UniWUme extension


It’s already been six months of the uniwu.me app, there’s been a lot done, but there’s more to come. Support for the project has helped mitigate the closure of Hawku and the problems of choosing good unicorns and lands, and a lot of things have even become more convenient. Now the great migration to a fast and cheap XAI blockchain awaits us, and that will require reworking the server side of the app.


  • The app solves many player problems (from quests and gene selection, to jousting tournaments and leaderboards) and increases engagement.
  • The app is stable and evolving along the way.
  • Migrating to the different blockchain requires changing many parts of the application and ensuring stability after the change.


Most experienced players use the app, with new players often being recommended it for selecting unicorns and lands to purchase. Over the last six months the app has evolved to improve the user experience and new functionality has been added.

Ability to select lands by characteristics, try the same search on OpenSea

Here you can see comprehensive information about the buildings, their levels and the number of bonuses.

New filters for mythic parts have been added here, as well as a mapping to make it clear which mythic parts the unicorn has. This makes it much easier to choose a breeding partner.

Unicorns now have gems that significantly affect their performance and success in tournaments.

In the application there is an opportunity to simulate tournament matches, after changes in the game, the application also updates the odds. At the same time, the player can try other odds and offer them to the development team.

You can create different groups of unicorns for tests.

New visual representations for genetic engineers :slight_smile: And also filters, for those who have a lot of unicorns.

Detailed leaderboards make it easier for leaders to work with tribe members and their tribe donations.

Added a hardcore quest chain and improved the selection of unicorns, as well as not how many times updated the usual quests and improving their visuals.

Tracked over 30 tournaments with advanced stats and now the ability to filter your unicorns in the table.

Lots of invisible server-side improvements to improve performance and small UX tuning.

Proposal Cost

Regular maintenance and updates require a decent amount of time, but I spend 0 developers’ time, I get all the data myself, and often save their time by offering ready-made solutions. In a month the migration to another blockchain will start and many things will stop working, they will have to be written again. The project is dynamically changing and without funding I will not be able to keep such a large mechanism working.

I propose to continue funding at 2 ETH/mo as before, with no additional funds needed for the project to migrate to the new blockchain. The proposal is for six months, with a possible extension.


Thank you all for your support, without your ideas and energy a lot of things wouldn’t get done.


Hello. Thank you for posting this.

So far, the uniwu.me project total approved grant is at 20 ETH to date. Is this an additional on top of the previous 2 proposals?

Currently, this would overlap with the ongoing CUIP-035 which disburses 1.5 ETH monthly until end May (if this is approved in one go). Does this start once CUIP-035 lapses? Or will they be active at the same time, making the monthly disbursement 3.5 ETH for May, with 1.5 ETH from CUIP-035 and then 2 ETH from this proposal?

I use the app all the time and I find it very useful. I think we as a community should consider funding this further as it is a great tool for filtering unicorns, land and keeping track of jousting, stats, etc. I am curious about your answer to Manic’s questions about overlapping funding. I also wonder if the new marketplace that is being developed isn’t going to solve a lot of the issues we currently face with filters on OS thus making a portion of the app obsolete.

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Hi, this is a continuation after the end of the previous funding.

We haven’t seen the new site in operation yet, I think it will be definitely better than OS, but maybe it won’t be able to cover the needs of advanced players, and will be more designed for casuals.

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I just didn’t know how the extension was properly formatted, so I wrote it out as a new proposal.

I’m in favor! Venti King, makes quality great again <3

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In favor, uniwu is a helpful tool!

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No reason to reject. Totally in favor!

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With the upcoming migration to XAI and ARB many new developers will join CU community and we can see many interesting new tools. Let’s wait and see for their ideas. I believe that 20 ETH that were paid to support uniwu is a very generous amount for such application, and additional 2 eth per month (~8k$) is a bit much imo.
Also Opensea is going to be replaced by custom marketplace, which will reduce use cases of the current app.

A few questions about proposal:

  1. You mentioned that migration requires many
    changes to the application, what are these changes except of rpc provider and contract addresses?
  2. According to lgManicUnicorn current grant lasts till the end of May, does not it cover migration cost?
  3. Do you plan to add any new features, which one?

We have a large untapped ecosystem fund, if other developers can come up with a working product that brings value, they can also get funding. ETH is no longer 4k$ but 3k$ and we don’t know what the price will be later. The price includes not only development, but also keeping the data up to date, adjusting to changes in the game and paying for the server.
I will be happy if the new marketplace can cover all the needs of players, but I’m not sure if it can be as flexible. Just look at the possibility of adding a new multiplier to Jousting, it takes a wait of 2 months.

If Alchemy supported XAI everything would be much simpler, but a lot of things won’t work simply after changing the RPC.
New features will be introduced based on player requests. We have a new TwT and inter-tribal PvP ahead of us.
Not a problem if the proposal is not in demand, I know what to do with my time.

Your response seems very general without specific details
Could you elaborate on keeping a data up to date and adjusting to game changes, as far as i know tada is taken from contracts / data warehouse, what do you mean by keeping it up to date?
Do you have any requests from players which requires development as for now?

Data is collected in a local database and constantly updated from the blockchain logs, and additional data rescans are performed in case of network failures (which occur periodically in the Polygon network). The data is also transformed into a more advanced format so that it can be searched, filtered and sorted.
Players want additional groupings of unicorns in MyData, advanced filtering by genes among all unicorns (not only their accounts), the ability to search for gems and other small things. In the course of the last period, many things were added and modified just by players’ requests.

Glad to hear clarification, i believe that current grant already more than covered current state of the app (including automatic rescans, database updates and what you described above) and there is no point to pay twice for the same thing.
I can support additional funding of 0.5 eth / month with revision in a 6 months, but i am not supporting current state of proposal.
I would wait and see how new marketplace will look like and what migration will bring to CU, current proposal looks a bit hasty to me.

Thank you for your questions, perhaps it will help someone. And maybe someone will want to do the work for 3 people (DevOps, Frontend, Backend) at a below market salary.

Well, do not wanna dig into details about backend and devops, but frontend part seems pretty basic with the use of standard tables. if i am not wrong, you are from Russia? I think the payment in proposal is much above market price. No offense, just facts. You did a good job anyway.

I don’t think greed is appropriate here.
Venticello has already proven itself many times as a reliable guarantor of players’ comfort.
Thanks to him, many have stayed in the game.
I’m sure that 2ether is worth the work

This is noted. Thanks for clarifying as I’ll be the one processing the scheduling of disbursements here if ever. :pray:

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I support this proposal uniwu is super useful for daily play and updates have been solid

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I support the continuation of the funding. Venticello is doing amazing work and shipping features that community requests. it’s worth it.

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