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What is one of the biggest issues of getting new people outside of the crypto-verse? Getting them motivated to create a wallet and to buy coins. (I guess… :smiley: )

My porposal: Create a sandbox-mode which is kind of a tutorial where players can play the game with unlimited ressources and faster farming / breeding cycles which is off-chain.

This may not only be helpful in onboarding non-crypto people but also crypto-users, that first want to see/play the game without having to invest in assets.

Naturally, restrictions have to apply. What is open for discussion, let me know your ideas. In my mind is a 30 min time limit or a cap for buildings at lvl 5… or could be as simple as “you cannot save your progress”. Maybe some will start a challenge in how far they can get in one session even?

Let me know what you think. In my opinion this is a great way for people to get to know the game as well as an interactive tutorial where player can test stuff without burning through actual ressources/coins.


This is a phenomenal idea! A CU demo would be a huge help with marketing as well, when anyone can load a web browser and check it out in a few minutes.

I like the idea of having accelerated loops as well, so each loop can be run through.


We use a sandbox for training on a database system I administer. It’s really helpful for onboarding and training new users and letting them get a feel for the system.

An interactive ‘babycorn in training’ sandbox to introduce new users to the game could be really helpful. Interesting idea… thanks for sharing it.

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Hey, blackfield. Our product team is also considering adding a tutorial of sorts but the “execution” isn’t fully solid yet and will likely be added when other game loops get added. Maybe it won’t be as advanced as your idea of having a sandbox-mode though, but let’s see. If this post gets enough support, I’ll check with the team how much work will go into creating this.


Thanks! I was afraid that this is not planned yet. I’m also not sure how easily we could perhaps connect it with the proposal here:

That home could link to a tutorial as well.

I guess the support for this is here and onboarding new players will be the biggest struggle right after we finally have a game loop like jousting. A Sandbox-Mode would surely help :slight_smile:

If onboarding is the main goal, the product team is definitely in support of it! In fact, they love it. In response to that proposal idea, we’ve written this Informal Impact Report.

If the community likes it, we’d appreciate if someone makes a proposal out of it and if it gets approved, then we’ll add it to our timeline! However, if the community doesn’t like it in its current iteration, then we hope the author could continue polishing the idea until we get it to a point that it’s ready to be voted on - for example your idea of sandbox mode. Unfortunately, Brocc hasn’t accepted the “counter-proposal” nor moved forward with his version so currently, this topic is on hold! Do you want to run with it?

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Unfortunately, probably like Brocc, I don’t have the time to work out details of ideas. I thought -honestly- with giving the idea and bringing up a rough drawing of it, my job is kinda done sorry. :see_no_evil:

I see. No worries! The objective of a proposal idea is

  • to gauge community’s interest before writing a proposal
  • to find other like-minded people to write the proposal with
  • to convince people to vote for it when you write the proposal!

Even if you don’t end up writing a proposal, I hope we generate enough interest and find like-minded people who’ll want to move forward with this!

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Great idea, I wonder if it could be use to organize contest in limited timeframe.

-First to get lvl 10 land in the sandbox without the marketplace
-Most plain berries collected in 1 week without marketplace

  • Each ressource correspont to x points, at the end of the week the player with the most points win

With a reward (ex: starter kit - one land, one unicorn), it could be a way to onboard the winners that certainly are good strategist/gamer into the game

If there ways to slow down opponents are implemented this could become a nice game in itself

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We understand the thoughts/motivation behind this proposal. It doesn’t seem like anyone is willing to move forward with a proposal so, I want to confirm that we’re also internally trying to find ways to make a more streamlined onboarding process. It probably wont be as fancy as what’s being proposed here but we’ll do what we can. Another thing that may be different is that, we might not have the farming sim as the place where we do the onboarding. This is because while the farming sim is integral, we understand that other players might not be interested in playing the farming sim.

Hey :slight_smile:
Yes that totally makes sense. Also fully understandable is the argument that the farming sim might not be the place for onboarding - perhaps rather jousting?

Thanks for your feedback and have a nice weekend!

For now, the idea is to enter a “scene”. Were thinking of solidifying a plan and maybe share it with the community. I’ll share it in the ideas section if we do!

this sounds nice.

no reprecussions and if they want to jump into which ever sim they want to participate on to with crypto involved then they can jump in the real one.

Back then there was this game called “Ragnarok Online” . people prefer the offline servers more as it doesn’t cost money. but real players who want to dive to the competition space or the real space jumps into the game

We can apply that same tactic here and usually from what i know its effecting.

great thoughts.

just one thing. we dont have an instance for a public test server right now. so im not sure if they would want to have an instance of the actual game with a little customizability,. [cheat mode: on]

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