UniWume growth!

Not give up, let’s grow up!


  • In our metaverse a lot of things are changing very quickly, we need to adapt faster while the market is favorable.
  • We have new cycles coming up that require attention and additional visualizations and engagement.
  • The application was originally intended to be more specialized, and sustainable expansion is not possible without additional support.


The app was planned to unlock the potential of unicorn genes and display how cool some unicorns are. But after the announcement that Hawku was leaving us, I had to do a lot more to make sure players weren’t left alone with a useless OS. But I just can’t do the same amount of work for next to nothing.


The app has already alleviated some of the community’s problems in terms of matching unicorns to quests, understanding how well breeding or evolution has worked. There is still a lot of work to be done to make it more accessible. The plans have changed a bit leaving Havku, and I made a real-time server collecting and processing data on unicorns, with the ability to look at any unicorn, its family, genes, as well as search for unicorns with basic filters.

Next came the ability to get prices from the OpenSea and pick up unicorns for yourself.

The filters also have sorting by gene potential, which hasn’t been done anywhere else.

Unicorn profile with additional information. And it’s not a prototype, it already realtime works.
Next I want to make an image display for each unicorn, display body parts that are inherited, and statistics from jousting tournaments.

Ah yes, jousting tournaments, a weekly leaderboard of the best unicorns according to different evaluation criteria appeared.

You can see profiles of the top 300 unicorns, see how they competed. All data is updated in real time with information from the blockchain.

You could also look at a different representation of the data with unicorn stats including bonuses for jousting.

You can sort by almost any column and do analysis.

One last thing. After a difficult launch of Twilight tactics there was a need to play a new cycle without the pain of waiting for game loads, I implemented an alternate version of the contract interaction.

I chose to go the squad creation way instead of picking unicorns one at a time each time.

When creating a squad, you can select all 3 unicorns at once, and you can see the strength for that region, i.e. you don’t have to do calculations in your head.

And you can immediately see the unicorns involved in other squads.

Then we can simply use the list to select a convenient squad for the fight and watch a preview of the battle.

When you have a lot of strong unicorns the game starts to get enjoyable and adds a really tactical component.

It’s hastily made, but it’s already a success with the community and there are plans for improvement.

And so to the point.
When the last proposal was rejected because Laguna was planning their MarketPlace, I was down for a while. But then I realized that we need alternative concepts and visions. It’s not possible to please everyone, maybe they will make something more visually appealing to new players, and I will make a deeper vision that is close to smart players. And again looking at some things Laguna will also implement them into their core product, we have trouble communicating with words, but maybe implementations will allow us to speak a different language. I noticed how the tension in discord was relieved after the implementation of the alternative TwT. Maybe it will continue to be possible to do the right things for the community while the team is doing more important core development, they just can’t handle all the requests without sacrificing development speed.

I think new parts are needed like with unicorns for lands, tenerogs and rituals. I have plans for new leaderboards and improvements to the current sections. And who knows what else the community may need in connection with further changes related to Tribes, gem and so on. Making a proposal for each addendum is not reasonable, we don’t have that much time for approvals.

Proposal Cost

Working on the app takes even more time than I have, I had to partially sacrifice sleep and family time. I believe any work should be paid, especially if it is of great benefit and in demand. If this development does not bring so much benefit, I know many things where I can apply my enthusiasm.

Initial payment 4 ETH (for what’s already been done.)
And additional 1.5 ETH per month to continue development new sections and maintenance for six months with a possible extension. (2 ETH/mo. considering the first proposal).
That’s enough with the current number of active players, if we make the game grow exponentially, additional costs may be required.


Thank you to everyone who has supported me, without you I couldn’t have done it all in such a small amount of time. A special thank you: Lev0x Popcorn, Shikam, Invoko, Neviolo, IslandGirl, AldanAlx, SJ, Mister_RKO, Bonzibu, aume27rrpmp, Bahis, Lightman, ArtToRich, Lemonade, RiseB …and Zyori (for being the first LG to thank me.)

Make Our Metaverse Great Again or Just Play The Game.


Supporting our community dev!


I still don’t understand why LG can’t give Venticello CU Marketplace designs, specifications, pay some ETH and one man army will make it…


You know, that can be arranged, likely. :eyes:

We did release this PRD for anyone willing to create a custom marketplace in the past but nobody came forward, so I’m definitely thrilled that this is happening. I am very glad that Venticello came forward with yet another elegant solution - on a personal level.

PS: This is the old PRD. It does need to be dusted off and updated but can tentatively be checked as a reference! At this point though, I would trust Venticello’s sense.


I think we can discuss how things can be improved, right now my goal is to solve users’ problems with other NFT assets that they can’t value due to insufficient OS data.

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I will definitely get this in front of the team and get their input. If the proposal gets approved, I’ll do my best to ensure we find a path forward to getting the needed information. If we were able to give Hawku access to the said information, I see no reason for it to not be made available to you - barring any technical limitations.

Venticello did a great job of making our lives easier and more engaged in the game. Totally support it


I’ve already learned how to get data without the team, I have more data than Hawku had.

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Hats off, ser. I could be wrong, but my understanding is we had to provide Hawku the ABIs and you figured it out on your own. Reiterating what I said above, I’d definitely just trust your sense in this, but happy to support wherever needed during the process!

With all due respect to Hawku work, they were making changes a month+ later than the changes I made to the telegram bot and app.
If the proposal is accepted I hope we can establish communication with the team and they will stop ignoring my requests).

Gotcha. I’ll coordinate and find the best path forward if/when it does.

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I think Venticello saved TwT. Uniwu is very useful tool for players and it’s good to have such devs in community. I think that Uniwu should contunue development and 1.5 eth per month is not much for great product.


It’s great to hear the support from the community, a lot of things wouldn’t have come about without such genuine support. I sometimes wonder how you have so much energy for this.
This offer adds 1.5 to the previous one, as it is a different work plan. i.e. the total with the previous offer is 2 ETH per month.

Give venticello the funds of treasury and he make CU great again


Proof is in the pudding already, just gotta sign off on it!

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YES :heart_hands:
You’re enthusiasm and tools are priceless ! :four_leaf_clover:
Using UniWU every day tbh
Fully approving and excited to see your next implementations !
This is the way

Next I want to make an image display for each unicorn, display body parts that are inherited, and statistics from jousting tournaments.

The OS filters also have sorting by gene potential

OMG ! Somebody stop this guy ! :scream:

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Yeah, I wasn’t asked to do that, but I did it) Thanks dude

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IgNanessa, I truly hope you can help with coordination and communication. Silo’d communication appears to be a challenge within LG.


Venticello has shown that he is a huge asset to this community. His tools have continued to support and improve users game experience, starting with the telegram gene bot.

TwT showed how quickly he could help create a solution to make the loop more easily playable for players. Especially those with larger wallets.

Although it’s not in the proposal, Venticello has requested jousting data files to see if he could help support the team with finding some balancing solutions. I’d encourage the team to give him access to the files. It might or might not result in better ideas/solutions for balancing. But it’s worth bringing in a fresh perspective, from someone who is also an active high-level player.

And Team/Devs, this isn’t about a competition between Venticello vs Devs. You all are pushing hard on the core game loops! But stress can contribute to a loss of creativity and tunnel vision when there is such a big push on timelines and delivery. We all want the game to succeed. Consider being open to a fresh set of eyes and another perspective.

Thank you Venticello for all you have contributed and continue to contribute to this community. I support your proposal.


Excellent proposal, excellent replies. Not much more to say, other than to point out that this is what community is about. Nice work Venticello!

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