Crypto unicorns deep dive app


  • Our game has great depth, which is difficult to show without additional tools.
  • Without involvement in the depths of the game, the game’s economy cannot be successful.
  • Everything cannot be implemented in the game itself and we need a webapp like Wowhead for World of Warcraft.


Many people do not understand how genes and boosters work, players give up and stop trying to breed top unicorns. It is difficult to choose a unicorn for breeding, quests, and jousting.


I’ve been in the game since its genesis, and I know what it feels like to breed and select unicorns for difficult quests. At the beginning, it seemed that there were no genes in the game at all, and it was completely random. I wanted to figure it out, so I studied smart contracts and made the telegram bot to display and analyze genes. This bot helped many top players get their champions, and I myself got several 2000+ unicorns.

But the telegram bot format is not suitable for many and does not allow them to engage and disclose more information.

The players asked me to make a website, but I doubted it for a long time and did not want to make an application without a ready-made prototype.

I called the application, from our UwU :slight_smile: Currently there is a closed beta test with my clan ProOfPain.

Now you can see unicorns from a connected account, search by name and ID, sort by fields, view unicorn details.

When viewing genes, you can see which parts were inherited from parents, which genes were upgraded during evolution, which genes are weak for the class and have little benefit, a gene summary. Also important is the potential of the set of genes, which shows how much the unicorn’s total stats will be if all genes are tier 6.

For the baby, information is also displayed about the chance of evolution of each gene. In the future, you will be able to see this information by switching the booster.

In the quests section you can see all the quests available in quest boards, requirements and rewards.

But the most important thing is that you can select the best unicorns for the quest on the fly and see the probability of success.

As a bonus, I made the current individual leaderboard with the names of the players, which makes the competition more exciting.

The application already has a lot of benefits, but it needs a lot of improvements.

  • Additional filters for unicorns and quests
  • Unicorn profiles with more data
  • Recommendations for evolution and breeding
  • Combine multiple accounts
  • Mark busy unicorns so that they do not participate in selections for quests.
  • Gene calculator (the ability to create your own set of genes and see the result)

And I need to implement a unicorn historical data server so that I can display which boosters were used and which genes were evolved. This will also allow you to display statistics on breeds and evolutions, and show great successes for today. And make a greater competitive effect by showing the best unicorns in the metaverse.

Current development takes up all my time and it’s impossible to make a cool product with enthusiasm alone. This also requires additional costs in the form of payment for a server, domain, and node subscription (for historical server).

Proposal Cost

I could make a paid subscription, several telegram bot users wanted exactly this option, but I think that we need to involve more players, and not breed strong unicorns for tournaments and quests in a private group. Therefore, I propose that the DAO vote and pay for the development and operation of the web application.

Initial payment 4 ETH
And 0.5 ETH per month to continue development and maintenance for six months with a possible extension.


I believe in the success of the project, and only the Laguna team cannot do everything, we need advanced tools with the participation of player experience and additional involvement in the game.
Let’s discuss and make Crypto unicorns great again.


Don’t think any discussion is even needed on this one. Just put it on snapshot Nanessa!


everyone know venticello is a great contributor since the game launch, completely supporting the app


Amazing tool. It’s always a nightmare to pick a suitable unicorn for the quest. Send it for the vote :+1:


The prototype looks great! It’s really cool to see what you’ve built out already and the potential it has to benefit all players of CU.

Do you mind providing more information on the amounts you cited? As in why is the current state worth 4ETH, and a breakdown of what the ongoing 0.5ETH will be paying for?


Thanks! This is how I estimate partial compensation for my time costs, server fees, and domain fees. It may look simple, but it took a long time to create the basis for the system. For example, I made the download of unicorns from the user’s wallet 12 times faster than what happens on the cryptounicorns website, tested different algorithms for selecting the best unicorns, which made it possible to make selections for quests even on mobile phones without strong delays. Before this, there was still a lot of work to optimize getting data from the game and the blockchain. And I imagine how much work lies ahead, and I will not be able to complete it without financial support. In particular, I will need a paid subscription to the QuickNode or Alchemy node for the historical data server. If I weren’t making a product for myself and something that I would actually use, I would hardly undertake to make it cheaper than x4 of the current request.


I’m massively in support of this proposal!

It makes me so happy to see long time community members coming forward requesting ecosystem funds to build meaningful and impactful tools for everyone.


I tested this for choosing unicorns for quests. Very helpful tools. Must have.


I fully support this proposal


Have been very impressed by the work you have teased in Discord. Was blown away how reasonable your proposal budget is. Will give my support to this proposal.


I used Venticello’s telegram bot from the beginning, it triggered me to understand genes and start breeding high stats.
I checked the beta version of this site and I found it very useful for new players, those who don’t want to get very deep in understanding the gene or simply don’t have time for it.
Quests section is very helpful too, I like the feature that finds the best corns in your account that meet the stats requierments.
Funding part is very resonable, so A BIG YES from my side


reading data from multiple accounts sounds very very nice. I’m backing this for sure.

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Always happy when community contributors come forward to build. Thanks for putting this forward.

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Cool design, props man!
Just one question: What happens to the ppl that subscribed to your telegram bot/ paid the fees? Its probably just vanished then I guess right? Which probably is fine to be honest.

Aside from that, great stuff. Well done!

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Telegram will work, many people still find it convenient to view it there. My goal is for the web version to be more convenient, and for the telegram I have ideas about additional options, but that will come later when I finalize the web application.

Multiple accounts are the most important thing I want to do before the version is released to the general public. I know this pain, I have 3 full accounts and a total of more than 700 unicorns.

I am in favor of this proposal. Venticello is a massive help to the community with his contributions.


I think this is a great grant proposal. I support it.

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Conceptually I don’t have a problem with the proposal. I also agree the toolset looks interesting.

Issue I have is that a chunk of these features should just be enhancements in the game vs. building yet another toolset.

Also, these types of features should be available to all players is where I’m at in order to encourage continued growth.

Unfortunately, everything cannot be implemented in the game; the developers are busy with other important elements. I would rather they implement racing for the new year than make genes more understandable. And it seems to me that only players can reveal some elements, because they use it every day. I’ve been talking about genes for over a year now, but the game hasn’t included any useful implementation for breeders. Perhaps after the implementation of UniWuMe, something will be transferred to the game and I will be very happy.

P.S. And I don’t know any popular games that could implement a deep knowledge base, like World of Warcraft or League of Legends, I’ve always used third-party resources.

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