Collab land for future discord events

As the usual reason for giving such events in discord, “to give the founders a kickstart to the game”
A fraction of the rewards are being distributed to non CU assets holders.
If we really wanna focus to reward the gamers and not just the investors (I.E RBW holders only w/out unicorn/land/shadowcorn)
Best is to allocate the rewards specifically to the ones who are really invested in playing the game.

There are events suitable for everyone already (twitter egg raffle event) with this, crypto unicorns are still giving opportunities to those who cant afford to buy assets.

But let us not forget the real reason behind distributing the rewards

So i suggest to have collab land for those assets holders.


Yes, I agree with you! Need rewards all members: players, investors and other supporters!


I think we agree on the following metrics:
Best case, rewards are distributed to future players of the game
Less ideal case, rewards are given to flippers who will sell all rewards and never play.

However I don’t believe (not holding an NFT = won’t play). This could be unpleasant to people who are excited about CU and plan to purchase assets later. The events could even serve as an on-ramp. Also the events are doing a good job keeping the community engaged. “The community”, which has 37K members, sure includes non-holders.

I do believe, it’s worthwhile to later look at where the pre-launch event rewards end up, and design rules for future events accordingly. I hope it becomes more restrictive as barrier of holding NFT decreases.


“This could be unpleasant to people who are excited about CU and plan to purchase assets later.”
Keyword = Later

if this is the case, then unfortunately, they wont fall under the category of being a “founder” Founder by its definition means that they are the pilar of the game. Those who plan to purchase later on is no different than those who will invest after the game launch


I’m not really sure how fully collab land works and that I only saw this in Axie and I never really seen them used this.

While the suggestion is promising. I’m kinda leaning to the idea that users needs to spend on something to have a point of entry or have some type of effort. right now i think it is not the right time but in the future once the game becomes more economically stable then we can maybe put this in.

I also heard about collab land being good but there are a lot of fake collab lands out there. and there are vulnerable users that might get scammed by these. think about the situation where our discord grows and there will be people who will be scammed by people messaging them about the collab land.

The next step there is that if we really are ready on this. and if the people will be that educated enough to handle this.



It’s a good idea. It’s a good idea to get new players interested and involved. But we need to think about how it will all look like. It would be nice to have some kind of game features for people on a small budget