Shadowcorn Throwing Shade Event. for Proposal

I need your feedback on this proposal so we can submit it before December 20th.


To be able to make Shadowcorn Throwing Shade Event a Much more Fair and Fun way to implement by adding an additional feature.


It has been seen in the channel that the Shadowcorn Event has been getting some setbacks from the community. Hence the creation of this proposal to be much fair.

From the last discord events, the reason why its fun is because these were the following key points.

Hints were being provided [NOT RNG]

Answers are also sometimes being provided at early rounds.

You don’t pay an amount or you don’t use your asset to participate.

Also the fact that the Game is not RNG and there are some clues in the Lore , Players were more keen to read the lore and focus there to see what could be the answers if CM team did not provide hints.

Compared from what is going on right now with assets that was purchased really high before. it seems that the current approach feels more like a gambling. SC’s who lost, and Died or if they missed a day, can never participate anymore. This document proposes to make the risk way less than what they currently are.


These are the Requested changes. Community can make a comment below so we can see the community sentiment about this and so we can make this proposal much better.

Gameplay Changes :

Set Forgiving Mode to ON : [ No Shadowcorns will die ]

This way if the holders miss a day they can continue for another day.

Forgiving Mode Impact

If they Die : They don’t get the leaderboard points for the day.

They still get Loot boxes when they choose a door

If they miss 1 day, they get to continue to the other day.

Leaderboard Changes :

At the end of Chapter 3. provide 25% of the leaderboard rewards to the community to what rank they have now. [once the chapter ends]

The remaining 75% will be for Chapters 4-6 ends.

Once Chapter 3 Ends LG can create the snapshot for the points and reward distribution. Chapter 4-6 will be a NEW leaderboard where everyone is set back to 0

The reason for this approach for the points from chapter 1-3 will not bleed thru chapters 4-6


I am also creating a poll for Community to Decide, Please assist within 1 week to vote for these features so proposal can be updated and move forward: [Dec 20 is the deadline]

Poll 1 : Created 2022 12 13

  • I want someone from CM Team to have the answer for which door is correct and Give Hints in Discord
  • I DONT want someone from CM Team to have the answer for which door is correct and Give Hints in Discord
  • I want someone from Game Dev to have the answer and provide the hints thru the Lore
  • Other [ Please provide comments about the Hint process below]

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Poll 2 : Created 2022 12 13

  • Im willing to wait less than 1 week for this feature to be implemented
  • Im willing to wait less than 1-2 weeks for this feature to be implemented
  • Im willing to wait less than 3-4 weeks for this feature to be implemented
  • Im willing to wait less than 5-6 weeks for this feature to be implemented
  • Im willing to wait more than 6 weeks for this feature to be implemented

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We can edit the proposal to have more polls if needed


Looking forward for this proposal to be launched with the community ideas lets make this fair and fun for everyone!. Looking forward to all the SC holders to have a proper decision on this matter

Thank you!

My opinion on the entire shadow corn event is probably in the slim minority. I DO NOT think that we as a community should submit any requests to change the event.

I do understand that my saying this goes against one of the very best aspects of this game and community. The fact that the community has a voice, and has the ability to directly influence game development and direction. I will list my reasons and opinions in no specific order below.

  • We do not know what the long term plan is, and how this specific event ties in with the rest of the events related to shadowcorns.
  • This is a one time (6 weeks in duration) event. After the 6 weeks, this event is done, and will have no further effect on CU or the community.
  • An unknown amount of labor hours have already gone into this temporary event. I do not think its beneficial to spend even more labor hours, on this single temporary event.

All in all, I think there is a TON of feedback and TON of things that CU can learn from this event. I also think its important that we continue to give the feedback, and that its collected. However, I believe its in the best interest of the community to apply this feedback to future projects, and not spend any more resources on the remaining 3 weeks of Throwing Shade.

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My opinion on the post:

I dont think this is the way, I wouldn’t suggest doing all those extra steps suggested for a failed event. Better leave it as is and move on.

