Partial ownership of unicorns and lands

Problem and Context
As for not the enter price to the game is very expensive. It requires >1.5 ETH to pay for 1 unicorn and 1 land. It could create issues and bars to get involved.

Part-ownership of unicorns and lands may ease the situation and allow people to take part of the game.

Anyone may delegate his/her unims and rbws to the pool and invite owners of unicorns and lands to take them and share a certain percentage of their nfts to be delivered into partial possession. In return they may take lendded assets to invest. As a follow-up it will allow people to create collective farms in a phalanstery way.

Proposed by
Serob Khachatryan Serob#5565


I think guilds are here to serve this purpose. Scholarship system are also in the works according to the team. Both will give anyone a chance to use an nft assett for a time period while splitting earnings with the owner. Will this not suffice what you’re requesting?

If not, are you suggesting fractionalizing the assetts then?


how may I join a guild? what i have to have to be accepted in one?

Scholarship system is good for education. But it won’t make cheaper the joy to play. The price will stay high. I don’t see a lot people ready to pay $5 k for it :slight_smile:

I’m suggesting fractional ownership of unicorns and lands. All the participants of these kind of unites will share revenues and expenses according to ownership fraction of each participant.

I see what you’re saying. Okay, this is fractionalization. I’m not sure this approach is what taking part of a game is. When “taking part of the game” I’m thinking of gamers wanting to play the game. This approach is how to get investors with inadequate funds to have some skin in the game. For that, I say invest in RBW and UNIM. That’s as fractionalized as it gets of the company value.

I’m not sure what player would want to fractionalize their asset. What is the return to the owner? If the owner can just play his unicorn and earn income, how does fractionalizing it help. I guess the revenue generated from selling fractions of the unicorn can be used to to boost the land by paying for crafting bills and materials to upgrade.

As more unicorns are bred and more lands are minted, the price will come down with the supply increasing. They are already creating fractionalization for the Shadowcorns and will allow siring and create renting in the marketplace down the road. They are addressing every concern you currently have and you can join a guild where they supply the NFTs and resources and you as the “scholar” or player will play with the NFTs that the guild owns and you split the earnings from the game.

@Abdo & @Segarion are spot on here. Initially as the supply of Unicorns and Land inflates we’ll see prices come down allowing more players to onboard.

That said, overtime if we hit our goal of 10s of millions of players we may still have asset scarcity around Farms. We also will always have high scarcity on Shadowcorns. Overtime I do think fractionalization could be a great way to insure a wide ownership base. This is a longterm need though and not something for the initial growth phase of the economy development.


hm, i’m running faster than needed, huh?

I think your suggestion is a very good idea. I wish it could be implemented :+1: