Shadowcorn Staking Event. Thoughts?

Why should we have to pay for a chance to earn rewards that have been promised? Surely the rewards should be funded from LG, not from the players, as there is enough RNG in this game already - as others have said, this isn’t staking.

It’s quite complicated, and my English is not good, I don’t want to have to translate to slowly learn what knowledge? And it’s not necessarily correct, right? It’s better than the original unicorn pledge, which is the easiest, with less reward, but I won’t miss it! After all, not everyone has that much time to follow the news! Be friendly to people in different time zones and languages. Thank you

Thanks for creating this thread. Hoping this will reach the majority of the SC holders.

I really like that idea, everybody wins. We full the treasury, and then depending the way we go we all will get some rewards, but of different rarities depending on the way we choose
But might be pretty hard to design maybe

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When we chose to stake we were guaranteed an APY. The more stakers the lesser the APY. I suggest that there should be a guaranteed APY for the amount of entry fee SC holders are willing to pay. And choosing the right door will increase your APY rewards and choosing the wrong door reduces APY rewards but still you can participate in every lore or door opening and no death till the end. The winners at the end got the incentives of higher APY rewards + lootboxes and etc. LG can get the 10% to the treasury they want

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