New Terms and Conditions to playing CU

Add update to TOA for playing CU.

Have series of log in messages presented at start up of CU game.

When wallet is attached and player connects for first time. Have a pop up saying users agree not to list CU assets while they are locked.

When a wallet connects to CU to play CU checks to see if wallet has any CU assets that are locked in game listed for sale on OS or from a list of banned wallets.

If wallet does CU will present a screen that says you are not in compliance with CU TOA please delist your assets. Player will be disconnected from CU until they delist and update Metadata before they can log into game.

Also add to the TOA that CU has the right at anytime to unlock assets that are locked and listed for players that continually break the CU TOA’s.

Just some random ideas that may feed a better idea.


This is a great idea. I feel a lot of people have had issues with this that could’ve easily been avoided as they would’ve had a pop up for the obvious reason of common sense ain’t being as common as one would like. I would definitely support the disconnection from game but most of all the unlocking of locked assets. I agree with this so much because I am sick of this behaviour. I am extremely protective of this project and if it ain’t serving the community or project overall then should be tended to accordingly. Great thoughts TT!!


Yes, it might work.
I don’t know how difficult it will be for developers to write a script for such a search, but the idea is definitely interesting.


Great idea. Maybe add to the message that if an asset is listed and locked in-game the perpetrator has 14 days… ( or whatever time frame everyone finds appropriate) before the item is banned/blacklisted for 365 days. I like the idea where a “BANNED” in red will show over a blurred asset on opensea. There should be reducing of the time needed to unblock the asset with every offense, because it will be easy to play the system in that way, where you unlock it for 24hours and then lock-it and list it again. For a second offense - 7 days. For a third offense -insta ban for 365 days. This is my suggestion to add to the idea above.

Support this idea as one prong in the wider strategy of Bad Faith actors. Would suggest there needs to be a small window of time between first warning and being disconnected from teh game (say 24 hours) to avoid confusion with the new playerbase that will click through the T&Cs.


I like this idea, TT! +1

Unfortunately, they can’t enforce this through the system Bro. Would love it if they can enforce locked assets to be not able to list them in OS. :smiley: :pray:

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