Neighborhoods and how to get new players while disincentivising bots

One thing that hasn’t been talked about much between us is Crypto Unicorn (CU) neighborhoods. This is the social aspect of the game that plays into land adjacency bonuses I think. Let’s see if we can leverage this to get new people into CU and disincentivise bots. I’ll do this by way of hypothetical example.

  1. Invite a person with a link to your neighborhood.
  2. They arrive at your neighborhood with the ability to browse the world or play a tutorial.
  3. They choose to play the tutorial. They are given virtual assets to place around your neighborhood.
  4. As they progress through the tutorial they ought to be given various “calls to action” on the range of CU assets. Like, “Do you like the idea of berry farming? CU world is filled with unicorn owners who need your berries. Click here to buy some land.”
  5. Suppose they buy the land. If that land is compatible to your preset criteria (or the entire neighborhood if multiple persons are involved), the default should be to offer the purchaser to interact with you about setting up their CU assests around your neighborhood.
  6. The two may then discuss the terms of living in the same neighborhood.

I think we can see from this short example that you can incentivise existing CU asset holders to share links that introduce new people into the game. It also has a social aspect which can help weed out bots playing the game. The more social aspects you build into the game the harder it’ll be to bot I think.