Decrease in UNIM Amount

Crypto Unicorns was a project that I decided to invest heavily in when I saw that it was about to get through the bear season successfully. The hard work of the team and the improvements they made for users supported my decision. I was also very satisfied with the investment I made until the maintenance on 13 July 2023. After the care, I started to regret.

I own a total of 149 lands in 10 different wallets. I take care of all wallets myself. I work 5-8 hours a day as if it were a full time job. While I earned an average of 40k - 45k UNIM per day before maintenance, this gain decreased to 30k - 35k UNIM per day after maintenance. Today, I’ve earned only 15k UNIMs in total. Why do you think I should continue this game? You broke my enthusiasm for the game and I am angry with you.

To date, I have invested approximately $50,000 in the project. A person invests in a project he believes in. Every player in the crypto industry is an investor. That’s why I describe myself as both an actor and an investor. While you should have connected me to even more projects, you are pulling me away from the project with your recent updates. I really started to seriously consider selling all my Crypto Unicorns NFTs and walking away from the project after today’s UNIM earnings.

A cryptocurrency falls and rises. A cryptocurrency carries high risk. I have been in the crypto industry for 6 years and I have enough knowledge on this subject. While the price of UNIM was falling rapidly, you preferred to decrease the number of UNIM earned per day instead of attracting new players to the project. While it was already difficult for a new player to gain a satisfactory profit from the game before the update, you made this impossible with the update you made. As a highly invested investor, I earn $8 a day, why should a new player play this game? How will you attract new players to the project? Why should I direct players to your project?

In the bull season, every project is a gem. Every project makes money. The important thing is to support the investor in the bear market. Giving the player money in bull season is not a skill. It was a gem during the Crypto Unicorns bear season but no longer has that feature. Please take the leading game company of the previous bull as an example because you are very new and need a serious player base. If you can’t make money to the player, you have no value in the crypto market. It goes against crypto philosophy.

Also, with the update you made, you forced the players to play the game of Joust. I am a land player. I invested in the land game but you are forcing me to play Joust to earn more UNIM. This is putting pressure on the player. I hate the game of Joust. Why do I have to play that game? Why do you want me to work harder, spend time, spend money? This decision of yours is very sad and a great disrespect to the land players.

At the moment, the game is going through a period of collapse in my eyes. You can ignore me but I liked this project, I praised this project to the people around me, I spent a lot of time on this project, but if you can’t make a profit in the crypto industry, you should cut your ties with that project.

Kind regards.

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