Convert land Adjacency Bonus into an Adjacency Point (AP) system that benefits all lands

Having timers all over the place makes scheduling difficult. On the other hand, needing to move lands around before taking actions adds extra overhead to an already time consuming process. Both option takes away from the fun of the game.

Instead, I suggest that the adjacency bonus contribute to all farming/crafting/gathering speed with an Adjacency Point (AP) system. If each adjacency contributes 1 AP, a minimally adjacent 1x2 would have 2 AP while a maximally adjacent 3x3 would have 24 AP. The bonus could scale from 5% at 2 AP to 20% at 24 AP with/without diminishing returns.

The AP to speed conversion can be readjusted as necessary once the land cap is increased. The total amount of lands in wallet could also be factored in to not penalize those with fewer lands excessively.

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I say no. I prefer the existing mechanic in the game the way it is now. This creates a far more interesting game to always have to toy around with lands. I think circumventing the adjacency system to get that 20% on all lands is bad enough as is. I don’t know if the devs were predicting this sort of optimization but it would appear more like an exploit.

If I weren’t enjoying moving lands around to get 20% myself now, I would recommend the dev team put a timer on moving lands each time you save just to stop this mechanic. So I say keep it this way as is and don’t draw the ire of the devs instead of asking to make this official.

Besides, this would trivialize the adjacency bonus system even more. Even if you get 4-8 lands adjacent, you can just apply that bonus to all lands regardless even if they were not compatible with other lands. This can make it all pointless to strive for adjacency bonus.

Not to mention when we grow beyond 9 lands. If you had 20 lands, you can just get the 24AP points and simply apply it all lands regardless of compatibility.


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