Seed Sorting Standard


This proposal is created for the purpose of Improving QoL on Seeds for farming. It discusses specifics on how seeds and seed bags and event items should be sorted.


Seeing how the seed sorting would have better improvements. this is an opportunity to discuss the Seed QoL’s on sorting. On how they should be sorted out.

For reference here is the data warehouse info for today.

Data taken from Datawarehouse on : Dec 23, 2022 10:54AM Singapore Time

Fig. 1.0


There are 2 ways to approach this, The single sort template and the multi sort template. depending on the code structure in the game. either one can be applied. But this proposal will focus on the Single Sort Template. Multi Sort Template will be explained but on a less detail as the proposal will focus pushing on the Single Sort Template.

Single Sort Template.

Single Sort Template basically means that this seed template will be applied to every land regardless of rarity, . This requires lesser dev work and would be a community discussion on how they would adjust to this new template.

Here is a diagram. [This idea is the current approach based on the current data and seeds available]

Fig 2.0

Diagram notes.

This explains further the diagram above.

Events : Newer events get on the top first. While older events are on the bottom. It prevents users on scrolling further and it provides them the encouragement to participate first because it is the first thing that they will see.

Seeds vs Seed bags : While this is on a rare occasion users may accidentally mis-click a seed bag. by separating the 2 products we can decide much better on which one we want to plant for a specific plot.

Base Materials vs Seeds : On current design the Base Material seeds are on the top. Since these seeds and seed bags require a much higher energy amount it is best to put them on the bottom. Also based on fig 1.0. data suggest that they are not being planted as much. So may as well put priority on the item type that are always being planted. [author also considered the plant time for base materials vs regular seeds]

Why is the material seeds not in alphabetic order or not in an amount of use type of order ?

This is how it was sorted out in the RMP. Raw wood planks first, then Cheap Nails and then Frayed Rope. Since there are not much material seeds at this time. I considered the familiarity from the RMP. Subconscious clicks and make this feel like a walk in the park if there is a certain familiarity to it.

Multi Sort Template :

A multi sort template means that each land would have a certain sort category, by which it prioritizes the class. While in theory this looks great. There are potential use cases here that might not be that optimal to all of the users. here are the challenges that the author sees for its implementation.

  • It will require further dev work as it will use a switch case for each land type.
  • Not always that a user would plant the same seed on a same class plot.
    • Example: user may plant a cloud seed on his own Crystal land with a crystal unicorn so that he can craft a Dew Drops.
  • Since it will take a relative few milliseconds for the code to determine where the plot resides based on land class it will add up as an additional lag time.
  • Familiarity wise this is much challenging for subconscious clicks as every land plot will have a different sorting category.
  • Mythic, Light, Mystery, Wonder Lands May have resolvable case for the Sorting category to be applied but still the familiarity concerns will arise as it’s a different sort category every time you approach a different land plot type.

Author also considers the future impact of this, and the impact vs Single sort is miniscule for QoL improvements compared to having a Standard which every land should follow.

As mentioned in the proposal there are 2 ways to approach this. Both are do-able but it also means we have to determine which is the better option for everyone.

Other Ideas :

What about pinning a seed to the top?

I personally like this idea, if we can pin certain seeds to go to the top. It would be great but the fact that this is something that the devs will have to build, means that it will take some time vs just putting a sorting standard that will make everyone be more familiar on how it works.

What about put the last seed you used on a specific farm plot?

This idea is a half and half for me when I considered this based on familiarity. If you combine the idea of just putting the recent seeds on the top. It would also be an additional dev work. If we want the plots to remember what the last seeds you planted on that time it would require a portion of memory for those plots which will also be an additional lag time for EACH plot. Hence I think it would be a solution to be reviewed in future cases.



Author believes that this will make the seed process to be much more effective. and looking forward on further discussions on how we can make this work with less Dev work I will post a new proposal for this once everyone reached a conclusion.

  • I want Single Sort option to be up for proposal
  • I don’t want this idea to be up for proposal.
  • I have another idea, lets me comment below and see what we can work out!.

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Thanks for putting this in one place for people to talk about.

Plain on top no matter what. This should always be and never change.
If possible Class seeds of land on top second priorty.
If possible last used seed on farm plot auto picked.
Always put material and quest seeds at botttom. Always. Having quest and material seeds at top is a waste of every players time. The data above is confirmation.
Thanks KeizerMc

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To be honest, I’m not particularly bothered by the presence of material at the top.
I’m more concerned about the presence of seeds and pouches next to them, you can mistakenly click and plant them.
As timetraveler said, I’m all for land plots remembering the last seeds planted…
It’s annoying to swipe on a mythical land


Single Sort is a good start. Eventually something like a Triple click or a key should enable planting of last harvested seed.

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interesting . lets keep this thread open for further discussion.

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