Material Seed Speed Boost

Currently there’s a massive surplus of material seeds because most people don’t have the unicorn energy to make seedbags and then plant them. Since the usual farm output bonuses don’t apply for material seeds, no one really wants a 1 to 1 exchange, especially when the grow rate is so slow.

To incentivize farming these seeds, maybe we could reduce farming time? This way there’s no crazy inflation, but people are a lot more incentivized to plant them. The changes could be done in the following order and we could stop when the necessary results are achieved: material seed plant rate thats equal or higher than class seeds.

  1. Farm Time bonuses apply
  2. Reduce grow rate by 50% (Still higher than class seeds).
  3. Grow rate reduced to match other seeds (elimination of special growth rate items)
  4. Apply harvest bonuses

I suspect we will never get to 4 and just 2/3 might be enough. Hopefully this would encourage more material seed farming and make time bonuses more attractive.

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To be honest, I don’t understand what kind of time bonus we’re talking about?
After all, the time reduction applies to t1 material seeds, only the berry bonus is not taken into account

That is from the material seed update. The time bonus you are seeing is from adjacency bonuses. The actual farm plot bonuses don’t apply.

I don’t know, but in practice it applies.
At 21%, I have a t1 seed ripening rate of about 12 hours (just below)
That’s why I don’t plant seeds in the worst berry farms in particular, but average 5-10% in time.
And the bonus from the lands of 20% I always have (if I’m not mistaken, there’s a ripening rate of 16 hours)

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You’re right! I just moved around some land to test this, and the time bonus does indeed apply. I feel like I tested this a while back and this wasn’t the case. Since we’ve already done 1, maybe we can do 2? Will update the main post with more info.

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