Shadowcorn Staking Event. Thoughts?

Dear All,

We have kept the discussions in the shadowcorn channel but I feel the need for us to collate data to how we feel about the latest article. While We already know what the sentiment is would like to officialized it here and also ask you guys to answer some few questions from that discussion.

If you don’t know what this article about this is that article

For each question below please state your reasons be replying to this thread.

Food for thought this was from the last article for Shadowcorns about Staking.

  1. Phase 2 — Shadowcorn Staking Event After Shadowcorns are hatched, they will be able to enter the Dark Forest and collect valuable resources for themselves. Players will stake them to the Dark Forest to earn resources that will help in Act III. It will function similarly to the Dark Forest staking event we’ve already run.

Let us know your thoughts, lets be constructive about this.

  • I own a Shadowcorn
  • I do not own a shadowcorn but i want to participate.

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  • I’m Interested to participate
  • I’m interested to participate with some concerns
  • I lost interest on participating because of the current article
  • I dont want to participate at all regardless of the article.
  • I cant participate because i dont have shadowcorns.

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  • I am happy with the way things are for the shadowcorn event
  • I am not happy with the way things are for shadowcorn staking event

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  • I want the team to remove the RBW Entry fee
  • I dont want the team to remove the RBW Entry Fee
  • I dont want the RBW Entry Fee but I want it reduced.

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  • Please delay the shadowcorn staking event and plan a better option for this
  • Please do not delay the shadowcorn staking event
  • Please do not delay the shadowcorn staking event and plan a better option for this [please indicate below]

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  • Please turn off Death mode [if you choose wrong, you get less points and rewards than others on the leaderboard]
  • Please keep the Death Mode on[if you choose wrong you die]

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IF you have other opininions or options for people to vote on. Create a poll too. so everyone can interact with it.

Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!



tq for making this Keizer.

I understand that we need a prize pool. I’m just looking at this staking event like gambling with trivia, like games.

The shadowcorn gives access for us to become those quiz players. IMHO.

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First let’s not call it staking is its not staking. As Indra say its gambling with trivia. And its hard to answer on a few questions (4, 6)
like remove entry fee ? then where took prize pool ?
and Death mode if remove it than reward fee doesn’t make sense.

I think need completely rethink this event , maybe change entry fee to unim and add rbw rewards for winners. or switch to the unim rewards after gathering cart nerfed.


Except that it’s not really a quiz. What I gather from the medium article, the way this works is as follows:

  1. pay entry fee for each sc
  2. pick a door (whichever one, lore does not really matter)
  3. LG randomly picks a door, this now becomes the “correct” door
  4. all sc who picked the “correct” door will proceed

This approach majorly favours those who have a ton of sc over those who have a few or just 1-2, as they can divide their sc over the doors and have enough left over to always reach the altar by the end of the week.

I’d like to see rewards more evenly distributed so that everyone who has a sc can at least expect some sort of return, while the quite hefty entry fee is reduced / removed. Otherwise there is the very real possibility of paying tons of RBW and getting nothing out of it…that’s not staking, that’s gambling.


My biggest question mark: my participation doesn’t actually impact the lore. It’s randomly chosen anyway. The SC Twitter space sounded like we could vote on the lore.

and the death mode means the player base will just split evenly across answers, and not care about the story.


As Lightman wrote (and what I wrote in intemperate terms in Discord this morning), it’s not steaking.
The current situation is that all the time Aaron has been announcing and broadcasting is one thing.
In the end, in an article on Medium, we ended up with something completely different (go kids to the casino, you’ll be rich).

Next, why do we tie it to tokens? RBW and UNIM? Tenerogs must be assimilated into the Unicorn ecosystem…
There are boosters, there are lands, there are some materials…
Diversify the prize pool with in-game assets… (got a man RBW and dumped it on the market)… With materials or boosters, at the moment, this will not work…

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Thanks so much for putting in the time to do this for our community to address their concerns and also to have their voices heard even without words. Votes count. Appreciate you K!

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Left my votes out on 4 and 6. The questions assume that things are fine-ish. But honestly, so much needs to change that these questions doesn’t matter.

My biggest gripe with this is that it’s a straight up casino. A glorified coinflip discord bot. The stakers isn’t even motivate to read any of the lore.

If you remove the entry fees and rewards, why would anyone do this thing? I thought the SC staking was supposed to be a better and fun staking event?

Why this obsession with jackpots recently? It’s only fun for those who win. What about the other 97%? The majority of players?

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Yeah. The issue here is also that it won’t be worth it for the whales either. Only whales will participate in this event because they can guarantee a win. But in the end, they only get 90% of their invested RBW back + that of people who have a gambling addiction. Horrible and cruel game design imo.

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For me cut the RBW out both entry and reward, then focus on Leaderboard reward instade (all SC stuff) I think ppl have enough risk on this market situation some thing more simple and steady is better for them. Let’s find the way out together team.

