My ideas for in-game features and gameplays

As what I can see what CryptoUnicorns are actually building . We have lands but not in fixed position that’s a great idea and new innovation compare to old-type land game startegy. The neighborhood is good I love the idea. Here is my ideas as follow :

  1. Guild Features and Regions
    As we are building big multiverse , at which I was imagine this could be very big , people can put the lands at anywhere of the CU Multiverse. I think having guild features are good especially when we have high DAU in future .I was thinking about why not we can build like a kingdom like for example : Rise of Kingdom. At which we can put neighboring features together , and also Guild Regions . I wish to see like for example , we can put Guild Flag in the regions or kingdom we build .

  2. Guild War Events
    Refer to my idea above , I wish to see we can actually having Guild War events . This events can gathered players play together , just like how “Capture-the-land” events currently doing right now . Imagine , if we can occupy territories events and whoever wins can gain seasonal badge and certain rewards.

Thanks for reading .
Proposed by Discord ID : OnnGusta | UwU#4358


This is an interesting development of the game, but for now, as I see it, the game is a “Game-Farm”. Deal with her first :sweat_smile:


Hi @OnnGusta!

Appreciate the ideas here. I think you are going to be really excited to see the neighborhood feature roadmap. Without giving too much away… we are thinking along similar lines to you :slight_smile: