Resource sharing system from exploring other people's Land

I think there is a game system that can share resources for those who make a profit within the game. It will help make the game more interesting and create a new economic within the game.

for example :thinking:
Player A : There are 2 Lands of Mystic level.
Player B : There are 2 land of Rare level .
Player C : There are 2 normal-level land plots.

And Player A has agreed to STAKED 2 pieces of land.
allowing outsiders to come and use the area freely Resource benefits will be shared accordingly. differences in each area.
The share ratio may vary depending on the level of the land and the length of time it is STAKED.

And it allows new players to participate in the game without needing their own land, just having some permission to access. These open-to-access tracts, such as Players must have at least a level 1 Mystic Unicorn. In order to explore and gain access to the open Mystic lands of others who are STAKED.

It’s just a small idea. :hugs:


This is a great idea for customer acquisitions.

In my knowledge, it would be dependent on the following gameplay parameters:

  1. How much time would the game require from player per land?
  2. Up to how many land can a player manage on his/her “desired game-time”?
  3. What is the “desired game-time” of an average player in a day? (i.e. 2, 4, 8 hours, etc)

Another possibility is, this is being done by someone just buying land and let others use it. The parameters for that could be:

  1. What would the ROI look like?
  2. How many are these type of owners?

Hopefully we could get more info once game starts.

Thanks for sharing the idea.


Good idea! It turns out to be a collective farm))