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Thank you for creating this proposal!
I suggest that we should at least receive some item or prize when we lose, or it would be no different than gambling with over 90% of losing.

At least there should be a reward for people who have held Shadowcorn since the beginning first, then this event could be only for those who want more prize.

From my point of view, I got nothing ever since I hold shadowcorn and now I’m even going to lose RBW for it.


I can understand the need to protect economy in this times, so everything has to avoid inflation of UNIM and RBW, but this burden can’t be placed on the back of the players who own SC.
We paid quite an amount for them (either UNIM in DF or straight from OS) and the fact that we still hold them proves that we “played” the game, instead of just selling the UNIM from Dark Forest or the Shadowcorns after.
IF you can’t find a better solution then this “gambling”, please postpone it until better times.


Appreciate CU team working hard on ShadowCorn staking event.
Please be kind enough remove the RBW entry fee as most of us already paid to own a shadowcorn , hatched them from an egg by paying UNIM and RBW for this staking event.

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The main concern is this event will make SC holders to loose. Make us WIN please!
And thanks for your time guys, we are really believe in you!

I don’t understand the thoughts behind it. Maybe the devs can shed some light…

  1. There is an entry fee → we’ve already paid thousands of dollars (depending on the time and rarity). Guess thats entry fee enough
  2. It is random → Whales highly benefit as they have enough corns to make it to the end. There is no clue or way of working your way through → Gambling

At least give us some guaranteed rewards that will possibly make it worth in the future. If I stake and guaranteed will get a lootbox or minion “shard”, it is not entirely random anymore. You can still twist and tweak the rewards in the future as in how strong those minions are or what will be in these lootboxes.
But basically paying an entry fee for gambling a door which will be chosen randomly… oof. Sorry. I lack the creativity of seeing this as a great thing. → Mechanics are awesome, design looks sick. But the way it is implemented really needs some rework.

p.s.: Whats entirely missing is the rewards for early hatchers. But I guess, they will be sent out at a different time.


Its a reoccuring pattern at this point: a feature gets pushed out and noone likes the implementation of it. I know LG will quickly react and make adjustments, and I appreciate the hard work that went into this - but at this point you should really consider running these feature sets with the core playerbase first or at least the governance council to get some actual player feedback.

Itll save you time and effort and the community from disappointment and frustration.


sheesh, I think folks are overacting a bit here.

Assuming a 50% participation rate (1500 SCs), there will be 375,000 RBW of rewards each chapter. With 5 doors at a 50% success rate on each day, there is a 3% chance of making it through (47 winning SCs). That is 7.2k RBW of reward per SC (that includes the tax, 37,500 would go to the treasury each week). This does not even include the loot boxes and leaderboard.

I dont love it, but this is the beginning phases of SCs. It’s not meant to be a fully fledged game, just more in depth than previous staking events.

I would actually advocate for INCREASING the RBW entry fee, its easy to earn rbw now through quests. The more RBW that goes into the treasury, the better imo.

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lets be very honest.
i believe with those arrangements for SC staking, people will be thinking the sure win way = by not participating in the event = they dont even need to lose 250RBW per week.
not loosing anything = win already. seems like this is the end results.
some of us here spent high amount of WETH to acquire the precious SC, and now the event need even more $$$ to participate and time needed to stick through the Twitch stream for answers and end up losing?

Suggest to remove the entry fee. SC holders have spent ALOT for SC eggs already.

I know the team has put a lot of work into this. But this feels like a disconnect from what was presented to us.

We were told:
Phase 2 — Shadowcorn Staking Event
“After Shadowcorns are hatched, they will be able to enter the Dark Forest and collect valuable resources for themselves. Players will stake them to the Dark Forest to earn resources that will help in Act III. It will function similarly to the Dark Forest staking event we’ve already run”.

This feels like it has moved from ‘staking for rewards’ to a ‘pay to play’ for a game loop. The game loop is a gamble, and we are risking aprox $14 USD (with an even higher cost each week) per SC on that gamble.

During huntercorns, I never made it to the end during any of the weeks. There is a high likelihood that will happen here as well. And we would be paying a high fee to do so.

If we ‘stake’, take away the RBW cost (or make it very minimal) and guarantee we will be rewarded with shadowcorn lootboxes. If we become ‘ghostcorn’ shadowcorns, we could still play the game and have fun (like we did in huntercorn), but perhaps we just are ‘rewarded’ less. We would still, however, be guaranteed that we will be ‘rewarded’ with a certain amount of lootboxes.

It’s still not what was presented to us. But perhaps it could be a possible compromise.

On a side note: we still have not been given info on what we were rewarded with for hatching early. That’s another conversation though. But it does speak to the communication challenges.

Hopefully the team will tweak this so we can all be able to stake and earn rewards as was presented. And, play and have fun. It sounds like it could be a fun event.


pay XXX RBW > open doors each day > get minion lootbox (which class, rarity depends on path you chose)

simple as that…

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