Efficent Way of Farming

As an active player since day one in the game, I find the farming sim a big-time waster and think all the community can benefit from a more efficient and enjoyable gameplay while farming seeds for berries or materials.

Suggestion A: New Farming Screen per land (which you can assign all farms with a designated seeds that can be changed whenever you want)

Suggestion B: Multiple selection of farms (which will enable to choose seeds and unicorns to farm in one screen)

Suggestion C: – Each farming plot can have seed & unicorn assigned to it, so whenever he has energy, he will automatically farm the plot on the next round) – and you can always change it.

All options will allow for a faster and more efficient way to farm and allow users to maximize unicorn efficiency.

I personally think that even automating the farming will be greatly beneficial for all members of the community, rather than seeking “scholars” we can run our wallets by ourselves and control what is being farmed whenever we want and whether adults or baby corns of the same land type are on the loop to farm.)

This will also eliminate the time issue and people will still play the game, but focus on the important parts of the game, which is deciding what to craft, assigning your unicorns for gathering carts, quest boards, breeding and evolving and off course jousting which is coming soon (along with the other games in the future)

I write as one of the most dedicated players which have been playing the game over the last 6 months, and simply reached a breaking point with all the time it takes to run 3 wallets.

I even stopped minting lands just because of the time it takes to farm them… so that is certainly not a good sign, and I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way.

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Even double click planting would help a lot.

Simple way is to Hold CTRL+Left Click to select multiple Farms > then Plant: select 1 type of berries + select certain amount of babies = this could be used where player knows that for certain Farms same approach is needed, other Farms can plant one-by-one using current double click f-re.

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