Unicorn energy replenishment

Is it just me?! I have 2 unicorns, and barely get to spend 5-10 minutes a day in game because of the energy replenishment mechanics.

Why doesn’t each unicorns’ full energy replenish every 24hrs? At the moment, I’m only getting 1 refilled roughly every 22hrs.

It’s so limiting, and I don’t see how this is going to encourage new player interest or even hold the interest of other players like myself who only have a couple of unicorns.

Yes, breeding may improve the situation, but not much because it will very quickly become too expensive to breed :man_shrugging:t2:

Is anyone else in this situation with the game right now? Obviously not talking to whales.

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You are not seeing the whole flow there. When “stashing” is enabled (where it should have been at game launch), players can stash in RBW to buy seeds/berries in marketplace. Berries can be used to replenish energy of Unicorns for different tasks.

Players are supposed to farm/gather to get more resources and circulate through the marketplace and continue the loop for earning more resources including UNIM/RBW.

Obviously the hiccups during game launch is slowing down how the game economic flows. Let’s wait until team fixes the bugs and then we will see much better flow.

Specifically to one of your concerns - players with no or low count of unicorns, if stash-in is enabled, we can always buy RBW to get seeds/berries to keep the flow moving. With current stats you will earn more than your input (do some calculation of seeds/berries then you will know), and bear in mind that “farming” doesn’t require Unicorns unless you want to get “better” rewards.

That’s the beauty of the in-game marketplace (when it is 100% functional). Such mechanic is available to all players. It is not something only whales can do.


How much money do you think the average player has just laying around to pile into this game?

Especially considering the barrier to entry now with the price of unicorns, saying “just buy more RBW to buy more seeds/berries” is not really a constructive solution for user adoption. And whether you like it or not, games like this survive based on daily active users.

My view shared above is towards solely to the design of “energy replenishment” which you put in the subject. The replenishment rate is obviously tied to all other time-based tasks in the game loop. I was trying to point out the game loop has been designed where such loop is accessible to any player to keep it moving if they choose to.

If you are commenting the game barrier in terms of “capital investment” ten I don’t mean to comment here because it’s an entire new topic. Because if you view it as some money issue then we shouldn’t just look at “energy replenishment”. Even if the replenishment is designed per what you described, it may only take “the barrier” away for you, but there will always be some other players thinking another step further - e.g., they may wonder, why doesn’t each unicorn’s energy replenish every 12 hours, instead of 24 hours?


Agree with you.
I share your opinion upon personal preferences and how much everyone can spend in this game. But right now the energy replenishment mechanism is balanced pretty good. You get a lot of berries from farming plots. Instead of just selling it to the market, you can enjoy many different mechanics, whether if it’s workshop, nursery or any other building. You need to spent some of the farmed amount to do it, if you want to do it properly and often.
Spending berries to refill energy will be a decent sink mechanism when we start crafting materials, which are not avail on the RMP. So we will have an option to craft faster with the berries sinking mechanism.

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