I do agree the leaderboard should not exist in the way it rewards the lucky ones or the ones with enough SC to make the end. If the LB are the main prize of the event, why make an extra leaderboard anyway…

But all in all, I DO NOT agree with the above post. Let’s just move on, team has hopefully learned from this event.


I don’t quite understand the approach…
Let’s start with the fact that this event shouldn’t have been launched in the first place, because it wasn’t designed at all (the event was announced in May/June 2022), and to talk about the number of hours spent on it… (there are no words).
Tenerogs - this is one part of the gameplay, it has been repeatedly voiced. They are limited (the developers have repeatedly drawn attention to them).
In a good way this event should be finished now, without any leaderboard etc. (December is the last month)
That said, leave the rewards for participants that they’ve already earned / received.

  1. I don’t like Kaiser’s suggestion
  • skipped - you’re out
  • choose the wrong door, you’re out (no excuse). If we do forgiveness (even though I’m against it), then using a random number generator (full transparency) and a limited number of players (allowing after 1-2 chapters)
  1. table of leaders must be removed completely (in the future, if we make a table, it should be redesigned (too it looks imbovo when compared to the tables in other events)
  1. Amount of 25 RBW (small, Tenerog owners can afford to pay such a fee (I have not reached beyond 1 door (could, but did not diversify, lazy), so how much further to pay do not remember)
  2. This event should have a logic connected to the main unicorn storyline.
    Here’s an example:
    The quest board - there are Dark Forest quests where the odds of the quest succeeding are listed.
    No one is stopping you from putting the Tenerogs in there.
  3. Stealing resources from unicorns in a cart
  4. If unsuccessful in quest steal resources
  5. These are all resources to share among all Tenerogs
    Next, however offensive it may be to some, I would add that in the case of a quest, there is a 1% chance that a unicorn will be “eaten” by a Tenerog (the question is how it will happen and what the Tenerogs will get for it, and how to divide it among all three thousand Tenerogs)
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If this " Event " / " Game " / Boondoggle must move forward I’d love to see @KeizerMc changes.

But that requires more work on a failed project that doesn’t seem to justify the resources already invested into it out side of a “Learning Experience” for LG.

At this point I’d rather see LG just post something in the SC Holder chat saying send 75 RBW to this address from your SC wallet per SC entry then just do all the RNG rolls at once and tell us the results a week later for all days of the remaining weeks. LG saves staff time, SC holders don’t have to go though another three weeks of of staying on top of chats, updates, delays, or timing. And we get to move on that much sooner.

Dragging this out feels like I’m being punished for being foolish enough to buy this Project’s “Utility NFTs” and SC Utility seems to amount to wasting time and causing frustration and disappointment. If I wanted that I’d have kids.

I think the Leaderboard should be reworked, but again it is not worth the effort or dealing with the small handful of people that did well.

Something to consider is a ShadowGuild in the UniGuilds thing just for SC holders then reward active players with the ‘…Needed resources…’ -Aron.

None of the Smart Contract expense.

Main downside I see is SC hoarders don’t get a big advantage but as a single SC holder I’m more than OK with that. And it is likely better for the community and the game for a small handful of people not to have such a larger influence with so many SC NFTs.

Stop focusing on the even smaller group of players with the most tools (NFTs / money) and reward active players.

This is the oddest Pay to “Win” game I have ever seen.

I’d love to see a recording of Aron’s pitch to Investors “Yeah, a game inside the game for 524 (max 3000) players vs the ‘main’ game that we hope to have 1M lands active in”


End of the day, week, month and once we get though the other half a lot of resources have been sunk into something that a small amount of people benefit from and many participants (hostages? I remember at least one person was smart enough to list their SC after the announcement) find … less than desirable, to put it nicely.

Thank you everyone for the feedback,

I really appreciate it that you are all providing an honest idea about this.

It seems with the latest announcements. they will postpone Chapter 4-6 .

For now this planned proposal will not continue but will observe what the functions they will add for the upcoming chapters.

thank you for sharing your thoughts. I am happy that they listened and they are responding to all our concerns.


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