Farming - Bonus Roll Rework

I propose we rework the way bonuses are applied to farm plots.

Currently, if you want to optimize your farm, your forced to reroll until you get a desired bonus. This is currently a very pay to win system. As anyone willing to do enough rerolls can obtain the best bonuses.

New Proposed System:

  • A player designates a “specialty” for the farm, either speed or + berry. Designation can be changed anytime, a simple toggle within the upgrade screen.

  • Each farm upgrade gives a set % upgrade to the designated attribute. (Example: Level 3 gives +3, Level 4 gives +4)

  • Bonus is increased based on set harvest increments (every “x” harvest, you get +1 to your bonus). Whatever is set as the plots specialty upon hitting the harvest threshold, is what is upgraded.

I do have ideas on how we can apply this to existing farm plots, but I think that’s a bridge we cross, once we know there is support for making a change.

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