NFT Land Protection from Shadowhorns

I propose to consider the possibility of a new type of NFT appearing in the game to protect Lands from Shadowcorns.

  1. This may be an NFT with a certain validity period, for example 24 hours, 48 hours.
  2. NFT guaranteeing the probability of protection from Shadowcorns d% ratio, for example, the probability of protection is 50%, 80%, 90%
    NFT data can be purchased for UNIM or obtained in another way.

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Lands and Unicorns will only be at risk if you choose to put them at risk. By putting them at risk you have chance for rewards. By purchasing a nft to protect them you would only remove the chance of a reward and defeat the purpose of entering them for a reward. I was not a fan of buying shields to protect my base in clash of clans. Just my thoughts here. I love that you are thinking of new ways to make options in game play. :heart:


I dont mind this but then there needs to be an nft that increases a shadowcorns chance of successfully attacking a land by 50% 80% 90%

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I think this proposal is good but right now we dont even know how the shadow corns will attack with their minions and how this thing will go.

maybe we put this idea on hold for now ,

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