Cesar Chavez Proposal - Farming Updates

While the recent improvements to the responsiveness of the game are most welcome and appreciated there are still several potential User Interface (UI) updates that are rather simple that will provide players more enjoyable game play.

I am not a UI designer so please excuse the quality of the mockup.


I propose two ‘Dropdown’ lists are added to select a Unicorn interface. One would be a filter and default to Baby for Farms with options for Adults and All. The other would have various sort options. The default sort option I think would be most useful for the majority of players is Energy. At a minimum the Energy sort option should order the Unicorns by Most to Least energy. This aligns well with a basic game play strategy of using the Unicorn with 3 energy first, and places Unicorns you are not likely to use because they have 0 energy at the bottom. Another useful sort option would be by Class.

In general, as a Player it is clear that in the majority of situations having Unicorns sorted by energy is the best way to list Unicorns.

For Farms it also makes sense to sort by Baby & Energy then Adult & Energy if using the All dropdown option.

The other UI element I think is sorely needed is a ‘Check Box’ to only show Unicorns that match the Land Class.

And the game should remember previously selected options.

Without these simple, basic, rudimentary elements to the user interface as a player acquires more Unicorns the scrolling through lists over and over and over becomes a significant, unenjoyable, and unnecessary part of the game play.

Lack of these basic features sends the subtle message that LG doesn’t care about players’ frustrations and or are unable to implement the most basic of features.

If, for reasons that have not been fully explored in public discussions, such as attempts to stop botting by LG and players with only a few Unicorns resist these features I would like to point out a few things and suggest another option to make things a bit better that would not make it easter to automate.

First, the common tools for automation, such as Python and the image recognition libraries can easily ‘read’ the on screen text, such as Unicorn names, and amount of Energy as well as recognise the Class icons. It is trivial for these scripts to do image recognition, scroll though the lists and click on a matching class unicorn that has energy.

The more frustrating and time consuming an aspect of a game is, the more incentive there is for people to A make a bot and B for others to try and use them. Creating a security nightmare.

Hopefully most players are aware of the risks of allowing an unknown program access to their computer, game items, and crypto wallets.

All that said, if botting is still a big concern, at least give us an option to make the ‘Cards’ smaller so we can see at least 5 x 3 corns, compared to the current 4 x 2. The ‘Select A Unicorn’ screen is not where I feel all warm and fuzzy looking at my NFT images.

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Yes I agree, clicker bots need to be offended.
Maybe you can do something simpler, such as randomly shift the screen a little after sowing one land?
Or something like that.

Hey @BroccDaRock! First off, thank you for pitching your idea here in the forum. I’d just like to comment on this part:

Lack of these basic features sends the subtle message that LG doesn’t care about players’ frustrations and or are unable to implement the most basic of features.

We understand that some aspects of the game in its current form can be tedious. The team is aware of this and has worked and is continuously working on making the player experience better. For example, have released several QoL fixes in the recent past and more in the future. We are also actively listening to the community’s suggestions and concerns here in the forum as well as in Discord (e.g. our devs take the time to read through and reply to the posts on the suggestions channel in Discord). We deeply value the community and what they have to say about the game.

Again thank you for posting your suggestion here in the forum! You can encourage the community members to come to the forum so that we can have a deeper, livelier discussion with more people here. :heart:


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