcorns will hatch”

We have completed the hatching event. However, we still haven’t been given rewards, or even been told what the rewards will be for from hatching before the deadline.
(This is a separate issue and communication breakdown.)

Phase 2: “Next will be a Staking event for Shadowcorns” .
If feels like we have totally skipped the Phase 2: Staking Event.
This has been turned into a fee based ‘stake to play’ weekly mini-game that can end on day 1 with one incorrect choice.

Phase 3: Lastly there will be an on-chain minigame where Unicorns will explore the forest to continue to loot its riches and the Shadowcorns will work to keep those resources for themselves.
(We have an expectation of a mini-game.)


First off:

Don’t tie the canonized lore into this event via a gamble (regarding what lore might be randomly chosen.)

It would probably be really difficult to rework the story/lore at this point. So keep all of that as part of the game for the ‘staking’ gameplay, but remove it from the canonizing it for the lore.

You could create a separate poll/vote upon the completion of event to vote for the canonized lore.


Since this wasn’t presented to us as a fee based game loop and was written up as staking for rewards…

  1. Stake in for rewards with no RBW fee.
    a) Stake in by the end of Day 1 of each new week to earn rewards for the week.
    b) ‘Staking in’ earns a minimum of one SC loot box (based on the rarity of the SC) for each week staked in.
    (Allows for passive participation.)

→ A compromise for what was presented to us.
Keep the mini-game loop part of this staking event.

  1. Add a ghostcorn default to the mini-game loop. (Most will die along the route. Ghostcorns would provide an option to participate and have fun each day, even if the wrong door is chosen. )

  2. Regardless of what door was chosen, Live Shadowcorns and Ghost Shadowcorns earn equal rewards for participating in daily game play. (That takes the gamble part away.)

  3. SC lootboxes earned would be specific to the rarity class of your SC.

→ An additional option to consider:

  1. Create a special ‘Survivor Corn’ Weekly Badge for Shadowcorns that make it through the week alive. Along with the badge, include at least one extra SC loot box of a higher class rarity. (it’s still a gamble, but it’s a compromise to the original plan)

As long as SC lootboxes have value for future Shadowcorn gameplay, SC lootboxes (as rewards) might be fine as reward options.


After the event is over, perhaps the team can turn this into a fee based game loop with different themes. Pay the RBW fee, play and have a chance at big returns.

Thinking the game loop could appeal to those that love, higher risk/reward, or to gamble.
But don’t make this ‘Staking for Rewards’ event a fee-based gambling game loop.

The team has put a lot of effort into creating this mini-game. Hearing about all the laughs taking place while you all were testing this… I, for one, was looking forward to some fun.

Hopefully the team shifts this around, and we can put this behind us, and experience some daily IGL (in game life) fun and enjoyment as well.

Just my thoughts… :slight_smile:

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